Do not throw away the potato peel for 27 reasons

Properties and benefits of potato peelings

Potatoes are one of the most consumed foods in the world after wheat, rice, and corn. The taste of potatoes is very much accepted by people all over the country and of different ages. Starchy potatoes are part of delicious food. Potatoes are discarded almost all the time during cooking. Potato peel, while protecting the nutrients in potatoes, also provides us with a variety of nutrients.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Potatoes “Skin for Healing” is our motto for this article; while we share the benefits of potatoes with you, you may be using potato nutrients. We are sure that when you are sure about the skin for healing, you “add the potato skin to your meal.”

Do not throw away the potato peel for 27 reasons


One of the benefits of eating potato peelings is increased potassium intake. Potassium helps your body perform chemical reactions, including those it does for your metabolism and helps your cells produce usable energy from the energy you eat. Potassium is also involved in electrical impulses transmitted from your nervous system and helps your muscles facilitate movement. According to a research institute, one serving consists of four potato peels containing 628 mg of potassium, or 13% of your daily recommended potassium needs.


Potato peel also provides a source of iron, another essential mineral. The primary function of iron is to support the function of red blood cells. These cells contain large amounts of hemoglobin, a protein that breathes from your air and binds to oxygen, which carries that oxygen throughout your body. Iron is a significant component of any hemoglobin molecule, and iron is essential for oxygen binding and transport. According to a research institute, consuming four potato skins increases your iron absorption by 5 mg, approximately 61% of the recommended amount for women over 51 or for men of any age, or 27% for Provided for women 50 years or younger.


Eating potato peel is right for your health by providing a niacin source, also called vitamin B-3. Niacin, like potassium, helps your cells break down nutrients into usable fuel. It also plays a role in cell communication and the growth of new cells and helps your cells recover from physiological stress. According to a research institute, men should take 16 mg of niacin daily, while women need 14 mg. Eating four potato skins will increase your niacin intake by about 1.6 mg.


Potato peel is the best solution to whiten the skin, eliminate dark circles, reduce excess fat and treat acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Mix the potato skins and apply the potato juice on the affected area using a cotton ball.

Hair treatment

Potato peel can help you add shine to your hair and also help it grow faster. Mix the potato peel and apply the juice on your scalp, and massage for 5 minutes. Hold it for another 15 minutes before rinsing it with warm water.

Sunburn treatment

Potatoes are excellent for treating sunburned skin. All you have to do is place cold potato peel slices on the affected areas. On the other hand, you can drain the potato juice instead.

Do not throw away the potato peel for 27 reasons

Lighten the skin

Potato is a skin lightening agent. Apply the mashed raw potato mask on your face and wash off with water after 30 minutes. Using this method regularly will make your face smooth, clean, and bright and reduce facial swelling.

You can also apply a mixture of lemon juice and potatoes to brighten your skin. This action acts as a gentle whitener and brightener for your skin and leaves fast results.

Blood sugar control

Because potatoes are high in complex carbohydrates, potatoes are a starchy vegetable. The complex carbohydrates found in peeled potatoes are quickly broken down into simple sugars compared to those found in whole grains, beans, and other vegetables. This can cause high blood sugar levels. On the other hand, eating potato peelings gives you extra fiber and controls your blood sugar levels. When digested food stays in your stomach for a long time, the rate at which simple sugars enter your bloodstream slows down.


Potato peel can help you add shine to your hair and also help it grow faster. Mix the potato peel and apply the juice on your scalp, and massage for 5 minutes. Allow lightening for another 15 minutes before rinsing.

Washing and polishing

If you get rid of stains, wipe the potato peel’s underside, and your silverware will shine again. The acids in potato juice can remove not only stains but also rust.

Do not throw away the potato peel for 27 reasons

Helps to lose weight

We all know that potatoes are high in carbohydrates, which play a crucial role in improving your weight. However, potato skins contain minimal fat, cholesterol, and sodium. This is why potato peels can be an exciting part of your weight loss diet plan.

Strengthens safety

Potato peel acts as a powerful source of vitamin C, as a powerful antioxidant. Also, potato peelings contain complex B vitamins and calcium, an integral part of a healthy immune system and boost the immune system.

Protects the body against cancer

Potato peel is rich in phytochemicals that have potent antioxidant activity. Also, it contains large amounts of chlorogenic acid, which reacts with carcinogens (causing cancer) and thus protects the body against cancer.

Do not throw away the potato peel for 27 reasons

Reduces the risk of heart disease

Because potato skins are rich in potassium, an essential and essential mineral, consuming them reduces heart attack and stroke risk. For this reason, potassium plays a crucial role in lowering blood pressure and maintaining a healthy heart. Another heart-healthy nutrient in potatoes is omega-3 fatty acids.

Good for skin burns

One of the most influential and straightforward remedies for skin irritation is potato peel. In addition to acting as a potent antibacterial agent; They also moisturize the skin and work better against ordinary burns than regular dressings.

Acts as a natural hair coloring substance

Many people are not aware of the fantastic properties of potato skin to hide gray hair. The skin contains countless essential nutrients that help give your hair a natural look and color. (Hair Color Suitable For All Types Of Dark And Light Skin)

Do not throw away the potato peel for 27 reasons

Makes dark spots faint

Potato peel contains antibacterial, phenolic, and antioxidant compounds that have a gentle whitening effect. All you have to do is rub the skin of freshly peeled potatoes on dark spots, including dark circles and sunburn. Do this regularly to take advantage of its skin brightening properties.

Reduce bad cholesterol

It contains high fiber with antioxidants, glycoalkaloids, and polyphenols that reduce cholesterol in the body. To get these benefits, one must eat lean potatoes in the diet.

Do not throw away the potato peel for 27 reasons

Body energy

Potato peel provides the necessary energy for the body. Potato peel contains two essential elements, such as niacin and vitamin B3, strengthening the body’s energy. Niacin converts carbohydrates into energy. For this reason, people with a high consumption of potatoes have high power.

Treat anemia

Potato peel prevents the possibility of anemia such as anemia. Consumption of potato peel guarantees high iron consumption. Some of the iron in potato skins helps maintain a stable blood supply. (Everything About Blood Donation And Transfusion)

Do not throw away the potato peel for 27 reasons


Add more nutrients to your indoor potted plants and gardens. Since potato peelings have more nutritional value than the peel itself, strengthen your plants and nourish the soil with potato peelings. (Benefits Of Celery Leaves For Your Health)

Do not throw away the potato peel for 27 reasons

Potato juice

Use clean potato skins to make healthy potato juice. Boil the potato’s skin in water, then wait for it to cool; you need to boil the potato’s skin more for more potato juice. You can quickly freeze the potato juice to use it if necessary. You can also soak your silverware and cutlery in potato water for up to an hour to get rid of dirt, grime, or rust.

Potato peel and kidney stone problems

While no studies have been reported on the use of potato peel in kidney stones, it is believed that drinking potato peel water/brew can help remove kidney stones from the body. This knowledge is still in the field of alternative medicine.

Potato peel for electrolyte balance

Potatoes and their skin are an excellent source of potassium. Potassium plays a vital role in maintaining the body’s electrolyte balance and regulating metabolism and other bodily activities. In cases where the electrolyte balance and body fluids are disturbed, such as diarrhea, potato broth is useful after fasting. Potato peel broth is considered a nutritious drink after fasting.

The antioxidant action of potato peel

 The polyphenols and nutrients found in potato skins are a natural source of antioxidants and protect against body cells’ breakdown due to oxidative stress.

Antimicrobial properties and wound healing of potato peel

Recent research shows that potato peel can heal wounds. Boiled potato peelings are often used as an inexpensive burn wound dressing.

Potato peel helps digest food

Do not throw away the potato peel for 27 reasons

Your digestive system loves foods that provide dietary fiber. About 50% or more of potato skins are composed of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber helps to slow down the absorption of nutrients in the stomach and makes you feel full. The fiber in the skin of the potato helps to move the intestines and relieve constipation. They prevent the absorption of toxins and bad cholesterol in the intestines and therefore have a detoxifying effect on the body. These protective dietary fibers reduce the risk of stomach and intestinal cancer.

Be careful when using potato peelings

Do not throw away the potato peel for 27 reasons

Many people advocate not using potato peel because of the chemical anti-nutrient in potato peel. Solanine is a toxic glycoalkaloid and is often found in large amounts in the skin’s green part. While solanine is excreted from our body, it can cause gastrointestinal and nervous side effects. Therefore, it is recommended not to use green potato skin.

Similarly sprouted potatoes, the sprouted area should be removed. Potato cultivation often involves pesticides. Residues of these pesticides may be present on the skin. It is recommended to wash the potatoes thoroughly before using the potato peel or prefer organic potatoes instead.