Natural and harmless ways to kill beetles + video

Some beetle disinfectants or preventative measures available on the market contain dangerous chemicals, and many of you will use these substances to get rid of beetles. We will tell you several home remedies for killing beetles without the use of harmful chemicals in this section, “How to get rid of beetles quickly?” So you can choose the best method and follow it diligently.


Baking soda and sugar:

Baking soda and sugar are both natural beetle killers. Sugar is used to attract beetles, and baking soda is used to kill them. Baking soda destroys the digestive system of beetles. Sprinkle equal parts powdered sugar and baking soda near beetle-infested areas of the house.

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Apply liquid concentrate to kill beetles:

Using this method is also an excellent way to get rid of beetles quickly. If you use this liquid, it acts as a deterrent or venom for beetles and helps keep them out of your home for up to 2-3 weeks. You can also use this mixture to clean the floor and other areas by diluting it with water before applying it on the walls and potential places in the house entrance.


Ammonia solution to kill beetles:

Ammonia has a strong odor that repels and irritates beetles. To use this method, add two cups of ammonia powder to a container full of water and pour it into the bathroom toilet and kitchen sink. The smell of ammonia prevents the beetle from returning. Do this every two weeks to get rid of these annoying insects at home.

Bait white flour and boric acid to kill beetles:

This is a homemade bait that kills beetles, so try this method, mix equal amounts of white flour and boric acid and roll out the dough. Make small balls and place them in different house areas, where there are many beetles to get rid of them quickly.

The sugar and flour in the solution cause these insects to be absorbed, and the boric acid in the mixture kills them. Use this solution for at least 1 to 2 weeks to make sure all the beetles are gone.


Cornstarch and sugar:

Beetle prey helps kill beetles. The bait should also be kept in an area out of reach of children or used as a gel that contains a weak toxin that is easily absorbed by food for beetles. Pests eat the venom and carry it to their nest, where it kills beetles.

Strategically place prey in places where beetles encounter, such as dark corners, cabinets, and under cabinets. Make sure the bait is not accessible to children and pets.

You can mix this bait by mixing two ratios of sterile corn with one ratio of powdered sugar. This bait is not toxic to humans, but baking soda and cornstarch disrupt the beetle’s digestive system.

Use cocoa, flour, and boric acid powder to kill the beetles:

This recipe includes one ratio of boric acid, two ratios of flour, and one ratio of cocoa powder. However, this mixture is dangerous for children and pets. Pests eat these substances and take them to their nests to feed. Clean all parts of the house, all small and dark places, toilets, cabinets, corners, space of the home, etc. Like any other acid, Boric acid can irritate the lungs, so be careful when breathing and always wear gloves when using boric acid.

Use insecticide spray:

Prepare a beetle insecticide and constantly spray the areas where the beetles are hiding. These areas include walls, sculptures, and corners. Because pesticides are toxic, make sure children and pets stay away from them. When spraying, be careful not to spread in the opposite direction of the wind, as the insecticide may come into contact with the eyes and cause irritation.

Natural and harmless ways to kill beetles + video

To kill beetles, use pepper, garlic, and onion:

It is prepared from a tablespoon of garlic cloves, cayenne pepper powder, onion paste, and a liter of water. Beat the mixture where you see the beetles with a tablespoon of liquid soap. This solution causes the beetles to leave the house due to its smell.

soap solution:

To get rid of beetles, you can use your daily bath soap. Make a soap and water solution with enough soap and sprinkle it on the beetle. Soapy water blocks their airways, causing them to die immediately.

Kill beetles with Listerine:

To use this method, mix equal amounts of Listerine and water with 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid. Spray the solution on the areas where you see beetles regularly in a spray bottle.

Use cork and bleach:

With bleach and cork, you can get rid of any infection forever. Mix two cups of cork, one cup of bleach, and one cup of warm water.

Apply this solution to areas of your home that are infested with beetles. Could you please open the windows of your room since it smells awful, now clean the place after 30 minutes? It is one of the most effective ways to get rid of beetles.

Make your own beetle bait:

Beetle prey contains a chemical gel that the beetle absorbs slowly. This method will kill all the beetles within two weeks. If you usually find beetles under the dishwasher, floor, bathroom, or cabinets, place the prey there. The beetles eat the prey and carry it to themselves, which allows them to leave the house naturally and quickly.

To catch them, formaldehyde traps are used:

Beetles are easily killed this way. Set this trap by putting a little jelly oil inside the rim of a wide-mouthed bottle. In the bottle, place some peeled fruits, such as bananas, apples, or mangoes.

Leave the dish in your bathroom and kitchen all night without closing it so that the beetles can see it. Beetles are attracted to the smell of these fruits.

Crude oil causes the beetles to get stuck to the edges of the glass. The next day, vacuum the beetles and then dispose of them in the trash.

Natural and harmless ways to kill beetles + video

Spray insecticide on them:

Chemical sprays on the market contain solutions that are very effective at killing beetles. Spray the insecticide on cracks, vents, walls, and perforated areas. Beetles usually thrive in humid and warm climates. Keeping pets and children away from insecticides is essential when spraying. This is an excellent way to get rid of beetles.

Use a cucumber trap to get rid of them:

Place small pieces of cucumber in an aluminum pan and let it sit overnight. By reacting with the aluminum container, cucumber juice produces an odor that drives the beetles out of the house.



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