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How to prevent eyelashes from sticking?

Mascara is one of the most widely used tools in eyelash beauty. But sometimes, after applying mascara, our eyelashes stick together, and not only do our eyes not become beautiful, but they also lose their natural beauty. So what can be done to solve this problem? In this section, we have provided solutions so that you can use them to remove eyelashes.

How to prevent eyelashes from sticking?

What causes eyelashes to stick?

Use expired mascara

Mascara is one of the products that, after three months of using the material inside, starts to dry, and after use due to the mass, the lashes stick together.

Improper mascara

I was applying mascara on top of each other causes the lashes to stick together.

Too much mascara brush covered with material

The main reason for eyelash stickiness is the excessive coverage of the mascara brush by the material.

Use poor-quality mascara.

Some mascaras cause the lashes to stick together due to their composition.

Important tips for removing eyelash adhesion after mascara:

Note the expiration date of mascara

All cosmetics expire after a period of use, and their use has side effects. For example, mascara is a cosmetic that has a short lifespan and dries after three months, and if used, it causes the eyelashes to stick together.

After this time, the bacteria also work in the mascara, so it is better to throw it away. And with the smell of your mascara, you can tell if it has expired or not.

Keep your mascara in the right place.

Cosmetics, if left in a warm place, will soon rot and expire. Therefore, it is better to put your mascara and other cosmetics in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. The best place to store liquid waterproof mascara is the refrigerator.

Close the lid of the mascara tightly to prevent germs from entering

To increase the life of the mascara and prevent germs and foreign particles from entering it, close the lid of the container well after working with the mascara.

Clean the mascara brush

To prevent the lashes from sticking together and deforming the lashes, you should wipe them with a paper towel after applying mascara before closing the mascara. The main reason for the lashes sticking together is that the mascara brush is tangled, and you can use a mascara brush. Change yourself.

How to prevent eyelashes from sticking?

Learn the correct way to use mascara

Start the mascara just above the roots of the lashes and apply the mascara upwards so that your lashes do not stick together.

Remove previous lash makeup.

If you apply mascara again on the remaining lashes from the previous makeup, the lashes will stick together, so erase the previous makeup first and then apply the mascara.

Choose quality mascara

There are different types of mascaras. Be careful in choosing the type of mascara brush and its brand, and use mascaras that have long toothbrushes with the same teeth and are close to each other to prevent the lashes from sticking together. Mascaras with spaced brushes allow you to collect a lot of material and glue your lashes together.

Use a primer

Use primer at the beginning of eyelash makeup because the primer prepares your lashes for mascara.

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