36 housekeeping and cooking tricks for women


  1. Cleaning furniture with olive oil:

In addition to many health benefits, olive oil can also be beneficial for the home. Pour a few drops on the cloth and use it to clean your wooden utensils.


  1. Wash the cast iron dish properly:

The best way to wash cast iron dishes is to rub them with salt and then dry them with a towel.


  1. Use old socks for dusting:

Are your socks punctured? Do not throw them away – use them as dust collectors.



4- Use the cooking pen to clean the toaster:

To remove bread crumbs and burnt pieces from the toaster, do this with a cooking pan. This will make the toaster last longer and smell better and healthier.


  1. Get rid of oily fingerprints on the walls with white bread:

It may seem strange, but rubbing a piece of white bread on a fingerprint on the walls solves everything.


  1. Eliminate the smell of your washing machine with vinegar:

Does the washing machine smell? Lighten it with warm water and a cup of white vinegar. It also helps to remove lime and mold and makes the device longer and more efficient.


  1. Clean the iron with salt and foil:

If you have a dirty iron, clean it with salt and foil. Remove the iron and wrap it in a piece of aluminum foil and sprinkle with salt.


  1. Remove the smell of garlic from your hands:

Fresh coffee beans can eliminate the foul smell of garlic. You can also rub your hands into a steel container to stop the bad smell of garlic and onion.



  1. Clean your bathroom with a grapefruit:

Get rid of water stains in your bathtub with this fruit. Chop a grapefruit in the middle and sprinkle a little salt on it and rub it well on the tub.


  1. Clean the kettle with vinegar:

Soak the kettle in half white vinegar and half water and leave it overnight. Wash it in the morning, and the lime should be removed.


  1. Get rid of clothes that have a license:

The natural remedy for willow is dried herbs such as lavender, cloves, rosemary, and thyme, and put them in your closet.


  1. Clean the cup rings from the table with a hairdryer:

Dry first, and then apply a small amount of olive oil to it.


  1. Clean the dirty window with vinegar:

Soil can be made up of dust, dead insects, and hair. Clean them with an excellent old sock. Mix the white vinegar ratio with the lukewarm water ratio and apply it with an old sock to remove dust and soot.

  1. Eliminate food salinity with potatoes

If you have a lot of salt in your diet, add a potato to your meal to solve your problem. Potatoes absorb the excess salt.


  1. Cleaning and disinfecting the dishwasher with vinegar:

Pour two cups of diluted vinegar into a bowl, empty it and turn it on.


  1. Do a natural laundry with lemon:

If your white and linen clothes are yellow or orange and have orange spots, pour the juice of a lemon in 4.5 liters of hot water and soak your clothes in it for an hour. Then wash with water in the washing machine.


  1. Remove the iron rust from the cutlery with onions:

If your cutlery is rusty, rub the head a few times with the chopped onion, and the rust should be smoothed out.


  1. Clean plastic containers with baking soda:

If your food’s plastic container contains traces of food and smells terrible, you should not replace them. Soak them in warm water overnight! Soak them overnight in lukewarm water and a tablespoon of baking soda and clean them the next day with water.


  1. Peeling the label with vinegar:

Soak items labeled by children several times at a time for 15 minutes. Then wipe with a sponge, and the stain will disappear.


  1. Keep shoes with shiny hair spray:

Spray your hair on your shoes, and you will see that they shine for a long time.


  1. Use toothpaste to prevent the mirror from steaming:

If you have problems with foggy mirrors in the bathroom, toothpaste can be the solution! Rub your bathroom mirror with toothpaste, and then take a shower, using a clean, dry cloth beforehand.


22- Avoid breaking the eggs in boiling water

When boiling, sprinkle a little salt on the eggshell to prevent it from breaking.


  1. Use smooth rollers for dust:

It is a valuable tool for removing dust from bedside lamps, shelves, and even shelves.


  1. Fill wall holes with toothpaste:

Toothpaste is an excellent alternative to fillers, especially if you are in a hurry. Make toothpaste on holes in the wall or ceiling and use food coloring in the paste.


  1. Clean the mixer using washing liquid:

Do you use a blender? This little tool can get very dirty. All you can do is put them in hot water and a little rinse aid and rinse. Then wash it with water.


  1. Ironing cleaning:

To remove any lime on the iron (which clogs the steam vents), heat the iron and unplug it to cool. Fill the tank with a mixture of vinegar ratio, leave for an hour, and then empty and rinse several times with clean water.


  1. Polishing leather with toothpaste:

If you have a sofa, jacket, or leather shoes that are slightly scratched, you can easily make them with toothpaste. Rub it with a soft cloth and then wash it with a damp cloth.


  1. Use Vaseline to prevent the sound of drawers:

If you have a cupboard or drawer that makes a noise every time you open it, soften it with a bit of Vaseline.


  1. Cleaning stainless steel with baby oil:

Rubbing and using baby oil can easily clean the steel.


  1. Remove the gum from the clothes using a freezer:

If you are sitting on chewing gum or have it on any of your clothes, you need to know what destroys it. Put your clothes in the freezer for a few hours – the skin of frozen gum is much easier.


  1. Shampoo the dirty loop around the collar of the shirt:

Sweat, grease, and soot easily contaminate the collar of the shirt. Pour some of your natural shampoos on the clothes, rub it a little, and then throw it in the washing machine.


  1. Wipe sofa stains with shaving foam:

If your sofa is dirty, try to put the shaving foam on the stains, put it on, then clean it, and the color will disappear.


  1. Fragrance balls:

Remove unpleasant odors from drawers, shoes, or bags by filling the coffee filter with baking soda and adding a few drops of your chosen oil. Tie it with an elastic band and place it wherever you need it!


  1. Use a wiper blade to remove moss:

If the vacuum cleaner can not completely clean the moss, try using a windshield wiper as a practical solution on sofas, carpets, or other upholstery for cleaning.


  1. Clean your control:

If you are not worried about collecting contaminants and bacteria remotely, try cleaning it with hand sanitizer and paper towels. To be effective, use a piece of cotton to hold the complex parts between the buttons.


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