An easy way to get rid of wrinkles without ironing

If your clothes are wrinkled and ironing is not available, do not worry. There are many ways you can arrange your clothes.

An easy way to get rid of wrinkles without ironing

Use a washing machine dryer

Place the washing machine on the dryer. You can even spray some clothes with water and put them in the washing machine with another damp cloth, such as wet socks. Some people even recommend putting two pieces of ice in the dryer, and when the ice melts, their steam will open the wrinkles.

Bath steam

When you are not at home, you need to know how to wash clothes and open wrinkled T-shirts on the go. All you have to do is hang the wrinkled clothes in the bathroom and close the shower door to create a sauna. It takes 20 minutes for the sauna-like bath space to open up your wrinkles.

An easy way to get rid of wrinkles without ironing

Use a hairdryer

Spread the wrinkled clothes on a flat surface. Pull the hairdryer on them. Try to place it a few inches above the fabric so that the wrinkles open up amazingly. You can spray a few drops of water on them and then turn on the hairdryer.

hair iron

Hair straighteners can eliminate wrinkles, especially for parts such as sleeves and collars that are very suitable. Just keep in mind that there are no stains on the iron and do not apply too much pressure to prevent injuries such as burns.

Use a damp towel

This method is simple but works great. Open wrinkled clothes on a flat surface. Then rub a damp towel on it to remove deep wrinkles. Then hang them to dry in the open air.

Vinegar spray

You can fill the spray with white vinegar, which is a mild and inexpensive chemical. You should pour one part vinegar and three parts water in a spray bottle and put it on clothes, and let it dry in the open air.

Use the kettle

You can open the wrinkles of clothes with a steam kettle. Then hold it at a distance of 30 cm so that steam enters the clothes and wrinkles appear.

An easy way to get rid of wrinkles without ironing

Hot chocolate maker

Boil some water in Hot chocolate maker. When it reaches boiling point and steam, empty it into the sink and use the Hot chocolate maker as iron to remove wrinkles. Just make sure the underside of the heater is completely clean so that your clothes do not stain, and make sure it is not hot enough to burn the clothes.


This opens the wrinkles of the clothes. All you need is a mattress. Spread the clothes on a flat surface and gently place them under the mattress. The weight of the mattress causes the clothes to wrinkle. Wait 15 to 30 minutes and then remove the clothes.

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