How do you impress your parents and get what you want?

It must have happened to you that sometimes you are very interested in a subject, but your mother gives you a negative answer, which is very upsetting and annoying. Still, sometimes you can help your mother through principled solutions. Convince him and get a positive answer from him.

How do we persuade our parents to respond positively to your request?

How do you impress your parents and get what you want?

These tips effectively persuade parents to respond positively to your request and both, but we send the text to the requesting mother because the children have more contact with the mother.

Please show your appreciation for him, then ask him.

“If you ask me something and make a fuss and try to say you deserve it, you will not get an answer,” psychologists say. It is better to feel good about your mother and tell her how much you appreciate her efforts and love in the past and then make your request. The magic of gratitude creates a good feeling in the other person that he can not resist your request.

Explain your reasons

Try to write down the reasons for doing so, and the main thing written on paper is the main point. Then think more than ever and bring good examples on paper, and you can also design a scenario for it. Try to do this with the utmost calm.

Choose the right time.

Try to choose the right time to submit your request. Do not ask your mother if she is stressed, tired or angry. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life. For example, do things like housework.

You can then make your request. For example, if you think your mother loves animals, you can make this request while watching the animals because you are more relaxed in that state.

Shrink the subject

When asking your mother, try to make small requests. For example, if you want to buy a pet bird and your mother disagrees, you can reduce the size of the bird and start small.

How do you impress your parents and get what you want?

Boost her confidence

Believe it or not, your mother will be very sensitive to what others say. She also emphasizes her skills and when you are in a group, try to have a conversation with your mother that boosts your self-confidence.

Deal with your mother

Try to promise your mother in return for your request because promising your mother will help you reach your destination sooner. For example, promise to do your homework in response to this request and guarantee that you will keep your promise. This will make your mother trust you more than ever and will not be able to resist your request.

Gain credit

Patience will be the key to your success when you have many demands from your mother. For example, when you want to buy a tablet or a car, you have to prove to him that you have enough patience. For example, you can do this with small responsibilities, or even a little more than you promised.

How do you impress your parents and get what you want?

Be responsible

Your mother’s main goal is to train young people to be responsible. You can also show it to him by doing the right thing and not beg too much when you want something.

Instead, try to live up to your promises and commitments. This is what makes your mother respond positively, and be careful what they say about your actions.

Do not force your mother.

When asking your mother, do not try to force her to answer. Instead, give her a chance to think, respond to you, and treat her like a child, as this will make your mother see you as a rude adult.

Turn a negative answer into a positive answer.

If the answer is no, you need to know how to get a yes from him, or if you get a vague answer, try to ask him to explain what responsibilities you have to show to get a yes and how to show him that he is old enough. Note that you should not make noise in these cases and do not complain, do all this in complete peace.

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