Why don’t most men get a wedding ring?

Some men do not use their wedding rings for some reason. This upsets women and creates doubts in their hearts of women.

Why do men forget the wedding ring?

At the wedding ceremony, the girl and the boy present the wedding ring as a sign and symbol of the covenant, and after reciting the wedding sermon, which is a sign of adherence to the covenant and as long as they adhere to it until the end of life and as an essential souvenir.

Holding a ring today is a sign of love, marriage, and commitment of couples to each other, so keeping a ring is very important for both women and men, so that if men forget to hold their ring, it will upset their wives. In this section, we have given the reasons for failing the wedding ring by men.

Because of the type of job

Some men have jobs such as car mechanic, construction worker, military pilot, etc., and because of their job, they can’t get married, and they cannot do their job well if they have jewelry and ornaments.

They do not like jewelry

Some men do not like to use rings, necklaces, and jewelry in general and do not feel comfortable holding the ring.

They are sensitive

Some men cannot get a ring because of rheumatoid arthritis because the finger joints are swollen, and they can hardly remove the ring. Because of their sensitivity to the ring ingredients, some men cannot hold the ring and feel uncomfortable having it.

For fear of getting lost

Many men refuse to drop the ring because of the high price because they are always afraid that their expensive ring will be lost due to forgetfulness, so they prefer not to take it.

A suggestion:For those afraid of losing their ring, make a silver copy of your ring from the beginning and hold it in your hand, and do not hold your ring in your hand.

Because of their fame

Some celebrities, such as actors, politicians, singers, etc., do not want to be married because they do not want people to be informed about their life events. They do not like their spouses and themselves to be judged because of the reflection marriage. That is why they show themselves as single.

It is against their beliefs

Followers of some Christian denominations consider having a marriage ring a sin. Islam also advises men not to wear gold rings, and it is abominable to have gold.

Suggestion: Your ring should be made of platinum. Platinum is a different metal that does not have any of the harmful rays of gold and is not contraindicated for men. You can safely use jewelry such as platinum or silver, which is even helpful for the body.

In Islam, it is not permissible for men to adorn gold in any color (even white gold), and it is void to pray with it, but there is nothing wrong with platinum, another metal.

Because of betrayal

Some men do not circle because they do not want everyone to know about their marriage and the other party to see that he is married. But not having a ring is not the betrayal of all men.

Interesting facts about the wedding ring:

In the past, the wedding ring was in the form of a bracelet (collar) that married women wore on their hands or feet to show that they were married and committed. Over time, the bracelet gave way to a ring on the finger.

The first people to get the ring

The Egyptians were the first to use the ring. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, the circle symbolizes eternity, meaning that the wedding ring on the finger of a couple represents a lasting and eternal marriage.

In 900 AD, after the Egyptians, Christians began to shake hands and use rings in their weddings.

The beginning of the ringing of men after World War II

Until the middle of the twentieth century, most women circled because women were believed to be part of their husbands’ property. Still, after World War II, many men began to use it because of their long separation from their wives. They made the ring as a sign of their marriage to always remember their wives.

The reason is that the wedding ring is circular

The wedding ring is a circle because the circle is a symbol of perfection and unity. Marriage is the evolution of human life, so that a man without a wife or a woman without a husband is immature and unfinished people.

The reason for the marriage ring falling on the fourth finger

The reason for dropping the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is that the ancient Greeks believed a particular vein passes through this finger and enters directly into the heart. The ring finger of the left hand is directly related to the ring.

Some also believe that this finger indicates emotions and creativity in the person.

Gentlemen! For this reason, do not forget to wear a wedding ring

According to a social psychologist, men who do not wear a wedding ring fail their children more than ever and are the most forgetful parents for their children.

So if you always forget to hold the ring, drop it this time for the sake of your children, because the ring, in addition to being a symbol of marriage and a sign of a lasting relationship, reminds you of your children holding it.

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