Clothing suitable for obese women

Choosing clothes based on a person’s body is an essential principle of dressing. Different limbs have different stems, and if people choose their clothes based on the stems, they can conceal their defects.

Following a few simple tips, obese people with big bellies can easily choose clothes that hide their big bellies and show off their slim bodies.

Clothing suitable for obese women

Clothing for women with big bellies

The clothes you wear with horizontal lines and light colors will make your body look fatter if you are obese. To look slimmer and taller, choose clothes with vertical lines and dark colors instead.

It is not advisable to wear tunics with an open upper body if you are obese in the abdomen. These clothes will increase the size of your stomach.

If you have a stomach, you should choose a shirt with pleats because you cannot recognize that these creases or fabrics cause it.

A shirt and blouse (a model that wraps one side of the dress around the other side) will divide your chest into two parts and reduce your waist and abdomen bulges.

T-shirts and blouses with waists should be worn. Using this upper body model, you can quickly cover your abdomen and slim your thighs.

It The folds and waist of pleated pants only draw attention to the abdomen.

It is generally believed that the pockets and folds on the back, front, and sides of the abdomen draw attention to the middle part of the body and accentuate the waist.

Clothing suitable for obese women

It is recommended that obese women wear long, slightly loose clothing instead of short-sleeved shirts and T-shirts.

Wearing a coat, sweater, shirt, or waist will make your belly appear bigger than it actually is because the waist is accumulated in the abdomen and wrinkles. Small floral fabrics should not be worn with long-waist tops.

Women’s pants that are suitable for obese women

The waistline of the pants should not be above and below the abdomen, but on the core so that half of the stomach can be seen.

Wear jeans that are larger than your actual size if you have a fat belly so that they can easily fit around your waist and conceal your belly.

Dress in clothes with a minor role and design.

Linen, silk, and polyester are the best fabrics for these ladies’ clothes.

If you have a big belly, you should choose baggy pants. You can also conceal your belly with loose pants.

Women’s skirts that are suitable for obese women

The most suitable skirt type for you if you have a significant belly is a tight skirt with a wide waist.

Choose skirts with a lower waistline to make your belly appear smaller.

Clothing suitable for obese women

Women’s shoes that are suitable for obese women

High heels that show stretched legs are the best shoes for women with big bellies and thighs.

Obese women’s ideal accessories

By choosing the right accessories, you can also correct body defects. Wide belts hide a large belly better than narrow belts for women with large bellies. To draw attention to the abdomen, wear large necklaces and earrings.

Obese women’s belt

Belts that only cover the abdomen show layers of belly fat, so you should use full-length belts that tuck your buttocks, thighs, and abdomen.

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