Month: August 2022

  • HealthHow to cure a dry cough at home

    How to cure a dry cough at home

    Both children and adults suffer from dry coughs. In some cases, home remedies can be just as effective as medication in treating dry coughs in adults and children. The following over-the-counter medications can be used to treat dry cough: When…

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  • Healthchips

    How do chips harm human health?

    If eaten in moderation, potatoes are a nutritious addition to the diet, and you should also choose a healthy way to prepare them, such as grilling, boiling, or steaming. It is well known that fried foods, such as French fries…

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  • MedicalToast

    Toast nutritional value as well as its benefits

    The following are some of the health benefits of bread: Carbohydrate source: Bread is a great source of complex carbohydrates that provide energy and help balance blood sugar levels, as well as providing many essential nutrients to the body. An…

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  • Healthvegetarian diet

    Can a vegetarian diet help you lose weight?

    What is vegetarian food? A vegetarian diet includes a diverse combination of plant foods, which include: fruits, vegetables, grains, healthy fats and proteins, in addition to these foods, it is usually recommended to use a variety of protein-rich plant foods…

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  • HealthIs chocolate good for your heart?

    Is chocolate good for your heart?

    Dark chocolate, especially in moderation, contains antioxidants that help the body’s cells fight free radical damage. Chocolate contains flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants. It is worth noting that chocolate also contains some saturated fat, which can have a negative effect…

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  • HealthWhat is the best meal to eat before working out?

    What is the best meal to eat before working out?

    Exercise is an important part of health and fitness programs, and the foods consumed can affect exercise performance and results. Eating the right foods can help you exercise well and recover afterward, whereas eating the wrong foods or consuming too…

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  • Healthblack pepper

    How does black pepper benefit your health?

    Piperine in pepper inhibits the effects of some factors that increase diarrhea risk in a 2015 laboratory study published in the Journal of Pharmacological Research. Due to their antisecretory properties, potassium side channels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate molecules reduce diarrhea…

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  • Healthmetabolism

    What are the best ways to increase metabolism?

    Increasing your metabolic rate will help you lose weight faster because it burns more calories with increased physical activity. Here are some more tips to enhance your metabolic rate: You can flavor your water with lemon if you have trouble…

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  • HealthAmino acids

    An overview of all types of amino acids

    What are the different types of amino acids? According to the body’s ability to produce amino acids, amino acids are divided into three categories: A list of essential amino acids: There are 9 essential amino acids that cannot be produced…

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  • HealthGenital warts

    Genital warts: everything you need to know

    A genital wart is an infectious disease caused by the HPV virus. A genital wart is a fleshy appendage that appears in any part of a woman’s or man’s genital area. The HPV virus is transmitted through direct contact with…

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