10 Foods That Can Be Harmful To Pets

As you know, our pets are interested in the world and the food we humans eat, but at first glance, we have to consider whether this food is harmless or harmful to our pet; if you find out later Foods that are harmful to that pet should be kept out of the reach of pets so that they do not cause problems. Stay with us!

Prohibition of basic animal foods:

Onion and garlic

Some vegetables, such as onions and garlic, can be very harmful to animals because they kill the red blood cells in animals and lead to anemia. In severe cases, the anemia can cause serious damage to the internal organs of the animal.

Symptoms of intoxication include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, numbness, abdominal pain, and thirst, and they start from one day to several days.

10 Foods That Can Be Harmful To Pets


Lily is a beautiful flower, but it is a dangerous and deadly agent for animals. Some lily flowers can produce the strongest effect of nephrotoxin when they enter the gastrointestinal tract, which can be toxic to the kidneys.

The main symptoms of lily poisoning are loss of appetite, vomiting, increased urination, excessive saliva.

Grapes and raisins

Just 15 grams of grapes can kill a dog and poison it, and in general, can hurt all animals. If your pets have health problems, it may be due to kidney failure.

The main symptoms of grape and raisin poisoning are diarrhea, lethargy, loss of appetite, and vomiting.

Coffee and chocolate

Coffee and chocolate contain nutrients that can be very dangerous to cats and dogs and cause vomiting even in tiny amounts.

Bitter chocolate contains more dangerous substances than milk chocolate and can make poisoning stronger and more severe.

Caffeine can cause urination, dehydration, arrhythmias, pancreatic problems, and high blood pressure.

Tubular bones

You may use tubular bones for pets, but be aware that these bones can damage morphine or get stuck in a dog’s mouth when in mouth.

Because of the design, these bones can damage a dog’s mouth, stomach, and intestines because they have sharp edges. This can lead to peritonitis, which is very dangerous.

10 Foods That Can Be Harmful To Pets


Green and red apples cause allergies in dogs and eventually cause itching and burning. The use of garlic in tiny amounts is not harmful to animals, but in high doses can have a very negative effect.

Vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration are the first signs of pet poisoning.


Almost all members of the Solanaceae family are poisonous because they contain toxic solanine. Only raw unripe tomatoes can be dangerous to humans, and be careful that your pet does not eat raw tomatoes because they are very toxic to them.

Solanine can also cause irritation, depression, nervous system disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and red blood cells.

Raw eggs

Raw eggs are not good food for animals; we have all heard about salmonellosis. In pets, this is a dangerous thing and can harm their health.


Avocados contain fungi that are not harmful to humans but can be deadly to cats and dogs.

Symptoms of this poisoning include gastrointestinal disorders and even cardiovascular problems.

10 Foods That Can Be Harmful To Pets

Ice cream

Ice cream contains milk and sugar, which in most animals is lactose intolerant and not digested. As a result, they can affect the feces, vomit, and digestive problems of animals. Sugar can cause problems in the teeth and gums of animals and can also inhibit the nervous system.

By using these tips, you can be effective in taking care of your animals’ health, and when you see these symptoms in animals, see a veterinarian immediately and do not try to treat them yourself.

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