Ways to increase the child’s concentration in Online School

strategies to help students focus in the classroom

Naturally, children in these situations have to study outside the classroom and spend this school year at home complaining of lack of concentration because the previously used environment for sleeping, playing, having fun, and partying is now space. It is not easy to learn and focus in this situation. We still need to find an effective solution to this problem, so here is a shortlist of ways to increase your child’s concentration in an online school.

Understand the real expectations of distance learning

How much time should students spend learning online? There are time constraints for everyone, and adult students can tolerate this situation more than young students. Teachers should provide logical guidance because learning, interacting, and playing with classmates are valuable for young children.

Determine what kind of activity is best for your child

Is there a specific activity that your child would like to do? For example, does your child perform better in the presence of a coach? Answering these questions can be valuable for you and your child’s teacher to help you plan for better student learning.

Ways to increase the child's concentration in Online School

Encourage your child to be active.

Children should be active regularly throughout the day. Before a child can focus on distance learning, he must exercise because beneficial physical activity increases his mental ability to concentrate and mental activities. Some children find it better to focus on tasks when standing.

Reduce his distraction

If possible, reduce noise and clutter when your child is doing homework, and set up a designated workspace that is comfortable for your child to reduce distractions.

Provide the equipment your child needs

Make sure you are connected to the internet and allow your child to use headphones to reduce distractions. Make books, pamphlets, curricula, etc., available to him and provide healthy and nutritious food or drink for the child to get less tired while reading.

Adjust your schedule as needed

If the person is learning intermittently and feels very tired, make changes to your schedule to relax or do something else. To teach difficult things, choose a time when your child is more alert.

Use the checklist

For some children who have difficulty concentrating, having a task checklist is helpful. For example, if the child is asked to view the curriculum and then read it and answer the question, keywords such as watching, reading, and writing are needed to check the list of each of these activities.

Ways to increase the child's concentration in Online School

Let the child ask questions in class.

If your child feels that he has not learned anything, he should ask his teacher a question and teach him not to be afraid to ask questions. When a student asks a question, he or she is more focused, so asking a question is one way to increase the focus of the class.

Give your baby and yourself a little rest.

Teachers do not want young children to become frustrated and tired of learning, so if the subject is boring and difficult and the child is tired, you should stop the activity and give the child a break so that he/she has time to process the next information.

Mental health is a prerequisite for a child to learn better.

A significant point that all parents, especially parents of primary school students, should pay attention to these days is to maintain the child’s mental health. Let me be clear that the psychological pressure you put on the student in education will not have a positive effect but will also have serious negative consequences. Help your child learn and continue online education with maximum calm and, of course, seriousness in balance. If our child has the necessary mental health and peace of mind, he will focus more on learning.

Ways to increase the child's concentration in Online School

Encourage the child to participate in class discussions

If the teacher asks the students to express their opinions, your child should participate in the discussions because listening to the opinions of others and participating in this topic in class will increase his / her concentration.

Show positive feedback

Whenever your child finishes their online education well, show positive feedback immediately, such as giving a star or a tag, because motivation plays an essential role in their learning.

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