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36 housekeeping and cooking tricks for women


  Cleaning furniture with olive oil: In addition to many health benefits, olive oil can also be beneficial for the home. Pour a few drops on the cloth and use it to clean your wooden utensils.   Wash the cast iron dish properly: The best way to wash cast iron …

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26 The “use of salt” that surprises you

How much do you know about the “use of salt” in housekeeping and other issues? Little did you know that salt can lighten dishes and kitchen utensils and cure acne. This mineral is one of the most essential and unavoidable elements of our lives. Even if you want to use …

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The best quick and easy toilet cleaning methods

Cleaning the toilet with chemical solutions may cause respiratory problems, so it is better to make cleaners at home. Cleaning the toilet with safe and secure methods: Cleaning toilets is often delayed, but keeping toilets clean is essential. Dirty toilets have a terrible appearance, an unpleasant odor, and lead to …

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How to get bed bugs out of the house?

Do not worry if you see bed bugs, bedding, and seams on your sofa bed at home. You can eliminate these insects using natural methods. Complete removal of bed bugs from home by natural methods Have you ever noticed red spots on sheets? These are small bloodstains. Unfortunately, insects called …

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11 ways to clean and electrify the stove

Even if you only cook your meals a few times a week, your stove will get dirty, a pot full of oil can create a complicated mess to clean. Gas cleaning is usually complicated. But there is no need for harsh chemicals that can damage surfaces and make you sick. …

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