Learn how to wash blankets at home

how to wash heavy blankets at home

There are different types of blankets, and the materials used in the blanket affect how it is cleaned, for example. Cotton blankets are thrown into the washing machine, and some blankets are washed by hand and spread out in the sun to dry if you are also looking for how to wash blankets.

wash blankets

Types of blankets

When washing the blanket, you should first read the instructions for making the blanket and do not try any other method beforehand. These instructions will show you the best solution without using inappropriate products, but join us if you do not have access to these instructions.

Before washing the blanket by hand or in the washing machine, pay attention to the following points:


Read the instructions for building a blanket factory

When washing blankets, pay attention to the type and material of the blanket, some blankets can be washed in the washing machine, and some can only be washed by hand. Please put it in water and bring the veil to the dryer to dry correctly.

If the washing label is removed from the blanket, wash the blanket at a minimum temperature of 30 degrees. Do not use too much detergent. Wash the blanket with a minimum of washing powder as detergent powder may remain on the blanket and make you sensitive later.


Consider the weight of the blanket and the washing conditions.

You should know that your washing machine can withstand several kilograms of weight when washing. Some blankets are heavy and get heavy by soaking a few pounds. The minimum weight that a wet blanket may receive is 6 kg, so your clothes should weigh at least 6 kg, and the laundry space should be large enough to wash a large blanket because the lack of laundry space makes the blanket clean and not wrinkled.


Check that the blanket is not stained.

If this is the first time you have washed the blanket, make sure the color returns. To do this, slightly moisten the hidden corner of the blanket with a damp cotton ball, then rub the white cloth on it to stain it. Stainless blankets can be washed safely.


Before dusting the walnut blanket, remove the dust

The covering may be dusty, so shake the dust outdoors or use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust before washing the blanket because if dust accumulates in the mantle, passing it to You is difficult.


How to wash a blanket by hand without a washing machine?

Using a washing machine makes washing the blanket easier. However, there are cases where throwing a blanket into a washing machine can damage it. For such cases, it is better to use your hands.

Fill a plastic bucket with cool water and a little detergent to make sure the water and foam are well combined, then soak the blanket in the water and hold well.

When the blankets and cloth are clean enough, could you remove them and drain the excess water? Of course, you should not press it too hard in this part because of the shape of the blanket changes.

Then do steps 1 to 3 using plain water to remain on it so that no traces of soap and foam remain.

After emptying the blanket, place it between two dry towels to absorb excess water. This method speeds up the drying speed, and then you can hang it on the strap to dry completely.

wash blankets

How to wash blankets with a washing machine

Before washing the blanket in the washing machine, make sure you can pass the mantle in the washing machine, so read the guide label.

Pay attention to the size of your washing machine to have the power to wash the blanket.

Set the washing machine to a slow cycle and rinse with cold water.

Pour some weak, blanket-compatible detergents or enzyme-free detergents into the container.

Choose a short time to wash and turn on the washing machine and let the washing process take place.

Finally, after washing, unload the blanket at low speed and hang it in place.


Drying blankets

If you use a washing machine to dry the blanket, set the temperature to low and medium. High temperatures increase the risk of damage to the covering. If you are worried about the blanket’s texture, dry it with a regular dryer, and when adjusted for the dryer, it should be appropriate to the weight and material of the blanket. If the mantle is heavy, an entire round, and light, you can spend less time on it. Then spread the blanket on the strap in the open air to dry completely.


Drying by hand

To dry the blanket by hand, press it to remove excess water, then spread it evenly on the strap to dry in the open air.

When spreading the blanket, make sure that the veil is flat and does not wrinkle on the blanket so that it does not need to be ironed. Wrap the woolen blankets in a towel after the lack of water and then spread them twice on the strap so that they do not stretch when the veil is laid.


How to wash woolen blankets?

Woolen blankets are a fabric whose quality increases over time. Poor quality wool skin loses its softness over time, while inferior quality wool never flakes and always stays soft for a long time. However, using the following method will help you wash the woolen blanket and keep it quiet.

Place the blanket on a flat surface and brush its length in one direction. Brushing the blanket keeps the wool fibers in the blanket aligned in all orders and maintains structural strength.

Pour some of the washing machine powder you have always used into your washing machine. Wash the blanket with this powder, and then wash it with cold water with a gentle swirl. During the wash cycle, add some liquid softener and after washing, spread it on the strap and expose it to the open air to dry. This prevents the wool from tearing and flaking. To dry woolen blankets after washing, do not put the woolen blanket separately in the dryer, as it will lose the softness of the blanket. Avoid exposing the blanket to direct sunlight, as this will weaken the wool fibers of the blanket.

Learn how to wash blankets at home

How to wash cotton woolen blankets?

Before washing such blankets, you should make sure that these blankets are not cleaned only by washing because if you use the wrong method, the veil will be destroyed. Now, if you are sure of this, follow these steps:


Make sure the blanket is washable inside a standard machine; otherwise, do it by hand. If you want to wash it with the device, turn the machine gently with cold water and note that it must be rotated in the washing machine for one minute and then turn it off and hang it on the rope.


How to wash a woven blanket?

Washing a knitted blanket is like flying a knitted blanket, and you have to be careful not to stretch the fabric as the blanket will loosen. We recommend that you wash these blankets by hand and if you want to put them in the washing machine, put them in a cloth bag to protect the blankets.

The washing machine should be in a gentle position then smooth. Drying the blanket in the air is one of the best ways; although it takes a long time, it ensures that the blanket fabric is not damaged.


How to wash an electric blanket?

Washing electric blankets require more care. The wires in these fabrics are dangerous, and you should be very careful about this. We usually recommend coloring these blankets.

If your electric blanket is from a cheap brand, it is better not to wash it and get a new electric blanket. Thermal blankets may catch fire and electric shock if the wire is connected. Although some electric blankets are costly, they work great.


So if you have these expensive blankets and want to wash them, follow these steps:

Unplug it before washing, and if the cord does not come off the blanket, make sure it is not plugged in, and if the blanket has a detachable cable, be sure to unplug it and do so 5 to 10 minutes before Give.

You can use hot or cold water, but you should wash the blanket by hand without touching the wire if the wire is inseparable.

Washing the electric blanket with detachable wire should not be in the washing machine for more than one minute, hanging the blanket on the strap. You can also soak blankets that are completely wireless in cold water and a little detergent for 15 minutes.


How to wash a heavy blanket or quilt?

As you will read in the Wet House Secrets section, over-washing the quilt is not recommended as the protective cover on the quilt will be damaged, and you may have to leave it out altogether. Dyeing with a damp cloth and mild detergent will help keep the blanket clean, and it is best to do this every week.



It would help if you usually washed the blanket every two weeks. Although the blanket is one of the most widely used sleeping accessories, it requires less care and does not get dirty very quickly.

Do not dry the blanket completely. As a general rule, you should not dry the blanket completely.

Forget fabric softener. Excessive use of fabric softener can sometimes even damage the blanket. So be careful not to overuse it.

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