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what color hair looks good on fair skin

Types of hair colors:

– Plant colors:

A natural hair color has fewer options than chemical hair colors, but it isn’t as harmful and doesn’t have as many side effects. To avoid the damaging effects of chemical dyes, it is better to use plant-based hair dyes. In pregnancy, when chemical hair dyes can cause severe damage to the fetus, a variety of natural and natural hair dyes should be used.

In North Africa and the Middle East, henna is one of the essential plant dyes produced from dried leaves. You can dye your hair with henna by applying it to your hair for 61 to 51 minutes. The color will last up to 11 weeks.

If you dye your hair with henna, wear gloves, as your fingers will also dye. Logwood and walnut shell are other plant dyes that can be used by people sensitive to paraphenylenediamine.

what color hair looks good on fair skin

– Metallic colors:

Metallic hair dye gives the hair a matte finish, and dyes the hair quickly, but its effects cannot be removed easily. Over time, your hair will become brittle and damaged if you dye it frequently with this type of dye. Bismuth salts, silver nitrate, and others are among these compounds.

– temporary colors:

The dyes are more than temporary, but they disappear after 6 to 11 washes. They can still be washed with shampoos containing ammonia, so if you do not like them, you can wash them several times.

They are easy to use and cause fewer allergies than permanent oxidation dyes. Its effect is not permanent, and it cannot produce a lighter color than the hair’s primary color.

Organic dyes are used in these products. Liquid hair dyes are applied directly to the hair like shampoo. Unlike temporary colors, this type of paint does not rub off on clothing, bedding, etc.

The semi-permanent colors range from gray to ordinary black, and a variety of grays are available in smoky and silver hues.

what color hair looks good on fair skin

– Permanent colors:

This type of dye will stay in your hair for several months, but you should not use it too much as it may damage your hair and cause hair loss. About 11% of users are allergic to this dye.

Those allergic to sulfonamides and local anesthetics are also allergic to these dyes. Women should not use too much of these dyes since they are said to be carcinogenic.

You should use natural light when testing your skin type, as artificial light can cause slight discoloration of the skin due to the discoloration caused by different types of lamps. Using this guide is a great way to determine your skin type. For a quick check, raise your hand and look at the streaks on your hands and wrists. Blue or purple veins indicate cold skin. Green veins indicate warm skin.

If you can’t tell whether the veins in your hand are blue or green, you probably have neutral skin. If you have neutral skin, any of the colors we describe below will look great on you.

Suitable hair color for white and cold skin:

If you have light skin, these colors are for you: dark brown, blonde, wine, chocolate, black, gray, and smoky. Here are some herbal methods for highlighting your hair.

Where do I begin?

Just like Janet Jackson, you can start with brown. Warm brown hair color with caramel highlights is best for people with olive skin, and it works for anyone, whether they are 16 or over 40. This is (The Vital Secret To Staying Young At 40 Years Old)

Skin tone can also be determined in another way. Your veins will tell you how warm or cold you are. A person with pink skin and blue capillaries has a warm skin tone, and a person with yellowish skin and green capillaries has a cold skin tone.

People with cold skin generally have black, gray, or brown hair. Cool-toned people have grayish-green skin and green or blue eyes. Bright hair colors, such as platinum blonde, olive blonde, and straw and olive, are suitable for these people.

Cold dark skinned women have dark brown, deep blue, and dark green eyes. Dark hair colors, such as black and dark brown, with light cream highlights are suitable for these people.

what color hair looks good on fair skin

Honey-colored eyes are characteristic of people with relatively warm skin. These people prefer colors with cherry, gold, copper, and orange tones.

Warm, dark-skinned women have green faces, and their eyes are brown and black. Hazelnut, chocolate, Nescafe, wine, and mahogany are suitable hair colors for these people.

Choosing a hair color should always be a combination of your natural hair color base and a few shades lighter or darker. Significant changes make your face appear unnatural. You can enjoy the natural beauty of your face by choosing the right color that harmonizes with your skin and eyes.

You will be more beautiful if you choose golden, caramel, or honey hair color if you have cold white skin with blue veins. Blonde hair is also a good choice for those with olive and neutral skin tones.

Recommended hair color for warm and green skin:

For warm, green underarms, choose cold brown shades such as oak, mocha, dark chocolate, and dark silk. If you have medium skin and warm hands, choose a warm brown hair color like golden brown or honey.