32 Incredible Benefits of Frankincense

The properties of frankincense in traditional medicine are infinite, and it is a cure for many diseases.

Frankincense is worth as much as gold and was therefore used by Egyptians, Jews, Greeks, Romans, and Iranians for general and spiritual purposes. Frankincense is a plant rich in medicinal properties.

Frankincense oil is also one of the aromatic oils that is used as a treatment. In ancient times, people used this oil extensively to treat many health problems.

Frankincense oil, in addition to aromatherapy, also has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

32 Incredible Benefits of Frankincense

  1. Skin emollient:

Regular and continuous use of this oil softens and smoothes the skin.


  1. Frankincense to reduce and eliminate scars:

Acne-free skin is everyone’s favorite. This oil can eliminate acne, scars, scars, and even skin cracks and create smooth skin.


  1. Frankincense oil for skin regeneration and repair:

This oil repairs and rejuvenates the skin by repairing dead skin cells and reducing its lines and wrinkles. This is one of the best properties of frankincense.

32 Incredible Benefits of Frankincense

  1. Strengthen the nails:

This oil strengthens weak or brittle nails.


  1. Frankincense oil is anti-infective:

This oil is antiseptic and is used to heal wounds and cuts and accelerate the wound healing process.


  1. Treatment of warts from the properties of frankincense oil:

Apply this oil twice a day for a few weeks on the wart and watch its treatment.


  1. Treatment of insect bites with frankincense oil:

Use a drop of frankincense oil to reduce swelling from insect bites. This oil helps them to heal quickly.


Benefits of using frankincense oil for hair:

If you are not satisfied with your hair, frankincense can be very suitable.


  1. Treatment of dandruff with frankincense oil:

Almost all essential oils, such as frankincense oil, help relieve dandruff if used regularly.


  1. Frankincense oil to reduce or stop hair loss and have healthy hair:

Frankincense oil strengthens hair roots and stops hair loss, and contributes to overall hair health.


  1. Pain relief:

Inflammatory pain can be treated with frankincense oil.

32 Incredible Benefits of Frankincense

  1. Reduction of stress in the properties of frankincense:

As you know, stress is an integral part of life today. You can use frankincense oil as a perfume and get rid of stress.


  1. Reduce muscle pain with frankincense:

Frankincense increases blood circulation in the affected areas and relieves muscle pain. Frankincense is excellent for people with rheumatism.


  1. Reduce itching caused by the properties of frankincense:

Direct use of frankincense in the affected area helps to relieve the itching gradually.


  1. Relieve back pain with frankincense oil:

Many issues such as lifting heavy weights, wrong standing and sitting, and pregnancy can cause back pain. If you have back pain, you can use this oil topically.


  1. Frankincense oil to reduce inflammation:

Applying frankincense oil topically or taking its capsules can be very useful in reducing inflammation.


  1. Frankincense oil to strengthen the immune system:

If you have a weak immune system, it can make you sick most of the time. Taking frankincense capsules or placing this oil on the feet’ soles strengthens the immune system and helps a person live a healthier life.


  1. Frankincense oil to solve and reduce vision problems:

Apply frankincense oil around the eyes, cheeks, and eyebrow bones for several months. Of course, it may cause tears. But in the end, it helps to strengthen eyesight. Applying a drop of frankincense oil on the hands’ palms and putting them on the eyes for five minutes a day can solve many vision problems.


  1. Increase and improve concentration with frankincense oil:

Regular use of one or two drops of this oil on the skin increases concentration.

32 Incredible Benefits of Frankincense

  1. Anti-cancer:

This oil is used to fight cancer. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best health benefits of frankincense.


  1. Frankincense oil is an effective treatment for osteoporosis:

This plant is an effective treatment to reduce or prevent osteoporosis.


  1. Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with frankincense:

Frankincense contains elements that can inhibit leukotrienes. The immune system produces these substances under the influence of an adverse reaction, which causes irritable bowel syndrome. Regular use of frankincense can help reduce inflammation and relieve irritable bowel syndrome.


  1. Frankincense is good for the heart:

Frankincense lowers and controls cholesterol and triglycerides. It protects the heart against some of the problems caused by high cholesterol, such as atherosclerosis.


  1. Treatment of bronchial problems:

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of this plant reduce bronchial infections. By reducing inflammation, it relieves the clogging of blood vessels. Increases blood flow to the bronchi and relieves pain.


  1. Reduce fever and headache with frankincense:

This plant has similar properties to aspirin to be used as a painkiller and fever medicine.


  1. Frankincense oil to reduce and treat bad breath:

Due to its antibacterial properties, it helps to treat bad breath. Add two or three drops of frankincense oil to lukewarm water and swirl it in your mouth. This will help to get rid of this problem faster.


  1. Frankincense oil for the treatment of the urinary tract:

This plant is also suitable for urinary tract problems.


  1. Frankincense enhances brain function:

This plant can help increase intelligence and concentration. Therefore, it is used as a brain booster.


  1. Frankincense to increase male fertility:

Frankincense increases sexual desire. Regular consumption of this plant increases the number and quality of sperm and ultimately increases fertility in men.


  1. Frankincense beneficial for uterine health:

Frankincense oil controls estrogen and prevents the possibility of cysts in the uterus and uterine cancer tumors. This oil also cures other gynecological diseases and cleanses the entire mucous membrane of the uterus. Slow

How should we use frankincense to benefit from its properties?

According to traditional medicine experts, there are several ways to use frankincense, including:

Dissolve a tablespoon of jam in a glass of water and consume.

Please put it in your mouth and use it like chewing gum, but in this case, frankincense is a little bitter. It is good to know that chewing frankincense strengthens the gums and eliminates bad breath. Useful for memory.

To eliminate forgetfulness, use frankincense like this:

Frankincense should be eaten with honey to cure forgetfulness.

If you soak 3 grams of it in water every day for a few days and eat it, it is useful for relieving forgetfulness.


*** The use of frankincense is valid for up to two weeks, and its long-term use has side effects. ****

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