properties of cardamom for health and beauty

Green cardamom is a plant belonging to Southeast Asia and has a unique property in traditional medicine and can cure many diseases and is one of the oldest spices in the world and was used in ancient Egypt due to its medicinal properties.

properties of cardamom for health and beauty

What are the health benefits of cardamom?

Cardamom helps improve gastrointestinal health and prevents some severe diseases such as cancer and diabetes, and depression.

Benefits and properties of push:

Improve digestive health

In addition to its taste, cardamom can be used in cooking to increase digestion and stimulate metabolism and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Stimulates the secretion of bile acids in the stomach, which helps digest food and prevents gastrointestinal diseases such as acid reflux, heartburn, diarrhea, etc.

Cancer prevention

This spice can prevent, delay, and even reverse cancer and reduce inflammation in the kidneys, preventing cancer cells’ growth and killing them.

Strengthen heart health

Its antioxidant properties can enhance heart health. This spice contains fiber, a nutrient that can help lower cholesterol levels, improve heart health, and lower blood pressure, which is good for the heart.

 Diuretic properties

This spice has diuretic properties that are useful for blood pressure and epilepsy, which also help detoxify.

Fighting depression

According to a health report, this spice can help people deal with depression. Just powder a few of them and boil them in water, and drink this tea every day.

Fighting Asthma

Cardamom plays a vital role in combating asthma symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. This spice facilitates respiration by increasing blood circulation in the lungs and eliminates the mucous membranes’ inflammation and inflammation. Green cardamom can be used to treat asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems.

properties of cardamom for health and beauty

Treatment of diabetes

This spice is rich in manganese, a mineral that can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Improve oral health

This spice has antimicrobial properties that increase oral health and help prevent tooth decay and treat bad breath.

Increased appetite

Its use has been emphasized in treating anorexia, and cardamom oil can even be used as an appetite stimulant. It can also help treat histoplasmosis, a condition in which anorexia is one of the symptoms.

Lower blood pressure

This spice effectively lowers blood pressure. You can add cardamom to soups, stews, and even cooked foods to control high blood pressure.

Strengthen health

 This spice is rich in Cineol, and only a small spoonful of its powder can release nerve stimuli and arouse your emotions.

 Treatment of hiccups

Cardamom has muscle relaxant properties, and this can help reduce hiccups. Add a teaspoon of the powder to warm water and leave for about 15 minutes. Then strain it and drink.

 Treatment of sore throat

A mixture of cardamom, cinnamon, and black pepper can be great for treating sore throats. This spice softens the throat, cinnamon has antibacterial properties, and black pepper increases the other two elements’ shelf life. You can use 1 gram of cardamom powder and cinnamon, 125 mg of black pepper, with a teaspoon of honey. Mix all ingredients and drink three times a day and is also known to reduce nausea and prevent vomiting.

Prevent blood clots

Cardamom contains various components that reduce blood clotting.

properties of cardamom for health and beauty

What are the skin benefits of cardamom?

Cardamom skin benefits include its antibacterial and antioxidant properties; this spice reduces skin allergies and improves the skin and can also be used as a tool to cleanse the skin.

Improves skin tone

Cardamom oil helps to remove skin blemishes. You can mix its powder with honey and apply it to your face as a mask.

Improves blood circulation and skin freshness

This spice contains vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant and increases blood circulation in the body.

Treatment of skin allergies

Cardamom, especially black cardamom, has antibacterial properties.

Use a cardamom and honey mask (a combination of tin powder and honey) and apply it to the affected area to heal.

Good smell

This spice is often used in cosmetics for perfume. Cardamom oil is used in perfumes, soaps, body detergents, powders, and other cosmetics because of its taste.

Therapeutic benefits of cardamom for the skin:

It is used in skincare products due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Cosmetics, along with cardamom, are known as aromatherapy products.

Lip care

Cardamom oil is often added to lip-related cosmetics (such as lipstick) to repair and smooth lips. You can easily rub your skin with cardamom oil and wash it in the morning to lighten the skin.

skin Cleaning

Black cardamom helps to remove toxins from the skin. Otherwise, it may damage your skin. Chewing helps detoxify the body and lighten the skin.

What are the properties and benefits of cardamom for hair?

Cardamom can help improve hair growth and treat scalp problems.

 Nourish the scalp

This spice’s antioxidant properties, especially its black type, nourish the scalp and improve your health. This spice also nourishes hair follicles and increases hair strength. You can wash your hair with cardamom water (mix the powder of this spice with water and use it before washing with hair).

 Hair and scalp health

 Improving the health of the scalp means having more robust and better hair. This spice strengthens the hair roots and makes the hair shine.

properties of cardamom for health and beauty

The correct way to store and maintain pressure:

Proper maintenance of cardamom is essential to preserve its flavor and useful shelf life. The best way to preserve it is to keep it in a pod because it quickly loses its flavor if you peel it.

Storing this spice in a dry and cool place makes it last up to a year.

 Dried cardamom should be stored in closed containers away from direct sunlight.

To store large amounts of cardamom for a long time, you should keep the seeds in polyethylene cloth bags in wooden boxes. Make sure it is scorched before placing it in the bag.

Any moisture inside the bag will cause them to rot.

Also, they should be checked regularly for moisture and spoilage. The warehouse should be dark, dry, clean, and free of pests.

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