Wednesday , January 19 2022


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How can I raise my son like a strong and real man?

The moment you look into the eyes of your newborn son, you know that every idea of ​​your child’s future depends on what you do from that moment on. Most likely, you are constantly thinking about whether you can help him become a compassionate, confident, and responsible man? Help her …

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Worrying and dangerous changes in the eyes

Some of the symptoms in the eye indicate mild and treatable problems, such as allergies, dry eye syndrome, and others that are more serious. For example, glaucoma is a problem that causes damage. Ophthalmologists usually recommend that you have an eye test every year after age 40, or if you …

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The best way to motivate bored people

You must have experienced it too! Boredom and unhappiness! Emotions that we create throughout our lives are based on the circumstances that come our way. These feelings are fleeting in the lives of many people. Even the most motivated and ambitious people sometimes have trouble achieving their goals and get …

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The best fruits and vegetables for fatty liver

Fatty liver is a problem that the number of people suffering from it is increasing alarmingly these days and the age of those who suffer from this disease. Experience this problem in your life and nutrition. Fatty liver disease does not have a complete and cross-sectional treatment. Still, by consuming …

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Eye sensitivity to light, causes, and treatment methods

Eye sensitivity to light occurs when the eye can not tolerate bright light. Another name for this problem is photophobia. In this article, we have talked about the causes and methods of treating eye sensitivity to light. Eye sensitivity to light has different intensities and varies from slight sensitivity to …

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