The ideal girl should have these characteristics

What are characteristics of a girl?

Ideal girls have different characteristics than other girls, and these characteristics attract others. It is good to know that beauty is not the only characteristic of a woman; what makes a beautiful woman attractive is her moral characteristics.

The ideal girl

An ideal girl should have these characteristics.

If you want to be an ideal and amazing girl in every way, it is better to get acquainted with the characteristics of perfect girls.


1- Love yourself

This is one of the most important parts of this process. Many teenage girls feel depressed or in competition with others. If you think this way, know that you are not alone. It is better to find your best feature, if you are first class, believe that you can have a good job and a good income in the future.

You may be older than your friends, but do not be upset; smile, dress appropriately and exercise a little. Other people will notice your smile before anything else.


2- Smile

Use whitening mouthwash twice a day, brush your teeth while brushing and clean your tongue. Sometimes chew gum to keep your mouth fresh, but do not chew gum on important and sensitive moments such as school, library, interviews, and work.


3- Exercise

You do not need to spend a lot of money on sports, and you do not need to go to an expensive club. You can run home or walk part of the way. You should know that walking in the fresh air can cure your acne.


4- Have fun

In order not to waste your money, do not buy emotionally and buy purposefully and if necessary. To do this, keep the purchase receipt and keep your wrong purchases in your room so that when you regret it, you promise not to spend too much because you can no longer return it.


 5- The ideal girl is standing

Stand up straight and place your left foot vertically below your shoulders. Place the heel of your right foot in the arch of your left foot and rotate about 20 degrees.

This will make you look more beautiful and dignified, and your legs will look slimmer. When walking, bring your shoulders down and bend slightly back and look straight ahead.

When sitting, place your feet on the floor and lean on the back of your chair. If you feel pain in the neck or shoulders, lie on a flat surface and stretch your muscles. Then lie down on the sofa upside down and place your head on the floor. This reduces pain and pressure in the spine.


6- Choose the appropriate decorations

Choose simple and classic items, avoid the widespread use of artificial gold services, and do not overdo jewelry and ornaments. Have a simple black handbag and wear sunglasses that fit your face and a satin scarf.


7- Be stylish and beautiful

If you like the clothes that your friend bought, you should know that these clothes are definitely not good for your body, so buy clothes that fit your body and match the color of your skin and personal life. Avoid buying fashionable clothes and wear the clothes you like.

The ideal girl

8- Take care of your skin.

To protect your skin, use natural moisturizers such as rose water and other things that we have mentioned many times in the health section, and if your skin is not dry in the bath, use moisturizer for your body.

It is better to separate body and skin moisturizers because body moisturizers are too oily and fragrant and irritate the facial skin, so never put this moisturizer on your face. Use a 48-hour deodorant spray for body odor. Use lip balm to relieve dry lips.

What is the best ideal girl?

9- Look great

Do simple makeup. If your eyelashes are not curly, use eyelashes and mascara and add a subtle eyeliner to your eye makeup. If you like, you can apply shadows because using shadows refreshes your face and seduces your appearance.


10- It is hard work

It is better to study well and work hard so that later when you find a good job or attract your dream man, life will be easier.

Organize school work and have good planning. If your classmates make fun of you for being smart, think that your life will be better than the next ten years.


11- Eat well

Do not overeat, and if you feel hungry, drink a glass of water first; you may be thirsty. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat chopped bananas and cereals for breakfast and a salad for lunch, as well as two servings of vegetables. Eat vegetables and fruits five times a day.


12- Discover your talent

Learn a language to improve your skills to communicate with people you could not communicate with because of their language, or you can travel to another country and communicate with the people of that country and stay that way. You may have good skills and talents in sports, so go dancing or football class.


13- Be yourself

If you trust and care about your peers and have a purpose, use their criticism, and if they look at you with jealousy, do not listen to criticism and do not change for the sake of a man.

If someone can not accept and understand you as you are, he can never love you sincerely. Open your eyes; maybe he will find your ideal man in a place where you have the least chance.

Your opinion of the ideal word may differ from that of others. So your idea is important, and you are suitable in your statement, and you do not care about the opinion of others.


Tips and warnings about an ideal girl

Read the book.

Do not depend on anyone in your relationship.

Arrange your room, closet, school bag, e-mails so that you do not have trouble finding anything.

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