Are you familiar with benefits of dates?

Are you familiar with the many and remarkable benefits of dates for beauty and health?

For thousands of years, the date fruit has been the staple food of the Middle East and India; The cultivation of these fruits in modern days in western Pakistan these fruits back to 7000 BC. The properties of dates are evident to everyone.

Consumption of these fruits eventually spread to southwest Asia and north Africa, and Spain was then introduced to the west. According to fossil records, dates date back to 50 million years ago.

Properties of dates and their caloric content

Each date contains about 20 calories and contains 2.8 mg of calcium and 5 g of carbohydrates. These fruits are also rich in antioxidants, tannins being the most important of these. These tannins prevent cell damage and protect against inflammation. Eating these fruits on an empty stomach kills intestinal worms.

Properties and health benefits of dates:

Many of the health benefits of eating these fruits include relieving constipation, regulating cholesterol levels, bowel disorders, heart problems, anemia, and sexual disorders.

  1. Properties of dates for constipation:

The pulp of this fruit improves constipation by modifying the mineral restriction that occurs during constipation. Date fiber is also useful to prevent gastrointestinal cancer. Eating at least 20 to 35 grams of fiber per day can cause stool. You will be soft and prevent this situation.

Properties of dates to improve digestion and constipation

  1. improve heart health:

Eat only a few dates a day to improve your heart health; Antioxidants in these fruits prevent atherosclerosis, which hardens arteries and causes clots. These antioxidants stimulate the removal of cholesterol from vascular cells. Dates also contain isoflavones, which are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  1. help regulate cholesterol:

One of the significant benefits is these fruits. Consumption of these fruits, even for healthy people, can positively affect cholesterol and oxidative stress. These fruits do not contain cholesterol. They are richer in iron and fiber than bananas.

  1. improve bone health:

These fruits are a rich source of copper, magnesium, selenium, and manganese – all of which are essential for maintaining healthy bones and preventing osteoporosis-related diseases. Dates are also rich in vitamin K, a blood coagulant, and fuel. And your body’s instrument helps. They also contain boron, which is good for healthy bones.

  1. Dates regulate blood pressure:

These fruits are rich in potassium, and its minerals lower blood pressure. A date palm contains about 167 mg of potassium, which is relatively high compared to other fruits. Not getting enough potassium can also lead to kidney stones, and fiber also stabilizes blood sugar levels.

It balances the effects of sodium in your diet, which lowers blood pressure. The fruit’s magnesium relaxes your heart muscle and blood vessels, thereby lowering your blood pressure.

  1. Dates increase sexual health:

As shown in Indian studies, date pollen is used in traditional medicine to increase male fertility.

  1. Treat diarrhea:

According to Columbia University Medical Center, diarrhea can be improved or exacerbated by choosing the foods you eat, so choosing the right foods is essential. High potassium in dates can help improve your condition.

  1. Improve brain health with the properties of dates:

The findings are presented to protect against oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain. Regular consumption of these fruits and similar fruits is associated with the risk of neurodegenerative diseases and better cognitive function in the elderly; Another study shows that eating These fruits can also slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. Another study says that dates can help prevent inflammation in the brain.

  1. prevent cancer:

Consumption of these fruits can reduce cancer risk; consumption of dates also increases beneficial bacteria’s growth in the intestine and increases intestinal health.

  1. increase energy:

This fruit contains many nutrients that help increase your energy levels. It also contains natural sugars such as turpentine, fructose, and glucose, all of which boost energy.

  1. Dates cause weight gain:

Who wants to gain weight? If you are too thin and want to lose weight, dates can be one of your dietary supplements.

  1. help prevent night blindness:

The leading cause of night blindness is a lack of vitamin A; These fruits are also rich in this vitamin and help fight this disease. In fact, in areas where dates are high, night blindness is very rare.

  1. Prevention of poisoning:

Although there is not much research in this area, we have something interesting in northern Nigeria, These fruits (along with peppers) are added to native beer to make the drink less toxic.

  1. Prevention of hemorrhoids:

This is especially true of pregnancy; Hemorrhoids are a common complication of pregnancy and can be caused by insufficient fiber intake. These fruits, as we have seen, are an excellent source of fiber. They can help prevent hemorrhoids during pregnancy.


  1. Dates are suitable for the skin:

These fruits contain vitamins C and D, which work on skin elasticity. These fruits can also help fight skin problems – you can include dates in your diet and see results in the long run.

These fruits also have anti-aging benefits; they prevent melanin from accumulating in your body and otherwise have adverse effects. We know that hormones play an essential role in skin aging and appearance; Palm kernel extract contains phytohormones that have significant anti-aging effects. The extract can also fight wrinkles.

  1. prevent hair loss:

These fruits are rich in iron, which increases blood circulation to the skin and increases hair growth; This happens with full oxygen supply to the whole body, including your scalp. Finally, it prevents hair loss and stimulates new hair growth.

  1. prevent inflammation:

These fruits palms contain components that fight inflammation. The fruit of this tree also contains adequate magnesium, a mineral that is important for immune function. If your diet is low in magnesium, your immune system will not be strong enough to prevent inflammation.

  1. Dates support pregnancy health:

Have you heard about the benefits of The fruit of this tree during pregnancy? Pregnant women need about 300 calories more than their non-pregnant peers, but most pregnant women tend to choose low-calorie foods, which is a mistake that dates can help. Although low in calories, they are very nutritious, and we have already seen how to date fiber prevents pregnancy hemorrhoids.

Benefits of dates for treating diseases

  1. Treatment of intestinal disorders:

These fruits’ fiber certainly has a positive effect. But too many fruits can cause bacteria in the colon and gas; Some studies say that dates contain nicotine, which helps treat intestinal disorders.

  1. help treat anemia:

These fruits contain iron and should undoubtedly help fight anemia, but few studies support this fact.

  1.  increase sexual health:

We have already seen that dates can increase male fertility. Several studies say that these fruits are rich in amino acids that increase sexual stamina.

  1. Enhance muscle growth:

This is about carbohydrates. If you do not get enough of them, your body may burn muscle instead of energy for fuel. The fruit of this tree is high-quality fruit and may help build muscle.

  1. help reduce belly fat:

Date fiber is credit again. This will make you feel full and eliminate overeating. Also, since they are sweet, you can replace your sweets with a healthier choice.

But what is the best way to eat dates?

How to include them in your diet?

You can eat them as a snack, whether simple or swapping kernels with nuts. You can also combine these fruits with your breakfast cereal and eat dates with tuna or chicken salad and other vegetables.

You can slice these fruits and eat them with frozen vanilla yogurt. You can also soak dried—fruit of this tree in water to hydrate them and then eat them. You can also use honey and syrup, which have antibacterial properties that are more effective than honey as special studies.

What is the difference between fresh and dried dates?

Fresh fruits are softer, and dried are more rigid; they have less moisture than fresh.

There is no big difference between fresh and dried fruits from a nutritional point of view, but there is a difference between fresh and dried—the fruit of this tree. Dried dates have twice as many carbohydrates like fresh fruits; they are also a good fiber source. Dried The fruit of this tree also contain high amounts of calcium and iron, but fresh dates are high in vitamin C.

Selection and storage of dates:

Features and how to choose it:

These fruits are usually sold packaged, in narrow boxes or compact blocks. If you are buying, look at the date meat, moisture and softness, and shiny skin.

Fresh, this tree’s fruit can be slightly wrinkled, but they should not be hard to touch or have sugar crystals on their skin. These fruits look similar to fresh and dried fruits, except that dried dates are slightly wrinkled; They should be plump and shiny and even colored.

Features and its storage methods:

Fresh dates can be stored for up to 6 months when stored in a refrigerator’s vacuum container. Dried this plant has a longer life, can be stored for a year, for example. Freezing these fruits increase the life of this fruit.

Experts answer their readers’ questions:

Are dates nuts?

This plant is the fruit of the palm tree, not nuts.

How many dates should I eat a day?

About 3 to 5 of these fruits a day.

What are the properties and benefits of dates with milk?

In addition to getting all the benefits of this plant, you can also enjoy the addition of calcium. This can be a great diet to boost your growth and maintain your overall health.

Can I eat dates with tea?

Yes. But keep in mind that 100 grams of these fruits have about 60 grams of sugar; Therefore, make sure that you do not add sugar to your tea.

Can people with diabetes eat dates?

Although these plants are high in sugar, they are also a good source of fiber that can be beneficial for diabetics; however, check with your healthcare provider.

Can dates be eaten daily?


How long should dates be eaten to treat constipation?

There are no specific numbers. But if you eat the required amounts daily, you will not even suffer from constipation.

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