Tips to follow before laser hair removal

The best way to get rid of excess hair is to use a laser. Laser hair removal is a relatively permanent method of hair removal in women and even men used to beautify the skin. With the use of lasers, the roots of excess hair are gradually removed. If you are planning to do this popular method of removing excess hair, you should pay attention to some points before doing it.

 laser hair removal

Consult your doctor

A specialist’s opinion should always be a priority because people who have had laser hair removal each have different experiences with the results. People have extra skin and hair, and the effect of laser treatment is not the same for all skin and hair types. So only a doctor can determine if using a laser is right for you.

When you see your doctor, describe your medical history thoroughly, especially if you have any skin conditions or allergies and the methods you have used to remove excess hair. It is very important to explain these important points before laser hair removal. Ask your doctor about the potential benefits and risks of the laser. Also, tell her your expectations of the laser so she can guide you.

In general, some people expect a miracle after a laser hair removal session. At the same time, in a natural and logical state, it should be said that some cases require a treatment process, and the sessions should be completed.


Determine the correct time for laser sessions

During the treatment, the process of removing excess hair is almost fast and painless. Treatment time depends on the area’s size, the thickness of the hair, and skin type. The laser specialist explains the time required for the treatment period. But normally, on average, set aside an hour or more for each treatment session and take time to relax after the session.


Clean the skin before the laser

Before the laser treatment session, wash your skin with a gentle cleanser to remove all cosmetics, dirt, and grease from the skin. Do not moisturize the skin after washing.


Hair removal before laser hair removal is prohibited.

One important point before laser hair removal is that from six weeks before starting laser treatment sessions, you should not use wax to remove excess hair because it affects the way the laser works. In other words, the laser is responsible for the destruction of hair follicles, so the presence of these follicles during laser hair removal is important to achieve the expected result. Waxing destroys the strands, and during these six weeks, you only need to use a razor and razor to remove excess hair.


The right time to shave before the laser

Pre-laser specialists will tell you exactly when to trim your hair. Some clinics recommend that you cut your hair a day or two before your laser treatment session.


The skin should not have any inflammation.

If you want to do laser hair removal, you should go to the best laser hair removal centers or skin and hair clinics and get enough information about the price and cost of treatment. In addition, after using anything that causes inflammation and redness of the skin, such as perfume, sprays, waxes, and other items, your skin should not have any inflammation. Rinse the skin thoroughly before removing the laser to remove the material, then dry it thoroughly.


Make sure the laser hair removal is right for you

Laser hair removal works by targeting and removing melanin (the pigment that causes hair coloring) in hair follicles, which leads to hair loss on the skin. For this reason, coarse and dark hair is better removed with this method. In other words, laser hair removal for gray, red, or blonde hair may not be effective and may not have the desired result.

Laser hair removal is not effective if women have polycystic ovary disease or other hormonal problems.

Tell your doctor before the laser if you are taking new or special medications or are taking antibiotics during treatment, as some medicines can cause photosensitivity to the laser, which can eventually lead to laser hair loss.

Tips to follow before laser hair removal

Avoid diluents such as aspirin.

It is forbidden to take any blood thinner such as aspirin or warfarin before the laser. Of course, you should not use herbal medicines that have this property. Also, do not take anti-inflammatory pills. Talk to your doctor about these in detail. If diagnosed and approved by a doctor, you can go to laser surgery centers.


Avoid caffeine 24 hours before laser treatment.

It is important to stay calm before and during laser hair removal, but caffeine can make you anxious and stressed. Before laser hair removal, one of the steps is to avoid excessive caffeinated beverages such as coffee.


Avoid tanning or sunbathing before the laser.

One of the things to consider before laser treatment is to avoid getting a tan or sunburn, which is related to how the laser works. It destroys the follicles; however, the resulting darkness will not properly detect the laser on the skin and hair if the skin is tanned. Therefore, the desired result is not achieved.

Another side effect of laser after tanning is skin burning. Because blur causes the laser to target the skin mistakenly, it is better to avoid tanning four weeks before the laser.


20 minutes to an hour for each session

Depending on the laser treatment area, the time of the sessions varies; for example, parts of the body such as the armpits and face take less time to perform the laser, and features such as the legs, whole body, male lasers, and the like take longer.

One of the important points that you should never forget is that hair follicles are constantly growing, and the best time interval between two laser sessions should be approximately 4 to 6 weeks. During this time, new hair growth is allowed, and dead hair is also allowed. They disappear.


Laser whole body in one session is not possible.

The whole body of the laser in one session can be considered a big lie because, as mentioned, the body can withstand a limited number of laser beams in each session, so in each session, the laser can be done only in a few parts of the body. Of course, this does not mean that the whole body can be lasered in one session under no circumstances. In the field of laser hair removal in one session, remove excess hair from the entire body. So keep in mind that only these types of devices can do the job in one session, and if another device is going to do the laser for you in one session, avoid doing so immediately.


Laser treatment is not a pleasant treatment for excess hair

For some people, laser skin rejuvenation is a little annoying and can be made easier with topical creams. The results of the work after the treatment sessions are worth enduring these pains.


Different skin and hair respond differently to lasers

Dark hair gets better results as a result of laser treatment and is affected sooner. Laser is better for thick hair than blonde, gray, brown, blonde, and red hair, which is why dark skin has harder skin than light skin. Of course, people with blond hair or dark skin should not be disappointed with the laser effect.


Lasers around the eyes are prohibited.

Despite all the advantages, lasers have their risks, the most important of which is eye damage. In any clinic or office where you go for your laser hair removal, be sure to use special glasses provided by a specialist, and if you forget that person, be sure to remind him of this important issue.


View results after three months

Some people quickly become frustrated and stop treatment. In the first laser sessions, tangible results are not visible, but after about 3 months, they notice changes and progress. So give 3 months to get rid of excess hair forever.


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