Wednesday , January 19 2022


What is phishing? How did we not fall into its trap?

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, financial transactions have become very simple, and it is enough to enter your credit card after entering the database portal. For example, if an organization intends to launch an advertising campaign, there is no need to inform and talk to each employee, and this …

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Three golden rules for buying a TV

Buying a TV has become much more complicated than in previous years because many features and a wide range of models and sizes have confused many buyers in the market. A wide range of buyers go to a certain size just because of the price, and regardless of its capabilities, …

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Complete and accurate camera buying guide

You are thinking of buying a camera but not knowing where to start? We are here to help you; even if you know everything about buying a camera, you can still find other options. So if you are standing in the middle of the store and do not know what …

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