What is meditation, and what are the types of meditation?

With meditation, you can do most things carefully, and you can practice meditation whenever you are calm. This activity calms you down at the moment and allows you to have a free and aware mind.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a way to train the mind that can be practiced in a variety of ways. Meditation has a variety of methods, all of which require different skills. Some high-level skills require a lot of practice and training, but some forms can be done without training. Meditation is also considered one of the treatment methods for anxiety.

To be successful, the type of meditation you choose must be easy and comfortable, and the results must motivate you to keep working. Any useful method is the best method for you because there are different ways to meditate. The key to doing all of these methods is to dedicate each day to sitting, breathing, and communicating with yourself.

What is meditation, and what are the types of meditation?

Has announced the scientific benefits of meditation، Some of these benefits include:

  • low blood pressure
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Increased focus
  • Improve the physical and mental response to stress
  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Improve memory

Types of meditation

Meditation for Beginners:

If you are new to meditation and its benefits, you do not need to do it like a professional. Still, it is enough to enjoy the benefits of meditation by doing simple exercises and progress in this area over time.

These simple exercises will help you focus on your breathing and emotions by doing the smallest things.

What are the stages of beginner meditation?

Sit or lie down in a quiet place, then close your eyes and breathe easily, letting your inhale and exhale be normal and focus on that feeling. At first, it is enough to spend 3 to 4 minutes during the day to do this and increase it over time.

Transcendent Meditation

Transcendent meditation is the most popular type of meditation in the world and has the most scientific study. This type of meditation is ideal for people who are serious about maintaining a serious meditation method. The easiest way to get started is to sit down and focus on yourself. You should do this type of meditation for twenty minutes every day. To enjoy its benefits such as relaxation, strengthening concentration, and memory.

Zazen Meditation

Zazen is a practice of sitting Zen Buddhism. From the point of view of some Buddhists, Zazen is not considered a meditation practice, but others believe that Zazen is a meditation practice at the core of Zen.

In the Zazen exercise, three important and main elements must be considered: sitting position, breathing, and state of mind.

What is meditation, and what are the types of meditation?

How to do Zazen meditation:

Sit on a folded pillow or blanket so that your hips are slightly off the ground. The legs should be on all fours so that the backs of both feet and knees are on the floor.

Place each foot on the thigh of the other foot. Place your hands on your feet and palms facing up. Place the fingers of one hand on the other hand so that the tips of the thumbs of both hands touch each other.

Release shoulder and chest pressure، Close your mouth and stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Inhale and focus on the rhythm of breathing. Count the number of breaths from 10 to 1. Stay in this position and focus on body posture and breathing. Your mind and body are in sync at this stage.

Chi Kung

Chi Kung (or Chi Gong) is another type of meditation. “Chi” in Chinese means work and “Kung” means inner energy.

The combination of the two means excellence or the cultivation of inner energy. This type of meditation involves an exercise designed according to the philosophical-philosophical school of Chinese Taoism and is generally a combination of activities related to breathing techniques.

A step-by-step guide to Chi Kung meditation

Sit comfortably and keep your back straight. Leave all parts of your body free and comfortable. Focus on deep, long breaths (they are deep enough that they can move the lower abdomen as you breathe) and try not to think about anything else. According to this school of thought-philosophy, the center of “chi” energy accumulation in the body is located at a point about 5 cm below the navel, and do your best to focus on this point.

As you focus on the point of accumulation of energy, try to feel the force of the energy flow in your body, and if you can focus on the end of the collection of energy, you will feel the power of its current.

Kindness is known as meditation.

Its purpose is to cultivate an attitude of love and kindness towards everything, even enemies and sources of stress. As you take a deep breath, professionals open their minds to receive love, then send love messages to the world, to special people or loved ones. In most forms of meditation, the main point is the repeated repetition of this message, provided the physician is willing to be kind.

Can help injured people:

  • Angry
  • Disappointment
  • Annoyance


What is meditation, and what are the types of meditation?

Interpersonal conflict

This type of meditation may increase positive emotions and reduce depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation may be one of the most challenging types of meditation for beginners, but it is a great method with many benefits that both beginners and practitioners can use.

This method is for people who ask how to meditate? No special equipment or preparation is required; in other words, the need to light a candle, repeat this mantra, or learn techniques.

Only long-term exercise can give you a calmer mind and respond to less stress. The main feature of this method is to focus on the present moment. Mindfulness meditation should focus on the “now” instead of the “outside.”

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a type of physical activity meditation that combines movement and deep breathing, and mantra. Usually, a tutor should teach this type of meditation, but people can learn yoga and mantra movements at home.

Kundalini yoga, like yoga, can reduce stress and physical pain and help reduce anxiety and depression.

Vipassana Meditation

Sanskrit means “seeing the true form of things” and is also known as “insight meditation or attitude.” This meditation is part of a 2,500year-old Buddhist tradition used to help deepen consciousness.

In this meditation, you are taught to label the thoughts and experiences that come to you. After identifying the label, you are encouraged to return your consciousness to the main subject: breathing.

Position: Four knees on the mattress

Do this exercise if you want to get rid of annoying thoughts and increase your awareness.

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