Which tea can make you lose weight?

Green tea from reality to advertising?

Green tea is a type of tea obtained from the fresh buds and petals of the tea plant. In the process of producing this tea, very little oxidation occurs. There are several types of green tea, including Chinese and Japanese. Green tea has beneficial medicinal properties due to its anti-cancer catechins and antioxidants, which are much stronger than popular antioxidants such as vitamins C and E.

Which tea can make you lose weight?

Recently, in addition to the Chinese people, this tea has become very popular worldwide. The main reason for this welcome is the familiarity of people in other countries with this type of drink’s healing properties. Drinking 3 to 4 cups of green tea a day prevents many diseases.

There are many questions about different tea types; What is the main difference between tea types? Does green and sour tea make you slim? Can red tea lower blood pressure?

In general, tea leaves are picked, processed, fermented and dried, and vary depending on the type of processing, style, and characteristics of the tea. If the tea leaves wither and roll after picking and then dry, the tea leaves turn black. But if the leaves are steamed and then dried, green tea is obtained, and if the process is weaker and without fermentation, white tea (a type of Thai tea) is brought.

Consumption of green tea:

Studies have shown that both in cell culture and the subjects studied, green tea’s antioxidant properties are much higher than black tea because less fermentation is done on its leaves, and its anti-cancer properties have been proven.

But does this tea have slimming properties or not? We have to say that various studies have shown that consuming four cups of green tea a day can stimulate adipose tissue fuel. Of course, this feature is not significant and impressive, and even for low weight loss can not be counted on. As a result, all slimming ads with this tea are deceptive, and there is no evidence behind it, and do not think that this tea works wonders and makes you look slimmer.

Although green tea has less caffeine than black tea, it contains it and is best consumed by pregnant, lactating, nervous women and those with irregular heartbeats. Do not overdose on this tea because consuming it like food with black tea reduces zinc, iron, and lysine absorption.

This tea should be brewed for at least five to ten minutes to eliminate its helpful substances, and if the brewing time is longer, its astringent substances will be released, and if consumed in excess, it will cause dehydration and dry stools.

Which tea can make you lose weight?

Other properties and benefits of green tea can be said:

Green tea prevents high blood pressure by controlling the function and protecting the arteries’ structure.

The catechins in this tea kill food poisoning bacteria or toxins produced by these bacteria.

This tea lowers blood sugar. Although some researchers recommend drinking it for the elderly, others believe that drinking it at a young age helps control blood sugar levels before reaching old age.

Vitamin C in this tea strengthens the immune system; the body is resistant to various diseases, mainly seasonal illnesses such as colds and flu in winter, diarrhea, vomiting in summer, and allergies in autumn. In ancient China, green tea was prescribed to people who were constantly ill.

Drinking this tea is recommended for people with asthma or people living in certain areas (such as cement factory workers) due to particular occupations (residents of cold regions).

Drinking it not only protects the ear from infection and swelling but in case of this problem, moisten a clean cloth with green tea and then put it on your ear; it can reduce swelling and infection to some extent. Give.

If you moisturize the desired area with this tea and wait for it to dry, and repeat this process three times a day, the healing process will be accelerated.

Green tea has soothing properties and can relieve tension, depression, stress, and excitement.

Which green tea or sour tea causes weight loss?

Sour tea is not related to white, green, and black tea. The prominent popularity of this tea is that it lowers blood pressure and can also control blood sugar, calms the nerves and improves blood flow, reduces liver heat, and strengthens the immune system due to vitamin C. Slowly, But does this tea make you lose weight? The fact is that red tea contains a substance that can reduce the absorption of carbohydrates but can not cause weight loss alone. This tea, along with diet and exercise, can be a low-calorie diet drink.

It is important to note that pregnant and lactating women plan to become pregnant, take birth control pills, and postmenopausal women undergoing hormone therapy should use this tea on their doctor’s advice. Because this tea changes the body’s estrogen levels, and people with low blood sugar and low blood pressure should be careful in consuming this drink to avoid lethargy.

Benefits of sour tea consumption:

 It is helpful for people with cardiovascular disease.

 Strengthens the immune system because this tea is rich in vitamin C, resistant to infections and colds.

Lowers blood pressure due to the action of anthocyanins, polyphenols, and hibiscus acid

Due to its richness in antioxidants, it helps protect the body’s cells by eliminating free radicals.

 It has a hypoglycemic effect in diabetic patients.

How to consume sour tea:

Pour the tea flowers into boiling water and wait for 20 minutes. Then discard the petals and enjoy the tea by adding a little lemon, cinnamon, or honey. If you like your tea concentrated, you can add more petals to the boiling water. Daily consumption of 3 cups of this tea improves blood flow, relaxation, and weight loss. You can also put sour tea in the refrigerator or freezer and use it as a cold drink. It should be noted that if you are losing weight, add the amount of honey to your tea because this tea lowers blood pressure, and it is better not to drink it on an empty stomach. These recommendations should be considered, especially in people with diabetes due to hypoglycemia in this tea.

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