Home methods for detecting natural bee honey

In addition to a unique sweetness, natural bee honey has a unique taste only present in honey, and artificial honey does not have this type of taste.

Honey is one of the most nutritious foods. Recognizing its naturalness is always one of the concerns of consumers of this food. You can easily distinguish good and bad honey with the following methods.

Natural bee honey is loose

One way to identify natural honey is to pay attention to things like the sweetness of natural honey when buying it. Contrary to popular belief, natural honey contains no sugar and is often used to treat diseases.

People think that natural honey is hard; honey that is not sugar-producing bees is loose. The major sugars in natural honey are glucose and fructose (small sugar molecules). When the container Tilt natural honey, these sugars move quickly. The sucrose and disaccharides sugars stick together due to molecules, making honey a little more complicated than usual.

Natural honey melts quickly in the mouth and produces energy after consumption, while unnatural honey tastes like candy.

The scent of natural bee honey

If the honey cap is closed for a while, you can feel the smell and aroma of natural honey after opening the cap, which looks like natural flowers.

Home methods for detecting natural bee honey

The flavor of natural bee honey

Natural honey does not taste like sugar, and in addition to a particular sweetness, it also has a special taste. To distinguish natural honey from counterfeit, artificial honey often gives the taste of sugar instead of pure honey, which is one of the signs of natural honey.

Water is a simple way to distinguish natural honey from counterfeit honey:

Pour honey in cold water. You will notice that natural bee honey retains its full adhesion and dissolves very hard and slowly in cold water, but counterfeit honey dissolves quickly in water.

Another way to distinguish genuine honey from counterfeit honey is that if you pour honey into a glass of water if it collects at the bottom of the glass and does not dissolve quickly, honey is regular. Still, if honey is dissolved in water at that time, it indicates that it is counterfeit.

If you pour a spoonful of honey into a plate, pour some cold water on it, and pour it very slowly to one side, a natural (hexagonal) honeycomb shape is created on natural honey, but this does not happen in counterfeit honey.

Distinguish natural bee honey from counterfeit egg yolk

One of the most exciting ways to test the counterfeit nature of natural honey is to use egg yolk. Mix honey with egg yolk. If the raw yolk is cooked like egg yolk, honey is natural. Otherwise, honey is counterfeit.

The main blur of honey

One of the characteristics of natural honey is that if the counterfeit honey is clear, you can not see the other side of it from the outside of the honeycomb.

Adhesion rate

If you put natural honey between your fingers, you will see that it does not stick. But counterfeit honey is relatively sticky due to the high percentage of sweeteners and additives.

Home methods for detecting natural bee honey

Recognize natural honey with toast

If you rub natural honey on toast, the bread will harden after a few minutes, but if fake honey is rubbed on the bread, the bread will get wet.

Do not be deceived by selling honey

Some of the fraudulent methods that many people are deceived by are:

Since honey is sold with wax, it cannot be said that honey is necessarily natural.

 If some wax was crushed in the honey pot or on the honey, I doubt that the honey is natural because, in the honey extraction stage, honey is obtained without any additional ingredients. Some people fill a low-quality honey container with some wax to make you think that natural honey also has wax.

Do not buy honey too cheap because it harms your health.

Do not buy honey too expensive because it only empties your pocket because expensiveness is not the main sign of honey.

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