What makes me unhappy with life?

Lack of money or entertainment does not prevent our happiness, and in fact, our toxic habits stealthily come to us and take our joy away from us. Today is the time for us to clarify that you must first prevent it if you make a mistake.

Mistakes that hinder your happiness:

You suffocate your emotions

We are often told that we should not feel uncomfortable. This story usually begins in childhood; we hear things like “Do not cry” or “Do not be sad” and gradually learn how to hide our negative feelings. Still, this behavior usually leads to a worse life experience.

According to experts, fighting negative emotions can also numb positive feelings because we can not choose what we want or do not even want to feel them.

It also leads to poor communication and affects many parts of our lives. It should also be noted that loss of emotion can lead to several health problems. For example, there are many ways, such as dancing, that allow us to vent our feelings.

What makes me unhappy with life?

Do not let yourself be mistaken.

Do not forget that even some life-changing inventions happened by accident. Heart batteries, microwave ovens, and even penicillin are some of these, and most importantly, you are a complete person on your resume. But does it make you happier in real life?

We do not think so because you are constantly striving to achieve ideals that do not exist. Even the most minor mistakes can upset you and lead to anxiety, eating disorders, and other health problems.

You have to allow yourself to make mistakes and change your view of failure and to make this new way easier, remember the words of Thomas Edison, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Do you prefer to be a victim?

Blaming others or situations resulting from your failure is a quick fix to dissatisfaction. Is it easy to blame everything? It was not my fault; it was the traffic. Can’t go on vacation? This is not my fault, it is the fault of those who do not want to give me more money, and with this situation, you can never control “unfair” issues.

Let’s take a closer look at the first situation to see the situation more clearly. When you say there is a traffic problem, can you not do anything about it? There is always traffic today, tomorrow, and a few days ago. So will you be late for the rest of your life?

But when you say you are responsible for the delay, you can wake up earlier or ask your boss to change your schedule.

You can even decide to go to a club near your place of work in the morning so that you can continue working after that and try to see everything in your life from this angle and start instead of seeing obstacles.

Do you think you are a mind reader?

You are an ordinary human being, and you really can’t say that you read people’s minds. However, thoughts like “I think they’re stupid” or “they probably think I’m bored” come to us every day.

Here are some simple tips for this type of situation: Do not humiliate yourself and instead believe that people think best of you. This perspective boosts your confidence and helps you communicate more clearly, and it will be easier to ask for help if you do not have a default.

You have resentment

First, resentment can have adverse health effects, from mild depression to acute cardiovascular problems, and it is difficult to be happy in a state of depression or heart condition.

Second, you need to know that there must be a deeper problem in you if you show such a reaction. This problem can range from low self-esteem to other things that you do not feel comfortable with.

A small example, if someone tells you you are stupid, if you know it is not valid, will it hurt you? Not, so this is an excellent opportunity to find out. If you are aware, you can work on your progress when you feel that someone is hurting you.

What makes me unhappy with life?

Third, you are only hurting yourself. You remember that negative situation and keep it in your mind all the time, and you feel angry or helpless again.

You spend your precious time and energy on something you can’t change. Isn’t it better to see a therapist and learn how to give up and fill your life with better things?

You depend on the opinions of others.

Wait a minute to think about how you can make a “correct” impact on other people. Suppose you find that this scale is not in your best interest. In that case, it is time to reconsider your values ​​and choose for yourself because, according to experts, dependents are likely to feel anxious and depressed and can not push their boundaries.

Sometimes we want to impress people, and we don’t even want to prove anything to people we don’t care about. From now on, you have to ask yourself, “Do I have a problem with it, or do I do it for the sake of others or not? In any case, you can even create ‘My Life’ in exchange for ‘Life.’ The results may shock you, but they will motivate you to keep working and gain more confidence.

Focus on the success of others

On social media, it is difficult not to fall into the “comparison trap”; our clothes are not like other girls, we do not travel like them, and our relationship is not perfect enough. The urge to do these things can easily upset us, but don’t forget the essential things.

First of all, people only show the parts they want to see, and there is no guarantee that their lives will be ideal; in addition, there is an ocean that proves that their reality is the same as playing on Facebook or Instagram. Yes, this is not a color, and in the end, while you are looking for someone else’s life, you neglect yourself and waste your time to spend it on your success.

Do not let your past and future enter your life.

We do not want to say that thinking about the past or the future upsets us, but it is better to avoid getting caught up in it. Staying in the past usually shows that some unresolved issues make you light and heavy. While being entirely focused on the future means that you are struggling with anxiety.

What makes me unhappy with life?

In addition, this study showed that people who are more focused on being happy are more connected to others, and there is a simple exercise that can help you in life:

  • Focus on listening: Try to pay attention to any sound, far, near, low, or high. Select remote sounds that are silent.
  • Look for scents – light inhaling scents that come and go.
  • Watch the clouds move: Try to pay as much attention to detail as you can.

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