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The effect of contraceptive pill on the beauty of skin and hair

The impact of contraceptive pill and their consequences for the body!

Many people have heard that taking contraceptive pills cleanses the skin and treats hair loss and pimples, which is why some women use these drugs arbitrarily.

They also mix these drugs with water or alcohol and apply them topically on their face to get rid of pimples. If you have heard these misconceptions, you should know that contraceptive pills are not absorbed through the skin and their topical use does not affect the beauty of the skin and hair, and the arbitrary use of these drugs aggravates skin and hair disorders.

One of the female hormones, also called the beauty hormone, is estrogen. This hormone increases the beauty, elegance, and even sexual health of women, so some women use estrogen-containing contraceptives to thicken their hair and cleanse their skin. Still, you should not use these drugs arbitrarily because it does not. It not only reduces your hair but also aggravates skin and hair disorders.

Increased male hormones, including testosterone, increase sexual desire in women, but hair loss, oily skin, and pimples reduce a woman’s attractiveness.

The effect of contraceptive pill on the beauty of skin and hair

Do contraceptive pills cause acne?

Contraceptive pills effectively reduce acne because drugs containing the hormones estrogen and progesterone reduce androgen in the body. Decreased androgens reduce sebum, which in turn causes acne.

What causes acne, and what role do contraceptive pills play in controlling skin oil?

Fluctuations in hormone levels cause acne, and these fluctuations may occur during puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, or menopause and thus increase androgens. After stimulating the adrenal glands, more sebum is produced in the hair follicles.

As the production of this fat on the skin’s surface increases, dead skin cells and P. acnes bacteria combine to form pimples, so there is a link between oily skin and acne. If the sebum produced in these glands increases, the pores of the skin become blocked.

But if you have dry skin, you should not be happy because it is prone to pimples; if androgen levels increase, sebum production in the skin increases. Therefore, some contraceptive pills can play a role in causing and altering acne.

The effect of contraceptive pill on the beauty of skin and hair

The effect of contraceptive pill on acne:

Hormonal treatment of pimples

People who suffer from acne should know that taking these medications does not cure acne. If these people have symptoms such as facial and breast hair, hair loss, and menstrual irregularities, they should have an ovarian ultrasound and a blood test.

If a person is diagnosed with a hormonal disorder or ovarian cyst, your doctor may prescribe a contraceptive pill that contains female hormones. These drugs improve pimples, reduce hair loss and reduce hair loss.

Compared to most drugs, spironolactone is one of the drugs used to treat hair loss and acne because it does not change the amount of hormone secretion and neutralizes the effects of male hormones in women.

Contraceptive pills contain estrogen and progesterone that increase female hormones’ levels and inhibit male hormones’ activity.

Hair loss that can no longer be compensated

Some patients are afraid to take hormonal drugs because they have heard from those around them that they may never get pregnant by taking these drugs, so sometimes they stop taking the medication in the middle of treatment. Therefore hair loss and acne are observed on the face.

These people should know that contraceptive pills do not prevent fertility, and a person may become pregnant by forgetting the dose. If the drug is stopped in the middle of the treatment period, it has irreversible effects on the skin and hair, such as hair loss.

Severe hair loss does not return to normal quickly, and acne can cause sores and dents on the skin after a while. Hormone-induced hair loss does not respond well to laser hair removal, and in addition to lasers, medication must be used to remove it.

Do not receive a response from your medication?

If you do not get the desired result from the drug, see your doctor again. If you do not take or prescribe the medication, the patient will not provide the doctor’s correct information. The doctor will not give the proper diagnosis or laboratory.

Sometimes the pharmacy will offer the patient similar medications if they do not have the drug; this should only be done with a doctor’s coordination.

Sometimes, patients increase the drug dose to make it more effective, although this may lead to the disease’s poisoning and exacerbation. Some patients also reduce the amount of the drug as the symptoms improve and the problem returns.

The effect of contraceptive pill on the beauty of skin and hair

Topical use of contraceptive pill:

Contraceptive pills are not absorbed through the skin, so topical application does not affect skin and hair beauty. Some people mistakenly think that topical use of these drugs affects the beauty of hair and skin, so combine contraceptive pill with water or alcohol and take it topically, using this wrong method. It wastes your money and time and will not get the desired result.

What causes recurrence of symptoms after treatment?

If you take contraceptive pills to treat skin and hair problems, you should know that these drugs must be taken for a certain period, and the treatment period must end. Otherwise, the symptoms of the disease will recur.

If you are taking spironolactone, you should take this medicine for 2 to 3 years for complete recovery, and after this period, the symptoms will not recur. Still, if the disease is inherited, the person should take medicine regularly.

These drugs effectively treat the patient from the second and third months, so patients should not rush and should have regular hormonal tests while taking this drug.

Take the contraceptive pill with caution:

Several types of contraceptive pills contain a combination of Ethinyl estradiol and progesterone. These drugs are classified based on the amount of Ethinyl estradiol used. Some of these drugs have anti-male hormonal effects, and some of them intensify this hormone.

Before prescribing and taking the contraceptive pill, a person should be tested for family history, diabetes, blood pressure, weight, smoking, and blood clotting history. These drugs increase the risk of thrombosis or blood clots in the body.

In some people, taking these medications can make migraine headaches worse and damage the breasts.

The effect of contraceptive pill on the beauty of skin and hair

Is it safe to use the contraceptive pill?

These over-the-counter pills can cause side effects if taken arbitrarily, so always talk to your doctor before taking the contraceptive pill, and it is best to talk to a dermatologist about the relationship between contraceptive pills. Talk about pregnancy and acne.

  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Changes in the menstrual cycle
  • Chest pain
  • Decreased vision
  • ¬†Weakness
  • ¬†Fatigue
  • Increased risk of blood clots, stroke, heart attack, and tumors

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