Causes and ways to treat Restless Legs Syndrome

You have restless legs Syndrome, and your legs do not have nerves. You always press your legs, and sometimes you like to strike them. It comes to you right at night when you sleep, and you want to know the cause of this restlessness and its treatment.

Restless Legs Syndrome is one of the syndromes that people experience due to the special conditions and stresses during the day. In this section’s continuation, you should know about restless legs from the cause to the treatment of this problem.

What is Restless Legs Syndrome?

Restless Legs Syndrome is associated with symptoms, especially in the lower extremities, sleep hygiene, avoidance of stress, and certain medications, especially at night, can control the disorder. Feeling restless can be caused by this Syndrome;

This condition often occurs at night, and the sufferer feels that something is walking under his skin. This condition causes the person to shake his legs or press or move his legs to get rid of this condition.

Symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome

In this Syndrome, the legs experience pain, burning, tingling, compression, and jerking.

A person with diabetes may experience restlessness in the legs. If this feeling is not due to diabetes, restless legs syndrome can be diagnosed. Murmurs and drowsiness, especially in the lower extremities, are symptoms of this Syndrome.

The cause of restless legs

This disease is closely related to the body’s health; if the mind and body are healthy, the possibility of contracting this disease is reduced. Of course, the disease that is inherited is also eliminated and referred to.

Vitamin deficiency

Among all vitamins, vitamin B6 deficiency can lead to this syndrome in a short time. So take vitamin deficiency seriously, because as it turns out, the effects of vitamin deficiency are not just yellow and lethargic and can lead to stress in the legs.

The role of antidepressants in restless legs syndrome

Taking some medications, such as antidepressants, especially at night, can lead to and exacerbate the symptoms of this Syndrome, which is recommended to be postponed to another time of day with the coordination of your doctor.


Stress exacerbates Restless Legs Syndrome. Stress is another cause of this Syndrome that can exacerbate pain if left untreated.

Intrinsic and acquired stress can be the most crucial cause of this syndrome because women suffer from this disease more than men, and the duration of treatment is longer than men.

Inactivity and addiction

Apart from stress, inactivity, vitamin deficiency, and addiction are the next most important reasons.

Ways to treat Restless Legs Syndrome:

 Go to bed later

This Syndrome makes it challenging to sleep, go to bed a little later and get more sleep in the morning to get a deep sleep. Morning sleep can be one of the best hours of your rest. Most adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night.

Exercise your legs before going to bed

Doing a few stretching exercises before going to bed can be helpful. To stretch the leg, pull your left leg back and forth, and bend your right leg slightly from the knee and bring it forward; You can place your hands on the thigh of your right foot or the wall and repeat this movement for your other leg as the leg stretch allows you to sit longer.

Take a hot shower

Bathing with warm water before going to bed will make you sleep more comfortably. It also reduces the symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome.

You may have noticed that consuming coffee, tea, cocoa, and black soda due to caffeine makes you feel a little more energetic and refreshed, but the symptoms of this Syndrome worsen, even after a few hours before bedtime. Do not eat.

Cool or warm your feet

Do you feel better by putting a warm towel on your feet or an ice pack? Any temperature change can be soothing. Some people say a cold shower is better for them.

Have a balanced exercise

Balanced exercise (neither too much nor too little) during the day makes you sleep better at night; Like walking, jogging, lifting weights, and any other sport you enjoy. Studies have shown that exercise reduces leg tremors and prolongs and deeper sleep in people with Restless Legs Syndrome, but remember that you should not exercise too much or too hard because of intense and prolonged exercise, especially before bedtime. , Worsens the symptoms of the syndrome.

Exercise the brain

Distractions can sometimes reduce the symptoms of the syndrome. To solve the table, read a book, play a computer game or other things

Take a deep breath

Mental and physical stress worsens the symptoms of the syndrome, so relieve muscle cramps by breathing slowly and deeply; You can also listen to soothing music in a dimly lit room before going to bed.

Foot massage

Massaging your legs before going to bed can reduce the symptoms of the syndrome and make you sleep better; You or a family member can do this for you.

You may need iron pills to treat Restless Legs Syndrome

People with Restless Legs Syndrome often have low iron levels in their brains; Your body needs iron to make dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that controls your movements, so see your doctor and get a blood test to make sure you need to take iron pills.

If you are iron deficient, take iron tablets with a glass of orange juice or other dietary sources of vitamin C to increase your body’s absorption of iron.

Yoga movements

Doing yoga exercises, stretching exercises, deep breathing, and muscle relaxation can reduce mild syndrome symptoms; You can do yoga exercises from a book.

Quit alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking cause symptoms of this Syndrome and are harmful to sleep. Although drinking alcohol makes you tired at first, it does wake you up in the middle of the night and reduce your sleep quality. Nicotine in cigarettes also worsens the symptoms of the syndrome, so avoid smoking, hookah, and any other tobacco product.

Traditional medicine prescriptions for the treatment and relief of Restless Legs Syndrome

For the herbal treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome, dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in warm water and massage your feet into it.

Mountain tea

Consumption of mountain tea is an effective way to eliminate this syndrome.

Apple vinegar

To treat restless Legs Syndrome, soak your feet in natural apple cider vinegar.

baking soda

For the herbal treatment of this Syndrome, dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in warm water and massage your feet into it.

To treat this Syndrome, include garlic and onions in your diet if you have diabetes, and apples and honey in your diet if you do not have diabetes.

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