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Dizziness in pregnancy and everything about its causes

Pregnancy is a period in life when you face many changes. These changes have not happened in your life before and therefore are entirely new to you. Dizziness is one of the most common signs and symptoms of pregnancy, and you should sit for a while to relax a bit. But is dizziness normal at this age, and how should it be treated?

Why does dizziness usually occur during pregnancy?

Dizziness usually occurs in the sixth week of the first trimester. In some cases, it also occurs in the second or third trimester and exactly when your blood vessels are growing the most.

Is dizziness normal early in pregnancy?

Yes, dizziness, nausea, and all the symptoms of a disease such as a cold are perfectly normal during this time, and these symptoms cause a drop in blood sugar and a decrease in appetite, all of which cause dizziness.

Is dizziness normal in pregnancy?

Dizziness is different from blurred vision and falling and fainting. Many pregnant women mistakenly equate the two, so they are misdiagnosed and treated inappropriately by giving general symptoms. In vertigo, if the person is at rest, there is a constant rotational or vibrating motion, but this is not a sign of blurred vision, brain rotation, or involuntary falling. Tinnitus is one of the symptoms of vertigo, and if you have this symptom, you should see your doctor to find out the exact cause because these symptoms can be a sign of Munir disease in a person.

Munir disease:

Munir disease is divided into two groups:

  • Munir syndrome
  • Munir disease

Meniere’s syndrome has no known cause, but its side effects are high blood fats and cholesterol or high blood pressure and metabolic or hormonal changes, especially thyroid hormones. Meniere’s disease includes problems that occur in the ear. Therefore, if you have symptoms such as tinnitus, you should see an ear specialist.

Does this problem start with getting pregnant?

If the disease occurs during pregnancy, the pregnant woman must have had it in the body before, and the pregnancy only helps to aggravate or cause it. In any case, the blood and the level of hormones in the body must be checked and controlled.

Are dizziness and tinnitus normal in pregnancy?

Approximately 85% of ear diseases can be diagnosed by careful examination and cannot be explained by a simple history. This may be due to hormonal changes in pregnancy, changes in the throat, and more pressure on the Eustachian tubes. The exact reasons can cause tinnitus or dizziness by increasing pressure inside the ear. Diseases and other problems can be identified by hearing examinations and tests.

What is the prevalence of dizziness and blurring of the eyes that is different from dizziness in pregnancy?

Conditions such as dizziness are prevalent, especially when getting up in the first three months. This condition is caused by increased blood flow to the uterus and decreased blood supply to the brain, and hormonal changes.

What causes dizziness during pregnancy?

The causes of vertigo depend on the stage of pregnancy and can cause various changes in the body.

In the first trimester

Hormonal changes and other changes in the body can affect the walls of blood vessels. This causes a drop in blood pressure and a feeling of dizziness. Morning sickness causes weakness, and the body is unable to store food and fluids.

In the second and third quarters

Blood volume during this period increases by about 30% due to fetal growth, and this increase in blood pressure leads to dizziness.

Other causes of dizziness include:

  •  Dehydration
  •  High body heat
  •  Low blood sugar due to problems such as diabetes
  •  Preeclampsia that occurs in late pregnancy
  • Lying on your back in late pregnancy, which puts more strain on blood vessels and is associated with blood flow, causes dizziness.
  • Hemoglobin responsible for delivering oxygen to blood cells may not be enough to increase blood flow, leading to anemia and dizziness.

How do you feel dizzy during pregnancy?

Some women experience dizziness with weakness as well as nausea. It is as if the room revolves around their heads, and sometimes this dizziness causes vision loss, falling, and loss of physical balance.

What to do when we feel dizzy during pregnancy?

  •  Open the doors and windows and go to a cleaner place.
  •  Sit quietly so that you do not fall or, if you can, put your head between your knees and do movements such as sitting and standing so that your condition does not get worse.
  •  If you can lie on your left side, which allows proper blood to reach your brain and body
  •  Eat a small snack or drink some water to replenish your energy levels. This is only possible if you feel dizzy due to low blood sugar levels.
  •  Keep your body moist and moisturized.
  •  Take a cold shower.

How can dizziness be prevented during pregnancy?

  • Stand for a long time: Or, do a gentle physical activity while standing to increase blood flow if you have to.
  •  Avoid sudden movements, especially when sitting or getting up.
  •  Eat regularly and avoid junk food, which helps keep your blood sugar steady.
  •  Do not lie on your back until the middle of the second trimester.
  •  Do not use hot showers.
  •  Wear loose clothing so that the rise in body temperature does not restrict blood flow to the body.
  •  Drink enough water to prevent dehydration.
  •  Control your body temperature by staying in a cool place.

When does dizziness stop during pregnancy?

This dizziness usually accompanies your baby throughout pregnancy until birth.

When to see a doctor?

Do not worry if your dizziness is due to poor nutrition, heat, and sudden movements, but see your doctor if you have any of the following symptoms:

  •  Blurred vision
  •  severe headache
  •  heartbeat
  •  Difficulty speaking
  •  numb
  •  Vaginal bleeding
  •  Chest pain
  •  Shortness of breath
  •  stomach ache

Also, be sure to see your doctor if dizziness is accompanied by heartburn or increased heart rate. In this case, your doctor will perform other tests to check for an ectopic pregnancy.

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