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Common Beauty and Skin Care Mistakes

Facial and body beauty is one of the concerns of all people; although beauty is not the same for all people, most people consider having healthy teeth, thick and clear hair, good skin without pimples.

Many of us use natural and unnatural methods to maintain and care for beauty, and we have daily habits that many of our cares and habits can threaten our beauty. Here are some common cosmetic mistakes you may make without knowing the negative effects of daily.

Common Beauty and Skin Care Mistakes

Brushing after drinking coffee

Indeed, the acid or sugar in coffee, soft drinks, and fruit juices hits the outer layer of the tooth called the enamel, but you should not remove them immediately.

When you brush your teeth quickly after eating acidic food or drink, you get rid of weak tooth enamel and instead, wait half an hour in the mouth of water and then brush.

Swimming with dry hair

Pool water contains chemicals that damage the hair. The hair dries like a sponge; if it is moistened with tap water before swimming, it does not get wet in the pool. Also, when you come out of the pool, you should wash your hair immediately with shampoo.

Poor sleep

We all need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep. Sleep improves the function of the body and mind and makes it beautiful because the night is when our skin is repaired.

Drooping eyelids, swelling of the eyes, darkening or intensification around the eyes, pale skin, increased skin wrinkles, intensification of facial lines and grooves, and deepening grooves between the nose and the corners of the nose lips.

Excessive use of shampoo

Excessive use of shampoo destroys the scalp’s natural oil and causes darkening and dryness of the hair. Hair washing depends on the type, if it gets greasy and dirty, you can shampoo fine hair every day, but many experts recommend doing this every 2 to 3 days. Thick or curly hair can be shampooed every few days or once a week.

Common Beauty and Skin Care Mistakes

Do not use emollients.

You may think that using conditioner makes your hair heavy or you do not have time to wash with a conditioner at all, but not using conditioner causes dryness and darkening of the hair, so that every time you comb your hair, Your hair will be thin.

Use deodorant to prevent sweating.

Deodorants eliminate the smell of sweat, and if you are a person who sweats a lot, you need them. Deodorants prevent it from clogging the sweat glands.

Use an ear cleaner

You may feel good when cleaning your ear, but ear cleaners swallow the earwax and, in addition, may damage the eardrum.

 This question may come to you, so how do we clean the ear? Your body can do this on its own, but if your ears are full and you feel your ears are ringing or have difficulty hearing, see your doctor.

Shaving before pedicure

You may not want the person doing your pedicure to see the hair on your feet, but small cracks that form on the skin after shaving are the entry point for bacteria, and this can lead to infection, so at least 24 hours. Do not cut your legs before hair pedicure. And do not let the hairdresser cut your cuticles, as this can also cause germs. You can shave your hair a few days before the pedicure.

Gillette replacement

If you use a razor, you need to repeat this several times until the hair is completely gone, and this can cause minor cuts to the skin that can lead to bumps, pimples, irritation, and infection. , So change the razor five to seven times after use if necessary.

Common Beauty and Skin Care Mistakes

Take care of dry skin.

People with sensitive and dry skin should be more careful about their skin because dry skin looks more wrinkled. To protect their skin, these people need to keep their skin moisturized and put moisturizer at home during the colder months.

Take a hot shower

We have talked about moisturizing the skin and hair many times in the previous sections, and we have talked a lot about its side effects, so you know that hot water dries the skin, and if you have eczema, it can make it worse. Slowly

Use sunscreen daily

Ultraviolet rays make your skin more sensitive, so you should use sunscreen even in winter to prevent UV rays from spreading to your skin.

Severe peeling

There is no need to use toners, exfoliating creams, and acidic products every day; a low dose of salicylic acid is usually good for people with sensitive skin, but you should try it before consuming too much.

Facial scrub

There is no need to clean the impurities, and it is enough to massage the skin with your fingertips and a mild cleanser and wash it once or twice a day with lukewarm or cold water. Be sure to check your scrub and avoid alcohol or abrasives.

Use a cosmetic wipe

Using a wet towel for makeup will stretch and damage your skin. If you want to use a wet wipe, it is better to use a good and natural type.

Do not use soap on sensitive areas.

Women’s vaginas are very sensitive to scented or disinfectant soaps and should not be used because they upset the balance of local bacteria. Using scented wipes and vaginal deodorants, you can gently wash around the area with just simple, odorless soap.

Common Beauty and Skin Care Mistakes

Remove eye makeup

If your eye makeup is waterproof and cannot be cleaned, do not wipe it off with excessive force, but clean it with a cotton swab dipped in a mild cleansing solution.

Then wet your face with water and then wash with a regular cleanser.

Use of aromatic products

Use odorless products and choose odorless detergents and soaps to prevent allergies and long-term problems.

Excessive use of skin products

In addition to sunscreens and mild cleansers, some people use expensive serums and products containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to care for their skin, which can cause more dryness and irritation of the skin. It is important to know that using many different skincare products is not the reason for proper skincare.

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