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Beauty and eye makeup suitable for puffy eyelids

Puffy eyes are one of the common problems of some women that can be easily solved with puffy eye makeup methods, so if you have puffy eyes, join this part of our fashion world to use eye makeup tricks. (16 Things About Eyebrow That You Did Not Know About)


Cosmetic tips for puffy eyes: Pay attention to the shape of the face first

How to make puffy eyes, first pay attention to your face’s shape, consider the shape of your face, and then pay attention to your eye makeup. You should know that eye makeup is an essential part of facial makeup that can affect facial makeup’s beauty and attractiveness.


Puffy eyelids instead of eyelid surgery:

Reddish shadows only make a face appear more swollen, but when they have a red undertone, they make the eyes’ redness appear more, so it is better to go for shades with a cool color. Also, a bold shade in the eye’s cornea, the naturally dark part, makes the swelling appear less and the eyes look brighter.

Low color powder suitable for those who have puffy eyes


Puffy eye makeup training step by step:

Creams, powders, and concealers of warm colors mask the pallor and prevent puffy eyes.

The first thing to do for puffy eye makeup is to darken the back of the upper eyelid with a dark shadow and apply it so that your shadow is trailing and your puffy eyes look less.


Cosmetic tricks for drooping and puffy eyelids:

Apply wide eyeliner on your upper eyelid. Start this eyeliner from the inner corner of your eye and draw to the end of the eye and widen this eyeliner at the end of your eye. You can also draw the eyeliner for your lower eyelid in two ways. One is to draw the eyeliner by creating a small distance and going out a little after the eye’s inner corner, or you can draw the full eyeliner and spread the black color with your little finger. This way of drawing eyeliner can make the eyes appear puffier and larger.


Makeup guide for those with puffy eyelids:

The best eyebrow shape for these people has shaped eyebrows. People with puffy eyes should not be too flat, nor should the vestibule; the position between the two is the best eyebrow for these people. For puffy eyes, slightly flat eyebrows are the best choice because the vestibule eyebrows make the puffy eyes look more.


Lip makeup for people with puffy eyes:

Now that you have used a dark shade for your eye makeup, it is better to use light lipstick such as sausage lipstick for your lips and not apply a full-color lipstick. If you want to have relatively more makeup for a party, work only on the eyes to make the makeup more visible, and be satisfied with only a lip gloss or lip gloss for the lips; Because the bolder and sharper the lip color, the more swollen and large the face shows; It is better not to use lip liner because it also makes the lips bulky and adds to the swelling of your face, but this is not the case with the eyes. If you can

do something with makeup; they will look more significant; they will attract more attention.

How to make your nose smaller for people with puffy eyes:

To make your nose smaller, cover the sides of your nose with a slightly dark powder cream, but you should not create this blur near your eyes.


Eye makeup suitable for drooping and puffy eyelids:

The best way to apply blush for people who have puffy eyes is to apply blush in a slightly horizontal position; that is, apply blush for yourself from the bottom of the earlobe to below the cheek line. Applying blush horizontally makes the face rounder.


The best eye makeup for puffy eyelids:

You do not need to ultimately make up your eyelashes and apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Just apply a little mascara to the end of the lashes to cover the puffy eyelids.

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