Meet the best female writers in the world

Seeing the world through women’s eyes is beautiful and essential. Many of our needs and blind spots are lost when we pick up a book written by a woman with a girlish, feminine, and motherly experience. Without the pen, the book world would be negligible. Today’s article is dedicated to the best female writers globally, and we have introduced the top 10 female writers.

  1. Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is a Canadian writer, poet, and literary critic. His poems paved the way for him to enter the world of writing and literature at a young age. He also works in children’s in addition to adult poetry and novels. His works have an authentic atmosphere and focus more on social issues. In Atwood’s works, women play a leading role, and she has been very successful in portraying the female world.

Most important works: The story of Nadia, the blind killer

Most Important Prizes and Honors: My Booker Literary Award 2000


  1. Alice Monroe

Alice Monroe is a Canadian author best known for her short stories. Monroe chooses the themes of her stories from the simple, everyday adventures of the people. He makes the most of Canadian space and culture, so most of his stories are told in Canadian cities.


Most important works: John John, happiness is on the way, my mother’s wish

Highlights: 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature, Man Booker Prize in Literature 2009


  1. Tony Morrison

Among the best female writers in history, Tony Morrison is the first black woman to win the Nobel Prize. He is more of a racist fighter than a writer. Writing a novel is a way for him to fight racism and raise awareness. His writings are based on the social and political realities of his community.

Most important works: Beloved, the bluest eye, Suleiman’s anthem

Highlights and Prizes: Pulitzer Prize for Literature 1988, Nobel Prize in Literature 1993


  1. JK Rowling

Even if you have not heard of JK Rowling, you have heard of his famous and best-selling Harry Potter work. Rowling, the intriguing Harry Potter work creator, was born in 1965 in Yate, England. His most profound work is writing this Harry Potter book. He spent three years writing it and finally published his best-selling teen storybook in 1997, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Harry Potter’s fame later multiplied with the making of this film.


Top Picks: A seven-volume collection of Harry Potter, Harry Potter, and the Cursed Child

Highlights: Hans Christian Andersen Prize, Costa Buck Literary Prize, British Literary Prize of the Year, Hugo Novel Prize


  1. Nelle Harper Lee

Nelle Harper Lee is one of the most famous and influential American writers. He owes his fame and popularity to the book Killing a Mockingbird. Violence and Racism in the United States in the 1960s is the main subject. Harper’s father was a lawyer. He studied law at the University of Alabama, so it can be said that the main characters in the story of the murder of the mockingbird, Scott, and his lawyer’s father, were inspired by his personal life. Many people consider killing a mock chicken to be one of the books to read before death.

The most important effects: killing a mockingbird

Most Important Prizes and Honors: Pulitzer Prize for Literature 1964


  1. Jompa Lahiri

Jompa Lahiri is a London-born, Indian-American writer. He is miles away from home, but because of his parents’ efforts to preserve his family’s traditional customs, he has a deep connection to Indian culture. Most of Japan’s stories come from the heart of Indian society. He is a good storyteller; this can be understood from his fascinating and straightforward stories.

Most important works: translator of pains, eponymous, strange soil, where am I?

Highlights: Pulitzer Prize 2000 for Literature, Frank O’Connor Short Story Award



  1. Maya Angelo

Maya Angelo, poet, writer, actress, singer, and civic activist, was born in 1928 in St. Louis, USA. Maya’s childhood and adolescence were associated with poverty, parental separation, and rape. In the first decades of his life, he went through bitter experiences, and this painful path later led to his personal growth and the source of inspiration for his writings and art. He is best known for his autobiography, published in 1969.


Most important works: I know why the bird cries in the cage, give me a sip of cold water, I’m dying, gather yourself in my name, a letter to my daughter

Highlights: Spingarn Medal, Tony Award, Grammy Award, 1970 Pulitzer Prize for Literature


  1. Doris Lessing

Doris had specific thoughts and desires at different stages of her life that she expressed by writing in each of these periods. Hence, his works have been in a communist and anti-communist period. He has tended to psychological issues in one period and another to mystical matters. However, his writings’ straightforward style and ability to tell stories have always been attractive.


Highlights: Golden Note, Good Terrorist, Sweet Dreams

Most important awards and honors: Nobel Prize in Literature 2007, Stories Prize


  1. Alice Walker

Alice Walker is a black American author and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Literature for her novel The Purple. In this work, Walker narrates the life of a black woman named Selk who has been raped. Walker tries to portray the lives of black women who have been raped and racist. Steven Spielberg made a film of the same title in 1985 based on this book.


Most important works: purple color

Highlights: The Pulitzer Prize for Literature in 1983


  1. Agatha Christie

If you’re not familiar with Agatha Christie, you’ve probably heard of Marple and Poirot. Agatha Christie is the creator of these two unique detective story series. Born one of the best female writers in history, she was born in 1890 in Danshire, England.


In addition to crime and mystery, Agatha Christie wrote love stories under Mary West Macat. However, most of his fame is due to his crime stories. His stories have always been among the best-selling crime books in the world. The famous series is also based on his stories.

Top Picks: Style Mystery, Eastern Highway Murder, Priest Murder, Caribbean Riddle

Top Awards: American Mystery Master Award, Edgar Award

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