Wednesday , January 19 2022


Complete training on the best way to wash vegetables

Consumption of contaminated vegetables and fruits causes hazardous diseases and poisonings, so we should always wash them properly before eating vegetables and be more careful in washing these foods. Ignoring the health tips in the process of preparing vegetables can turn them into harmful food. What should we wash fruits …

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Ways to remove sticky grease stains from cabinets

Avoiding oil grease stains on the stove is inevitable when cooking. Over time, these stains make the kitchen look ugly. Areas most affected by these oil stains are cabinets, hoods, and stoves. Cleaning these oil stains from kitchen utensils with a dry or damp cloth will waste time and energy. …

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magic trick to shine and clean the kitchen sink

How to clean and shine the kitchen sink without chemical detergents? In the kitchen sink, dishes, fruits, and many other things are washed, so we must first clean and disinfect the kitchen sink. Does the rest of your food make the sink dirty ?! Residues of food, sauces, and drinks …

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Foods that are completely wrong to freeze

The best way to preserve most foods is to keep them in the freezer, but not all foods can be stored in the freezer for a certain amount of time, and freezing and storing food varies depending on the type of food. Not all foods stay healthy in the refrigerator …

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Easy solution to eliminate microwave door

Eliminate the bad smell of the microwave with a few simple home solutions The device has become a vital accessory in the kitchen that we use every day to prepare a fresh meal or heat food. We love cooking in the microwave, but we hate the nasty smell it produces …

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