The strangest teas in the world that you didn’t know about until today

One of the most popular drinks in the world, tea is prepared from the dried leaves of the tea plant. Besides this drink, the consumption of various teas and teas prepared with leaves from different plants has its own fans as well. There are a lot of teas on this list, but you may be surprised by some of the names.

Russian pressed tea

The Russian pressed tea is one of the strangest teas on this list. The tea leaf powder is compressed strongly in this method and obtains a brick-like texture. Yes, brick! Every time you wish to drink tea, you grate a little tea brick into a cup of boiling water. This method is used by Russians to transport tea easily across the country.

Panda poop tea

You may feel ill when you hear this name, but this strange tea comes from green tea plants in southwest China that are fertilized by panda feces. You can be sure that there are only tea leaves in your glass. The price of 50 grams of this tea is 3500 dollars, making it one of the most expensive teas in the world.

The strangest teas in the world that you didn't know about until today

blue tea

People are always curious about the blue color of this tea. You can make blue tea by putting the leaves of this plant in hot water. Butterfly pea flowers are common in Thailand and make a wonderful blue tea. If you add a drop of lemon juice, it becomes even more delicious. By adding lemon, the color of your tea changes to purple.

Avabancha tea

is made on the Japanese island of Shikoku. This tea is produced by bacteria that ferment without oxygen. “Lactic acid fermentation” transforms the fresh leaves of the wild mountain tea plant, called “yamcha,” into awabancha tea. The taste is sweet and sour and does not taste bitter at all. Myanmar uses this tea as a pickle and as a condiment with its main dish. Myanmar uses this tea as a pickle and as a condiment with its main dish.

Bubble tea

Taiwanese iced tea was developed in the 1980s and is more like a milkshake than a tea. Most often, this strange tea is made by combining plain tea, milk, various fruits, and chewable Taipoka seeds. Coffee shops also began using Taipoka and adding its seeds to cold drinks after different countries became interested in this tea. It is one of the strangest teas that has recently become popular all over the world.

The strangest teas in the world that you didn't know about until today

Mint and tomato tea

It’s more like a soup in a cup, but it still ranks among the world’s tastiest teas. You might be surprised by the taste of this tea the first time you try it. In order to prepare this tea, you need the following ingredients, which are usually organic:

an onion
lemon peel
Black pepper
Black tea without caffeine
Bell pepper

To make this tea, tomatoes and mint are the main ingredients, and other flavorings are used only to enhance its flavor. To make this strange tea, place tomatoes in a ceramic cup and add all the flavors. Fill the glass with boiling water and close the lid. Your tea will be ready in 10 minutes.


The most popular drink in the world is tea, and this category includes teas and teas made from leaves of different plants. Yet there are some strange teas that, contrary to the imagination, are very popular among the people. In this article, we introduce six of the strangest teas in the world. Write to us in the comments section if you also know of a strange tea that is consumed in a certain region.

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