Month: March 2021

  • Medicalimprove back pain

    Solutions to improve back pain when sitting

    People who work long hours. They usually experience back pain when sitting. Sometimes their position is not wrong at all, but their workplace chair is difficult. Symptoms of low back pain when sitting, especially in the lower back We have…

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  • Medicalblood pressure and dizziness

    Dizziness due to high blood pressure

    Frequent confusion can significantly affect a person’s life. However, dangerous and sudden dizziness is sometimes a sign of a life-threatening problem. Symptoms of dangerous dizziness People who are confused may describe a wide range of emotions, including: False feeling of…

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  • Medicalsleep

    25 facts you need to know about sleep

    Humans spend an average of 25 years of their lives asleep; this is one-third of our lives. That’s why you need to know more about sleep. Sleep rate in developed countries Research shows that adults need at least 7 hours…

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  • PsychologyFeelings to spouse

    10 miraculous sentences to say to your partner

    Having a great and romantic relationship with your spouse is enough to know these miraculous sentences and say them to your spouse every day. To build a strong relationship in a happy and joyful life, you need to know how…

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  • Psychologyattract men by talking

    How do we attract men by talking?

    Contrary to many women’s beliefs, most men think of other things besides beauty and attract women who know how to speak nicely to them. Talking to attract men has its etiquette that women can use to remind their husbands of…

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  • Medicaldarkness around the eyes

    The cause of dark circles + video

    Blurring and ringing under the eyes is a prevalent disease that can affect anyone, including children and the elderly. The skin around the eyes is usually darker than other areas. They may be below or above the eyes. Fix the…

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  • NutritionEverything about liver detoxification regimens

    Everything about liver detoxification regimens

    Liver detoxification regimens are designed to eliminate liver toxins, improve function, and prevent disease. Liver diets are a popular way to get rid of toxins accumulated in the body. In short, they are diet programs that include some digestible foods…

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  • MedicalThe most important causes of an enlarged heart

    The most important causes of an enlarged heart

    An enlarged heart can be caused by two types of problems: Problems related to the heart muscle itself: pathological Overworked heart caused by physiological problems, such as high blood pressure or thyroid problems An enlarged heart can cause the following…

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  • MedicalIs low platelets a sign of cancer? + video

    Is low platelets a sign of cancer? + video

    In order to answer the question of what blood platelets are, we must say they are an essential component of blood. They can repair tissue damage and play a crucial role in blood clotting, preventing bleeding and wound healing.  …

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  • birth and babyWhat causes weakness and hunger in pregnancy?

    What causes weakness and hunger in pregnancy?

    What are the causes of hunger in pregnancy, and how to get rid of heavy eating during pregnancy? Identifying the cause of weakness and persistent hunger in pregnancy is very important because failure to treat this problem can lead to…

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