Buying Clothes for Your Baby: Which to Buy, Tips ?

Looking at small and beautiful clothes in different designs and colors behind the windows of children’s clothing stores puts a smile on the lips of adults. Buying baby clothes for adults is fun and exciting, and maybe that’s why friends and relatives bring clothes for kids on different occasions.

But when buying baby clothes, it is necessary to pay attention to many points so that the clothes you choose, in addition to beauty and comfort, also bring health and safety to the lovely little ones. If you are planning to buy baby clothes, it is better to consider safety and health points when buying and pay attention to these 15 points before buying:

1) Children are growing up and are changing size quickly, and their clothes are getting smaller for them, so you have to spend a lot of money on baby clothes. Prioritize your baby’s comfort and health, and choose comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that is comfortable to wear. Ensure the collar, sleeves, and ankles are soft and comfortable, and the sleeves and edges of the pants are not tight. Clothes with adjustable buckles that can be bigger or smaller can be used for a more extended period. For this purpose, you can choose aprons and sundresses with adjustable buckles.

2) Children get their clothes dirty quickly; they spill food on their clothes and chocolate, and ice cream stains can be seen on their clothes. They also play most of the day and get their clothes dirty. Keep this in mind when shopping and buy clothes that are easy to wash and machine washable.

3) When buying baby clothes, pay attention to the fabric of the clothes and when you go to the store to buy, check the label of the clothes in terms of materials. Clothes made of synthetic materials are not suitable for children, so choose clothes made of natural fibers, and it is better for the child to use linen fabric or a high percentage. It is recommended to choose cotton underwear and clothes in direct contact with the baby’s skin and is durable for outerwear, towel fabrics, velvet, and jeans.

4) If the child uses diapers, choose clothes with a button in the middle of the legs to have easier access to the diaper.

5) If your child still can not walk, choose clothes that cover the legs and protect the knees.

6) If the child is at an age when he has just learned to wear his clothes, choose clothes that are easy for him to wear and take off. This boosts the child’s confidence. Choose long-waist pants instead of zippered and buckled pants. Instead of button-down clothes, choose clothes that are glued or zipped to make it easy for the child to close and open. If there is a large loop on the zipper, the child can open and close the zipper more easily.

7) Simple clothes for children are the most suitable choice. Buckles and lace dresses, novels, and colored beads are not suitable for children because the child’s hand may get stuck in them or detach from the clothes, and the child may swallow them.

8) Check the buttons and fasteners of the clothes. Choose clothes that have tight-fitting as you may have to unbutton baby clothes several times during the day. Do not choose clothes that do not open the buttons easily, and the buttons may be damaged.

9) Children are very active, so it is better to choose loose and comfortable clothes and allow them to move. Younger children usually feel comfortable in loose clothing.

10) Children’s heads are more significant than their bodies. If you want to choose a comfortable dress, an open-front dress with a zipper or button on the front is a good choice. If you’re going to buy a dress with a closed front, choose a dress that has buttons on the baby’s shoulder.

11) The growth process of children is different, and to buy baby clothes, do not trust the information on the label on the clothes and always have the exact size of your baby with you.

12) Choose happy colors for your child. The primary bright colors are suitable for girls and boys.

13) If you want to buy a hat for your child, choose hats with fringes that, in addition to protecting the baby’s head, protect his skin from the sun.

14) Also, pay attention to the child’s taste. Sometimes a specific color or cartoon character on the clothes is essential for the child. You can choose the clothes and leave the choice of color or design to the child.

15) The last point is to wash clothes after shopping and before wearing to keep the baby’s skin healthy and dry them where the air flows and preferably in the sun.

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