11 Misconceptions About Laser Hair Removal

Unscientific ideas and their reality about laser hair removal

Do you want a painless and permanent solution to get rid of excess hair? Laser hair removal may be the best method for you, but hair removal is not used due to some misconceptions. However, laser hair removal is another way to get rid of hair. For those who are tired of daily shaving, laser hair removal can be done. Be an ideal solution.

This has been the case for many years, with many clients in clinics and specialized centers to eliminate excess hair, but there are still many misconceptions and be completely unscientific. This article will look at some of the most common and scary unscientific ideas about laser hair removal and correction.

Laser hair removal

  1. It causes cancer

Lasers are used to treat a variety of cancers or skin lesions. And the radiation used in laser hair removal is very small.


  1. It can cause infertility.

Fact: According to the Environmental Protection Agency, intense radiation causes fertility problems, but laser hair radiation is negligible. It is not strong enough to damage your internal organs or cause infertility.


  1. It damages your internal organs.

People believe that laser hair removal can damage your internal organs. Laser hair removal is not strong enough to penetrate the body and damage internal organs. The laser used to remove hair can only reach 4 mm under your skin. People who claim that laser hair removal causes kidney and liver failure are not right.


It causes hair regrowth.

This myth is probably due to the belief that shaving causes thickening of the hair, which is not the case according to American scientists. Laser hair removal does not cause hair regrowth. The laser destroys hair follicles.


  1. The cost of the laser is very expensive for me.

While laser hair removal is very cheap, and the cost of lasers varies due to various factors.


  1. Laser hair removal does not affect dark skin.

Fact: According to Lewis Silberman of the National Laser Institute, the FDA approved the first laser to target melanin in hair follicles in 1998. It can only target hair follicles in people with light skin. The myth that lasers do not work on dark skin has spread around the world. And now, any skin color can use laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal

  1. Laser hair removal is not permanent.

Because laser hair removal damages hair follicles, many people believe that this removal is not permanent. About 70 to 80% of hair follicles are destroyed, damaged secretory sacs cause hair regrowth depending on the extent of hair damage. Secretory sacs may be completely removed with laser hair removal. Still, not all secretory sacs can be removed. Due to these factors, it is best to repeat the treatment every six months.


  1. Laser hair removal answers once:

On average, this procedure takes between 5 and 7 sessions. It should be noted that the number of times you use the laser depends on your body.


  1. Anyone can do:

There is a strange perception among people that anyone can do laser hair removal. However, this is not true. The New York Times reports that when the wrong laser hair removal is done, it can cause skin burns and damage to the skin. It should be noted that only a medical professional is allowed to perform this procedure. This requires medical education and knowledge. When the laser is placed in the hands of an authorized medical professional, the treatment is safe and effective.


  1. Laser hair removal only works on the face:

The myth that lasers only work on facial hair is probably because they only work on small areas. The only reason laser does not work in larger sizes is because of rising prices. Laser hair removal can be used to treat most areas of the body, including the back, chest, shoulders, and face. The only site you should avoid is hair around the eyes.


  1. I have guaranteed the results of laser hair removal:

Most laser hair removal ads include a “guaranteed result” and a hairless body. The ad also tells customers that everyone gets the same result, which is impossible. For a laser to be effective, there must be enough hair follicles. This means that the best laser candidates, like the previous legend, are people with coarse hair. That being said, you can still get good results with lighter hair; keep in mind that the results are not the same as someone with darker hair.


  1. Laser hair removal is painful:

While it is true that pain tolerance varies from person to person, it is rarely unbearable. New York-based dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross likens the procedure to a feeling of tightness. It is common to use local anesthetics, ice, or other cooling products before hair removal if the patient tolerates the pain.



There are many rumors about laser hair removal, and these rumors can be very scary or contradictory. However, most of what you hear about laser hair removal is wrong to ensure a safe and effective method. Always consult a legal professional. If done right, laser hair removal is a safe way to get rid of excess hair.

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