Why is tea good for your hair?

Black tea has been considered one of the most popular drinks for centuries, its taste is delicious and very distinct, it contains many compounds, vitamins (E, C, B, A.K) and food minerals such as calcium, copper, manganese, selenium, potassium, quartene, etc. First discovered by the Chinese, tea has been cultivated in Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and China for over four hundred thousand years.

Hair benefits of tea

When washed off with tea while bathing, it gives the desired luster and shine to the hair, increases its freshness and vitality, and protects it from damage and discoloration. 

A tablespoon of salt mixed with a cup of tea is applied to the hair, the scalp is massaged well, combed, and washed with warm water after an hour and a half. One method is to boil two cups of water, add a large teaspoon of black pepper, a large spoon of rosemary, and a large spoon of sage, and let it sit for twelve hours before using it after cleaning your hair. By applying water and shampoo, white hairs will disappear naturally.

Because it strengthens the hair itself and prevents it from breaking and getting damaged, it prevents hair loss.

On the scalp, it reduces dandruff and prevents bacteria, germs, and harmful organisms from growing.

Because of the presence of effective elements that protect the hair and scalp from unpleasant odors, it prevents and limits hair odors.

The health benefits of black tea

Black tea removes foot odors by adding a cup of tea to a liter of hot water and soaking the feet in it. Tea contains a substance called tannin, which is effective and powerful in eliminating odors.

Red pimples are caused by removing excess body hair with a blade, sugar, or waxy substances, and by applying a tea compress to the irritated areas, it prevents irritation and skin sensitivity, and therefore helps to remove and remove them.

By compressing warm tea bags on pimples for fifteen minutes four times a day, it removes pimples and pimples from the face, then washing the face and rinsing it with cold water.

When you fill a spray can with a cup of black tea and a tablespoon of lemon juice, it narrows the pores, and you spray it on the skin until the pores are closed and narrowed.

Puffiness, dark circles, and darkness around the eyes are reduced.

Skin is moisturized, severe dehydration is prevented, chapped lips are treated and moisturized.


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