How to prepare a delicious and homemade “pan kebab.”

In addition to being delicious, pan kebab is also quick and easy to prepare, which has made it even more popular. If you have a craving for a kebab and do not have time to prepare it from outside, I must say that it is much better! You can now prepare the kebab the way we have prepared for you and enjoy this simple meal with the necessary ingredients.

How to prepare a delicious and homemade "pan kebab."

How to prepare a pan kebab at home:

Step 1:

To prepare a pan kebab, first, peel the onion and then wash it. Grate the washed onion with a fine grater.


Put the grated onion in a sieve and try to squeeze the water, and keep it in another container.

Step 3:

Now pour the minced meat into a suitable bowl, then add the onion you separated from the water to the meat.

Step 4:

Add black pepper, red pepper, sumac, turmeric, and salt to the onion and minced meat mixture. You can add curry spice or any other spice you like to this combination.

You can add sumac to the meat ingredients or finally pour some sumac on the kebabs.

Step 5:

Now wear disposable gloves and start kneading the meat with the ingredients so that the meat becomes sticky and the bottom of the dish becomes greasy.

Step 6:

If you have enough time, cellophane the minced meat, then put it in the refrigerator for about an hour to slightly change the color of the meat and correct the old state.

Step 7:

Remove the meat from the refrigerator. Then choose a pan with the right volume of your ingredients and grease the bottom with a baking brush.

Step 8:

Spread the meat evenly on the bottom of the pan. It is better to have the thickness of the meat in the pan the size of a fingertip.

Step 9:

Using a knife, gently tap the surface of the meat to create narrow grooves on the surface of the meat.

Step 10:

Make smooth grooves on the meat with a suitable spatula. You can cut as many people as possible. Make sure the meat slices are not too thin as they will dry out after cooking.

Step 11:

Put the pan on low heat. After a few minutes, put the lid on the pan to drain the meat and steam the meat and cook the nuts for shaving.

Step 12:

After one side of the kebabs is fried, it is time to turn the meat over.

Step 13:

Rub the brewed saffron on the kebabs with the help of a spoon or cooking brush to lighten its color.

Step 14:

Melt the butter in another pan. You can also use the Ben Marie method to melt the butter.

Step 15:

Now you have to fry the tomato paste in melted butter until they are completely mixed.

Step 16:

Add a small amount of water to this mixture and stir again.

Step 17:

Add a little saffron to the sauce.

Step 18:

Add sour lemon juice to this sauce and stir.

Step 19:

Add salt and black pepper to the sauce to taste better.

Step 20:

Chop your tomatoes and add to the sauce.

Step 21:

Pour the sauce over the kebab with the tomatoes.

You can prepare this food in two ways. First, put the tomatoes alone on the kebabs and serve the sauce with the food. In the second method, add the sauce and the tomatoes to the kebab and wait until the meat completely absorbs the sauce.

Step 22:

Now fry the peppers with a little oil, then put them on the kebabs.

Step 23:

You can also pour a small amount of sumac on the kebabs.

Step 24:

Turn off the gas after grilling the sauce and cooking the tomatoes.

Step 25:

You can serve this delicious kebab with rice and little fried potatoes.

How to prepare a delicious and homemade "pan kebab."

Important points in cooking kebabs:

The sauce is optional. You can serve this kebab without sauce, but the sauce gives this kebab a unique taste.

Spices in barbecue are optional. You can even use spices for barbecue in preparing this food.

Sumac is a spice of taste. You can use this spice when serving.

Putting green peppers on the barbecue is also delicious; you can not do that.

You can also serve this delicious kebab with French fries.

This dish is mainly served with rice.

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