A complete guide to buying Teflon dishes

Teflon dishes are available in different models and colors that are used for cooking. Non-stick Teflon dishes are relatively light, easy to use and wash, and use less oil, which is why they are so popular. If you buy Teflon dishes, you should pay attention to the points we have brought in this section when purchasing Teflon plates.

When buying Teflon containers, pay attention to the following points:

Pay attention to the appearance of the dishes.

These dishes are available in many designs and colors in the market that you can choose according to your taste. But not only pay attention to the dish’s beauty and buy other important points when buying Teflon plates.

Buy containers with standard marks.

When buying Teflon dishes, you should look for the standard mark on them. Some cheap Teflon plates do not have the usual pattern, do not buy these dishes, and use classic dishes to protect the health of family members. Under no circumstances should you cook in non-standard foods. Containers produced in factories licensed by the Ministry of Health are standard.

Your container must have a health permit.

Buy containers with a health license because containers with a health license are of good quality.


Teflon containers should not have cracks.

When buying Teflon dishes, make sure that the inner surface is not scratched or cracked because using such words is very harmful. These cracks enter the food during cooking, and the raw materials of the dishes can also enter the food.

Teflon dishes are not scratched.

Be sure to wash Teflon dishes with a soft cloth or face cloth. Do not use scotch tape or a rough dishwasher to wash Teflon dishes. Also, use dishwashing liquid to wash Teflon dishes and do not use washing powder separately.

Disadvantages of Teflon containers

Non-stick Teflon dishes are relatively light, easy to use, washable, and use less oil. Teflon containers contain the heavy metal cadmium, which is added to food when used in large quantities and increases the risk of cancer and other diseases.

Do not cook Teflon dishes for your child as much as possible. Preparing liquid foods such as soups and boiling milk does not require the non-stick properties of these foods.


Consider the following points when using Teflon containers:

When using telephone utensils for cooking, do not place food on a flame above 260 ° C, as the decomposition layer of this type of utensil releases toxic and annoying gases. In humans, it has conditions similar to the flu. Creates.

Using telephone utensils and cooking utensils, use suitable spoons such as wooden and plastic spoons that do not have sharp corners so that the knives are not scratched.

Use a soft cloth to wash Teflon dishes so that they are not scratched. Do not use a sponge or dishwasher to wash these dishes so that the inner lining of the word is not damaged.

Do not use damaged Teflon dishes that have been scraped or washed with a spoon.

After buying Teflon dishes, wash the container with dishwashing liquid and lukewarm water, lubricate it with oil, leave it for a few hours, and then use it to prepare food.


Reconstruction of Teflon containers

Some stores take old Teflon containers and repair them. But it is recommended that you never do this to save and reduce family expenses because the materials used to rebuild Teflon are not approved by the health organization and are very harmful to the health of all family members.

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