A few common mistakes in using kitchen appliances

Many of the low performance of your home appliances is due to the mistakes you make when using them. So it’s time to learn how to use everything in and around the house.

Food storage containers

The difference between glass and plastic aside, not all utensils are suitable for heating food in the microwave, and you should be careful about the shape of these utensils. Rectangular dishes usually absorb more heat in the corners and heat the food in that part, and not all aspects of the food are heated.

But round dishes heat the food evenly and transfer the heat evenly to the food, so if you used to use rectangular containers to heat food in the microwave.

A few common mistakes in using kitchen appliances


Your mixer does not move every few minutes because you did not put the ingredients in it properly. It is better to put liquids in the lower parts and harder materials in the upper legs.

For example, place ice cubes on top so that they do not collide with the mixed blades. Fluids allow the edges to continue working without hitting a hard object.

the oven

Keeping it closed in the oven often leads to better cooking with many foods. It causes heat and steam to accumulate inside the oven compartment, but keeping it open in the range when cooking grilled and portable food makes it tastier.


Closing in the oven while grilling something on the stove can cause heat and steam. The release of steam causes your food to find its desired crispness, and the release of hot air causes the heat to be concentrated on the pan instead of heating up completely.

slow cooker

Opening the pressure cooker lid removes trapped heat and delays cooking time, so resist the temptation to look inside the pan for more than an hour before cooking. It takes at least three-quarters of the time for food to cook well in a frying pan.


The best washing point in the dishwasher depends on the intensity of your dish. The middle of the machine disperses water more strongly than the slow parts and is great for removing carbohydrate stains such as potatoes or tomatoes, and on the other hand. Detergents are more concentrated on the edges, which is better for foods such as contaminated egg dishes that need to be soaked.

A few common mistakes in using kitchen appliances


Large kitchen knives are so scary that you can wrap your hand around the handle without focusing on how to hold them. However, it would help if you keep your thumb and forefinger on either side of the blade. This will help you make more precise cuts.


The blades must be at the right height when mixing the contents inside the bowl to improve the mixer’s performance. If the agitator blades are placed incorrectly and not adjusted, the food will not mix well and come out of the container. Read the guide for changing the stirrer blades.

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