Which foods have the most sugar?

These foods are high in sugar

It is hard to imagine how much harmful sugar is consumed by the body daily, but research shows that sugar is one of the most dangerous substances you can destroy. This can lead to various negative symptoms, including type 2 diabetes, cancer, tooth decay, osteoporosis, and general weakness. So reducing consumption is one of the best things you can do to improve your health in the long run.

Barbecue sauce

Barbecue sauce

While this condiment tastes good in terms of meat, it does contain a lot of sugar which will probably surprise you. Just one tablespoon of this seasoning includes at least 6 grams of sugar and a container equal to 20 grams or more.


Flavored yogurt

Although yogurt is a healthy food, it can contain as much sugar as a candy cane, as companies often use more sugar to flavor them and make up for lost flavor in low-fat varieties. Yogurts contain 19 to 33 grams of sugar.


Pasta sauce

Processed tomato products contain sugar, but some people think that spaghetti sauce is a sweetener. In contrast, some of this sugar comes naturally from tomatoes and is used as a preservative and flavoring agent. Half a cup of sauce can contain 12 grams of sugar or more, and when combined with starchy pasta, it quickly breaks down into simple sugars, multiplying the damage.

Non-alcoholic beverage

Drinks are high in sugar; an 8-ounce can of Coca-Cola contains 29 grams of sugar and an average of 44 grams of sugar.



Oatmeal is excellent healthy food, but ready-made packages usually contain 15 grams of sugar per serving.


breakfast cereal

Almost all grains raise sugar levels. For example, each cup of raisin bran contains 18 grams of sugar (about 9 grams is obtained from raisins), which means that you can easily consume a lot of sugar within an hour of waking up.


salad dressing

The easiest way to damage the contents of the salad is to flavor the sweet sauces. Two tablespoons of fresh water and fruit can add 5 to 7 grams of sugar to a salad. Use homemade vinegar to prevent it from sweetening, and add some fresh fruit instead.


Dried fruits

Dried fruits can raise blood sugar as quickly as they look healthy. However, most dried fruits are second-hand sugar, and if you are looking for sugar-free dried fruits, you are not very sure because the drying process concentrates the sugars in each piece, meaning that half a cup of dried apples can have as much as two Up to three fresh apples of sugar.


cabbage salad

Cabbage salad looks healthy, but a standard serving can have at least 15 grams of sugar, and this is usually due to the sweet seasoning in which the cabbage is soaked. However, its construction allows you to control the sugar content.



It is better to brew tea yourself and use lemon juice instead of harmful sweeteners.



People usually use ketchup sauce to taste fried potatoes, sandwiches, but you should know that this sauce contains some sugar and its frequent use is harmful to health.



The term smoothie can refer to a mixture of wheat to frozen yogurt, so it is almost impossible to say how much sugar it contains, so avoid drinking it to avoid high sugar.



Not surprisingly, white bread is full of sugar, but the amount found in most “healthy” bread may surprise you. Many wheat breads are just caramel brown, and only one sandwich can contain 3 to 5 grams of sugar.


Canned beans

Most canned foods are bad for your health, but cooked beans are especially famous for their sugar content, which can be as high as 30 grams per can.


Fruit cookies

Oatmeal muffins and apple oatmeal, contrary to their names, are not healthy. Over the past few decades, the size of many cookies has grown, and their sugar content has increased somewhat.


Canned soup

Canned soup is high in sodium and high in sugar. Like salt, sugar acts as a preservative in soups and can often contain 15 grams or more sugar.


Natural juice

Most people know that it is better to avoid drinking high fructose corn syrup, but even natural sugars can negatively affect the body. For example, eating a piece of fresh fruit provides fiber to the body, but drinking fruit juice only raises sugar.


canned fruit

This fruit is naturally sweet, and most juices and compotes are high in sugar, which acts as a preservative. One cup of canned fruit contains 30 grams or more of sugar.


peanut butter

Peanut butter sandwiches are one of the foods used by children, but many types of butter contain more than 3 grams of sugar per serving, and it is better to buy the natural kind.


potato chips

Salty foods do not seem to contain sugar, but a packet of potato chips can have about 3 to 5 percent sugar. This is especially true for sweet or corn-flavored chips. Chips also contain many carbohydrates that the body converts into sugar, so nutritionists recommend avoiding these foods to prevent any disease.

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