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The best way to care for twin babies

Are your sweet twins finally ready to join the family? I congratulate. The hard and long days of pregnancy are over, and the hardships and pains are over. Now you need to know how to care for a twin baby. The more you know, the easier it will be to have children. In this article, we will talk about twins and their new life. How should they be taken care of?

Preparedness: Think about getting help from others

No matter how familiar you are with caring for twins, you will need the help of others in the early days. Caring for twins is not an easy task. Do not try to carry the burden of effort alone. If there are people who can help you, be sure to get help from them.

Plan for help. You need to know how and from whom you want to get help. Beware of booster demand. This means knowing what everyone is going to do. Divide the tasks and do not let the auxiliary forces get confused and worse.

For example, ask helpers to take care of your food, take care of your pet, or do other things. If there is no one in your family to accompany you, do not worry. You can get help from nurses. If this option is not possible for you, remember that sharing responsibilities between parents is a good thing, and you can share responsibilities with your spouse. Do not be afraid! There is always a way.

Home preparation for twins:

It will not be difficult for you if you know how to take care of a twin baby. Why? Because your rest will not be disturbed, and you will not be confused and anxious. Remember that adding two new family members will add tools and equipment to your home.

Note that you need to do a little research to buy and prepare the equipment needed by the twins. Also, keep in mind that you do not need to provide two items for everything. Many baby items can be used for both.

Preparing the twins to sleep

Babies need a standard, comfortable place to sleep. A sleeping baby can be a cradle or something more basic. Sometimes, there are suitable devices for sleeping babies in the first days and weeks, and after a little growth, they can be led to the cradle.

Some people use baby sleeping baskets. Some people even prefer a cradle. Go to bed depending on your taste and atmosphere. The important thing is that the basket, bed, or cradle you choose is safe and comfortable enough.

The best way to care for twin babies

In the first weeks, you do not need to use a dining chair. See if the twins plan to drink breast milk or use a bottle. Depending on the type of food, determine where they are fed.

Get the equipment needed to change the twins’ diapers

In learning how to care for twins, you should also pay attention to changing diapers’ important and sensitive issues. In the first days, the twins eat a lot and wash a lot. Depending on the weight and size of the baby, you need to buy the right size diaper. It is better to prepare diapers in advance to not prepare diapers in the first days and weeks.

Of course, be careful not to over-store your diapers. Why? Because babies can grow very fast, the size of the diapers you store may shrink very quickly. For this purpose, the bucket, board, or table is replaced. Be sure to pay attention to their preparation.

As you can guess, changing diapers smells a little unpleasant. But if you have the necessary and appropriate equipment, the situation will be better. Provide the necessary buckets and equipment and keep it as clean as possible.

Online shopping

Online shopping is also a good way to get supplies for the twins. Of course, it does not matter if you have twins or are single. In any case, buying baby accessories online will help you choose and buy everything more patiently and carefully. At the same time, the hassle of going out with friends is gone.

If you are into online shopping, you will welcome this type of twin shopping. If you do not have such purchases, be sure to try this method to get acquainted with buying small and cheap devices for babies. If you like the convenience of shopping online, buy expensive and more important things this way.

Choose clothes without gender

In our opinion, colors have no gender. The same is true of baby clothing models. It is recommended to buy clothes for twins that are the same for both. Do not try to separate clothes by gender. It will be easier to buy and maintain the clothes after the twins are born if the clothes are similar.

Bringing the twins home:

Lovely babies have been born, and now they have to go home from the hospital. The car must be equipped with a child seat. There are child seats that you have to prepare in advance and install in the car. Consider providing other equipment that can help keep your child safe.

To prepare the car to bring the babies home, remember that you need time and concentration to install the special seats correctly. Install the chairs according to the principles recommended by the manufacturer and the chair guide so that there is no problem in bringing the babies home on the promised day.

How to keep twins at home:

Now you have brought the twins home, and you have to take care of them carefully. There are some important points that we want to share with you. Review twin care methods below.

Sync twin care programs

Caring for two babies is a little difficult. If you do not intend to manage them simultaneously, you will be charged almost all day and night. It is better to feed and change diapers and take care of other twins at the same time. For example, if you prepare one child for feeding, do the same for the other child.

Separating babies for sleep

When babies are asleep, you may be tempted to separate them. By doing this, you want to prevent someone else from waking up. You want the possible noise of one of them not to wake the other. But do not do this. Let the children sleep in one place to get used to the possible cries and noises. If you do not do this, sleep management will be difficult for the twins.

The best way to care for twin babies

Prior planning for bathing

Prepare everything before you take your twins to the bathroom. Prepare the bath conditions and be careful not to leave it. This means providing water and laundry in the bathroom and sanitary ware and other items.

For example, prepare a meal to not feel weak or lethargic after leaving the bathroom. Also, prepare the equipment inside and outside the bathroom so that you do not get confused while bathing the babies and after leaving. However, always wash the twins together and bathe them at the same time.

Prepare the food in advance

If you do not have support, preparing food is time-consuming. It is always a good idea to set aside time each week for cooking or semi-cooking. This way, you will not have to spend a lot of time preparing food during the week.

Use the experiences of mothers of twins

If you want to learn how to take good care of twins, use the experiences of other mothers. Older mothers or mothers who gave birth to you at the same time will give you valuable advice. Thinking and consulting with them will also be helpful.

In addition, you will find new friends with similar circumstances who have a common job, and you can also set up programs for fun and socializing with each other.

Make time for yourself

Planning to move things forward in caring for twins is even more important than ever. Be sure to set aside part of the day (even for a very short time). Take a hot shower, watch TV, browse cyberspace. Avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Segmentation tasks

You and your spouse should take care of the house together. One person can’t reach the twins and do the housework. Plan and divide the work and try to stick to your plan. Otherwise, the person who puts pressure will fail and get sick.

Two points for possible conditions:

Caring for twins requires prior preparation. You need to know what the path and perspective are in front of you. A plan to keep the twins according to the probabilities and possible scenarios; For example, consider the following possible conditions:

The twins did not come home together

Sometimes one of the twins can’t go home with the other. He has to stay in the hospital and solve his medical problems. You may be a little upset in this situation. But know that there is no room for discomfort. Such a thing is a great opportunity to manage things better. If you are planning to return home with only one child at first, you will have the opportunity to take better care of yourself, and your job will be a little easier. After you and your family get together a little, the next word is added to your group.

The twins are small

Twins are usually born smaller than other babies. Keep in mind that the clothes you buy for them may be small. But they get bigger, and the situation gets better and better. Some babies, although born at 36 or 37 weeks, are still smaller and thinner than others. Sometimes they may need to buy very small clothes. But they will soon grow up to be able to wear the clothes you bought.

The best way to care for twin babies

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Care for a Twin Baby:

Caring for a twin baby may seem difficult at first, but it is not. It is enough to know that you have good days ahead with two dear little ones. Here are some common questions about caring for twins:

The situation is chaotic and difficult. What should we do? Is this normal?

Chaos is perfectly normal. You are not alone, and many mothers of twins are confused. But the good news is that if everything is under your control, managing the situation is not difficult. If you are a little confused, be sure to get help from family or nurses. If you do not have someone, study and take control of things by planning.

What should I do about my job status? How should I plan to stay away from work?

Taking care of twins takes time. If you are a working mother, take maternity leave. Depending on your job position, choose the right type of leave for you. Sometimes it is possible to work remotely and do things at home. Talk to your managers about this approach. If the situation is chaotic and you can not return to work after maternity leave, take leave.

Learn how to care for twins and then manage and control the situation. At first, you and your spouse may panic, but know that there is nothing to worry about and that everyone is experiencing a level of anxiety.

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