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Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Marital relationships from the first trimester of pregnancy to the ninth month of pregnancy should be followed according to certain principles. Usually, couples during pregnancy experience changes in their interpersonal relationships related to marital relationships.

Most women who have a normal pregnancy may continue to have sex until the bladder ruptures or goes to the operating room. There are some situations in which you may need to change your activities.

Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

Marital relations during pregnancy, allowed or forbidden.

Marital relationships of couples in pregnancy are influenced by factors such as the method of marital relationships before pregnancy and the concept of marital relationships in the eyes of teams, physical and mental health status and complications of pregnancy, beliefs and cultural characteristics of couples, how they face material changes in women. Pregnancy and the fear of harming the fetus are imminent.


Limitations of couples in pregnancy include:

  • Have a history of miscarriage or premature birth
  • Bleeding or rupture of the amniotic sac or a history of spontaneous uterine contractions
  • Number of multiple deliveries and cervical insufficiency
  • Four to six weeks delay in pregnancy
  • Having a history of gestational hypertension
  • Sexual contact during pregnancy


Does marital intercourse during pregnancy harm the baby?

No, when a pregnant woman and her partner make love, the child is not harmed. The uterus’s amniotic sac and strong muscles protect the baby, and the thick fluids that seal the cervix help protect the cervix from infection. During intercourse, the penis is not beyond the vagina, so it does not reach the baby.


Can sex during pregnancy be painful?

No, if you have a normal, low-risk pregnancy, arousal and orgasm can not cause pain or miscarriage. While orgasm may cause mild uterine contractions, the contractions are generally temporary and harmless.

Many women report that the marital relationship is different during pregnancy; it is more pleasurable than in certain cases. Others may be less pleasurable due to part of the stress of pregnancy or their partner.

Increased blood flow to the pelvis may cause libido. High sensitivity may increase your pleasure during sex. You may have vaginal discharge with more moisture which can be a positive thing. On the other hand, you may not feel how these changes occur and may touch the opening. Your vagina can be uncomfortable at times, and as mentioned above, you may experience minor cramps or internal contractions during sex or immediately after intercourse or orgasm.

Your breasts may be firm to the touch, especially in the first trimester, and maybe irritated by touch and pressure. Decreased libido is possible, but your breasts may be more sensitive. Some women prefer this allergy, while others may not tolerate it.


Sex during pregnancy: A state that you can try

When pregnancy is normal, and there is no obstacle to the couple’s intimacy, sex is unrestricted during the months of pregnancy. Still, in the third trimester, situations during intimacy should be considered not to harm the pregnant woman’s abdomen.

Pregnancy may be associated with decreased libido in some women, which may be related to fatigue and nausea caused by the early stages of fetal and placental development. In some women, libido increases in the first trimester.

Caressing women during pregnancy leads to their peace of mind and make pregnant women return to their married life earlier than giving birth. About (4 to 6) weeks after the baby is born, mothers can prepare for sex.

Early in a child’s development, couples may not be able to express their sexual feelings due to a lack of privacy, so we recommend that you maintain your privacy at every stage of your life so that you can have sex together.

If you are upset about something, let your partner know, even if it is something you do together.

Your experiences in the couple’s life will help both of you have a comfortable and enjoyable relationship. Also, remember that a close emotional relationship is closely linked to a better marital relationship.

If you do not feel burning during intercourse or your doctor has not recommended a specific item, you can still hug and enjoy each other, kiss, and caress.

Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

I have problems in marital relations during pregnancy. Is this normal?

There is a wide range of personal experiences with sexual desire during pregnancy. Some women have a lot of sexual desire during pregnancy, while others have less interest in sex during pregnancy.

Many women find that their libido changes, and depending on their physical and emotional feelings, especially in the first trimester, they may feel tired, embarrassed, mood swings, or nauseous.

These changes are not uncommon because you have undergone physical changes but consider your heart – you may find that your libido decreases in the second trimester after morning sickness and nausea. Marriage in the third trimester, especially in the third and second months, is not uncommon.


The best position during pregnancy

At this point, your genitals may be too swollen, painful, or tired, and you can easily tell yourself temporarily how your body changes or responds to labor. To be.

Tell your spouse how you feel and make sure you still love him or her; we keep the lines of communication open and support each other to work together and empathize best with these changes.


Does my pregnancy affect my partner’s sexual desire?

Most lovers find their pregnant spouse more attractive or even more so, although not everyone may even be married, for a variety of reasons, your desire for your spouse is part of the nature of your pregnancy.

For example, your partner may be concerned about your responsibilities as a parent, and anxiety may affect your sexual desire. The most common reason men are more exposed to stress during sex during pregnancy is the fear that intercourse will harm the baby.

If your partner needs reassurance about the safety of sex during pregnancy, let him or her know the useful tips before giving birth and, most importantly, talk about your fears and anxieties as well as your needs and wants.

Your intimate relationship can relieve a lot of stress and allow you to relax, enjoy each other and find ways to be closer, especially if you are having sex.


How can I protect myself from sexually transmitted infections during pregnancy?

If you are at risk for STIs – that is, if you do not have an integrated relationship with a non-infected partner – you should avoid sex or at least use a latex condom. If latex is not for you, use female condoms.

You may have to make mistakes to find situations that are easier for you. Finding a comfortable position to have sex with a growing belly is exacerbated as a challenge. For example, the usual place (putting a man on a woman’s head) becomes increasingly difficult because your pregnancy progresses over time, and this becomes virtually impossible.

If you use this position after the first trimester, put a pillow under your waist, your back is bent, and your back is not flat, and make sure your partner controls his weight so that it does not fall on your weight is on. Not your belly.

Marital and sexual relations in the first trimester of pregnancy

With the onset of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy from the 6th week of pregnancy, sexual intercourse may also cause nausea in pregnant women. Most women have a high sense of smell during pregnancy and find their smell nauseating. Breast allergies are also common in women in the first trimester of pregnancy, and when stimulated, breast irritation can be painful.

Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

What can we do to have better sex during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, physical fatigue is caused by hormonal changes that lead to sexual activity in some women. Let your partner understand how you feel about sex and touching your breasts. Tell him you still love him.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, many women complain of heartburn and cramps, and back pain after orgasm, in which case a back massage will be very helpful. Ask your husband to love you with a massage, hugs, and kisses.

If you have severe nausea and vomiting, maintain a romantic relationship by texting and emailing your spouse.

One reason couples refuse to have sex is the fear of abortion, but after the twentieth week of pregnancy, do not worry about abortion and have sex safely in the second trimester of pregnancy.



Marital and sexual relations in the second trimester of pregnancy

During pregnancy, the tissues inside and around the vagina rupture due to increased blood vessels and blood flow. During this pregnancy period, the tissues become swollen and reddish-purple, so pregnant women are in a state of physiological arousal. Physiological stimulation causes the vagina to slip. Returning to normal after orgasm at this time of pregnancy requires more time and is not done completely. This condition, along with pelvic congestion, can cause cramps and back pain.


What should we do?

During the second trimester of pregnancy, a pregnant woman’s body shows more features of pregnancy, and her abdomen becomes larger. Therefore, being in a face-to-face position where the man is at the highest level can cause discomfort to women because it puts a lot of pressure on the breasts and abdomen. You are used to being in the side position is the best position for this period of pregnancy.

Fetal movement reduces sexual desire in some women. Feeling the fetus move during sexual activity causes many women to feel guilty and think that the fetus sees them, while this worry is completely useless.

Many women increase their sexual activity during this period because women’s sexual desire increases and the fear of abortion decreases during pregnancy.


Marital and sexual relations in the third trimester of pregnancy

Most pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy suffer from gastrointestinal problems, which intensify in marital relationships, in which case it is solved by being by their side.

During intercourse during pregnancy, the uterus may experience persistent and prolonged contractions, which are pleasant for some women and scary for others, because mothers do not worry about oxygen reaching the fetus and harming the fetus. Are while this worry is useless.


What should we do?

Lie on your left side when you feel pressure and contraction in your uterus. Being in this position may slow the fetal heart rate, but it is not dangerous.

The return phase after orgasm during pregnancy is incomplete, and the woman still feels aroused. So prolong flirting after intercourse.

Many women complain of sexual dissatisfaction or orgasm during pregnancy, but this is normal. If you wish, extend the courtship period before intercourse.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers feel tired due to lack of sleep and carrying too much weight on the abdomen. If you feel tired, change your position or sleep on your left side. In addition to reducing pain and cramps, massaging your back with your partner can keep you in touch with your partner. Another point that makes couples more connected during this period is the spouse talking to the fetus.

Some women feel negative about themselves as their abdomen gets bigger and bigger. Still, others feel better about the pregnancy changes, and some men find the changes in their partner’s pregnancy appealing to them.


What symptoms should I tell my doctor or midwife?

It is normal to feel discomfort for a few minutes during intercourse or just after sex or orgasm, but if the pain does not go away after a few minutes, or if you have pain or bleeding after intercourse, call your caregiver.

Whenever you are worried about sex, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor or midwife, especially if you are unsure if you need to worry about your baby’s safety. If you are told to abstain from sex, carefully consider whether you should avoid penetration or orgasm, or both.

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