Trick to eliminate scratches on different surfaces

A careless move can cause many scratches on your favorite items, but there is no need to despair and throw away the damaged object; you can quickly deal with surface scratches using ordinary household materials. Here are some tips to help you protect different levels that will be very effective.


Remove scratches from glass surfaces:

Use one of the following methods to remove or hide minor scratches on glass surfaces:

Apply a small amount of toothpaste (without granules or bleaching effect) on a cotton pad or a piece of cotton cloth and apply it on the glass surface for 10 seconds using circular motions and then the rest of the toothpaste. Rinse with water and rinse.

Apply a thin layer of vegetable oil on a microfiber cloth or a piece of cotton and gently rub it on the surface for a few seconds to temporarily get rid of scratches on the surface; you can also use a small amount of Vaseline. Get the result.

Mix the baking soda with a bit of water to create your polished paste, spread it on the glass surface, dry the scratch with a piece of cotton or woolen cloth, and gently wipe off any excess dough with a damp cloth.

Glass varnishes can also effectively remove scratches on the glass surface, just following the instructions and ensuring that the product’s chemical composition is suitable for this particular type of surface.

Trick to eliminate scratches on different surfaces

Eliminate scratches on leather cases:

Scratches on leather surfaces are very common; if the damage is not very serious, you can quickly repair it at home, remove some vegetable oil or baby oil and rub it on the scratch surface with an ear cleaner. Place the oil in a circle on the surface, let it dry, wipe off the remaining oil with a clean cloth, and repeat this process if necessary.

Another way to cover the scratches on the leather surface is to use nail polish, choose a nail polish that matches the color of the leather, and use a toothpick on the affected area a small amount. You can also remove the scratches with the help of a special leather wax. Alternatively, you can use ordinary wax (for example, from a candle), heat the wax, put it on the scratch, and clean the damaged surface with a cloth. Cover the blemish completely with wax and paint it properly, then shade it with leather wax.


Eliminate scratches on wooden surfaces:

To hide or eliminate wood surface defects, follow these tips:

If you are dealing with scratches on dark wood, iodine helps; dilute it with water and apply the solution with a cotton swab. If necessary, cover the blemishes with polished oil.

Another option is to remove half of the walnut kernels and place them on the affected areas; when the scratches are dark, clean them with a cloth, then apply a colorless polishing oil.

If you have a cracked wooden surface, you can use mayonnaise to restore it to its original state, but put a little mayonnaise on a piece of cotton and put it on the cracked part, do not overdo it; let for 2 Leave for three days, the wood will swell slightly and cause the cracks to come together.


Eliminate scratches on plastic surfaces:

Here are some tips to help you get rid of scratches and dents from different levels of moisture that will help you get rid of scratches on the plastic surface:

Defects in smooth plastic surfaces can be disguised using a standard hairdryer or a low heat, set to minimum power, and, if necessary, heat the air and the temperature until the symptoms disappear. Increase, wait 10 to 15 minutes and clean the surface until the scratches are completely gone.


Method of removing metal surfaces:

Alternatively, you can use the abrasive properties of regular white toothpaste, apply it to the desired area and brush with a coarse brush or soft cloth along with the metal texture, and finally brush all the remaining toothpaste with Clean with a damp cloth.

You can do any of the above tests, but keep in mind that none of them help to fix deep scratches, in which case it is better to consult a specialist or replace the damaged product.

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