Things You Should Never Say to Your Coworkers

Have you ever considered that the office and the company are the second home because you spend most of your time there and as a result, you may be very comfortable with your co-workers, and your inner thoughts are possible? Talk to your co-worker and think about this behavior after a while, and you will regret why you said something to your co-worker, so if you have had a similar experience, you should be careful because what you say at work is affected.

Since many people feel comfortable at work, they may say anything, so it is best to know what not to speak to your co-worker if you have a problem with this.

Things You Should Never Say to Your Coworkers

Complain about the boss

Although you may be angry with your boss, discussing your thoughts with your boss is something you should avoid because it jeopardizes your position.

Complain about another colleague

No human is perfect, so if you want to complain to one of your co-workers, you have a lot to say, so forget it. Gossiping about your co-worker who is on leave is one of the things you should avoid.

Talk about something that is not in your field.

When you are hired somewhere, they will explain your duties in the workplace, and you should think that members should work for the company’s growth, so you should prepare yourself for things beyond what you have, so accept this fact. Sometimes you have to do other things than your duties and accept the change with a smile.

Rumors and slanders

One of the easiest things to do at work is to gossip about others. You may see people talking about their co-workers for hours during the week. This gossip is a factor in spreading rumors, so stop this inner temptation and not open your mouth prematurely and gossip about others.

Things You Should Never Say to Your Coworkers

Personal Information

Discussing personal information with a co-worker is tempting, but you should never talk to your co-worker about your spouse, children, parents, or personal life problems.

Polite comments and questions

It would help if you never made rude remarks. These include questions about personal items such as pregnancy or the amount you paid to buy something. If your colleague wants to know something, he will definitely tell you, and there is no question at all, so never ask such questions.

Looking for another job

It does not matter how much you trust your co-worker, and remember that loyalty in the professional workplace is by no means guaranteed. So if you are going to have a new job interview, no one should know about it at work.

Things You Should Never Say to Your Coworkers


Many companies have policies to talk to their partners about payment. So do not break this rule and do not tell your colleague about your rights wherever you are.

Do not discuss politics or religion.

Many educated families recommend that you never talk to strangers about political or religious issues. Even if you are interested in this topic, you should not have such discussions with your colleagues because disagreements lead to problems.

Request to borrow money

Sometimes we forget to bring a wallet or cash with us, and in such cases, do not borrow money from your co-workers as much as you can.

Things You Should Never Say to Your Coworkers

Question about honesty

It is essential to pay attention to honesty, but it is better not to use this word when talking to your colleagues. For example, do not ask, “Are you always honest with me or not?”

Excessive praise

Be obsessed with praising others, especially your co-workers, because commenting on a person’s body is not professional at all, especially if you want to tell the opposite sex.

Exaggerate your mistake

I always cause trouble; why should you say that? If you regret what you did wrong or forgot something, you should never do it again. Make a simple apology and do your best next time.

Excessive use of the phrase “think.”

Saying “I think” is sometimes acceptable, but there are times when you are not sure about something. Using this phrase constantly undermines the trust of others in what you say. So if you know something, say it directly. For example, “The meeting will be held at 3 pm”, not “I think the meeting will be held at 3 pm”.

Things You Should Never Say to Your Coworkers

Shout and show your happiness

It may be interesting for you to know that you have a good lifestyle, but it is better not to tell your colleague about your happiness because it may make him jealous.

Questions about age

Psychologists advise you not to talk to a colleague about age because they may think you are trying to question their ability and responsibility.

Dissatisfaction with the company and institution in which you work

Never tell your co-worker that you have complained about the company; even if something illegal was done about you, you should not spread it among others. If you have ever complained to your co-worker, company, or boss, keep it to yourself.

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