9 simple and effective ways to clear the lung

The lungs play an essential role in our body and do a lot of things. Although most people rarely think about protecting their lungs’ health, there are some simple steps you can take to help improve lung function and clearance. Various pollutants pollute the air we breathe. Everything from pollen to chemicals and indirect cigarette smoke can stay in the air and enter our lungs. Lungs are organs that have the task of clearing themselves; however, you can help clear your lungs with some simple tasks such as changing filters or incense.

Lung cleansing helps people with conditions that lead to respiratory problems, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). People who smoke a lot or take certain medications can also benefit from lung cleansing. There are many ways to clear the lungs, including lifestyle changes and breathing exercises that help excess flush fluid out of the lungs. In this article, we introduce 9 effective methods for clearing the lungs.

1- Buy an air purifier

Start clearing your lungs by improving the air quality in your home. For this purpose, you can put an air purifier in each room or provide only one air purifier for the whole house.

2- Replace your home filters

In addition to buying an air purifier, you should replace all the filters in your home and clean all the filters, including the toilet vent filter, air conditioner filter, or heating appliances, from time to time.

3- Try steam therapy to clear your lungs

The steam adds heat and humidity to the air, which improves breathing and helps soften the mucus in the airways and lungs.  Inhaling water vapor can help you breathe more easily.

Steam therapy, or inhalation, involves inhaling water vapor to open the airways and help the clear lungs mucus.  People with lung disease may find that their symptoms get worse in cold or dry weather.  These weather conditions can dry out the mucous membranes in the airways and restrict blood flow.  But the steam adds to the air’s heat and humidity, which improves breathing and helps soften the mucus in the airways and lungs.  Inhaling water vapor can help you breathe more easily.

The results of a small study of 16 men with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (a pulmonary disease with the abbreviation COPD, which makes breathing more difficult) showed that smoking significantly reduced heart rate and respiration rate per minute.  But participants did not show continuous improvement in their respiratory function.  This treatment can be a significant but temporary solution.  However, researchers need to do more research to understand the effects of steam therapy on lung healthfully.

4- Do not use artificial air fresheners

You may think that using air fresheners, scented candles, or wax heaters will improve your home’s air.  But the fact is that these perfumes and fragrances are usually full of harmful chemicals that can irritate your lungs.  Even cleansers can act as lung stimulants, so use natural products (such as vinegar) as much as you can.

5- Spend more time outdoors

Getting plenty of fresh air can help the tissues in the lungs expand and function properly.  Check for contamination in your area.  Avoid exercising outdoors on days when the air is polluted.  Also, avoid exposure to smoke and places where garbage and wood are burning.  If you are concerned about air pollution or live in an area with high air pollution, wear a filter mask when leaving your home.

6- Do breathing exercises to clear the lungs

Some breathing exercises can improve lung function, especially for people who are currently smoking, have smoked in the past, or have lung damage from chronic lung disease.  You can use devices such as a respirator to help with breathing exercises.  This device is used after surgery to help the recovery process.  Other breathing exercises do not require assistive devices.  These exercises are as follows;

If you smoke or have lung damage, you should talk to your doctor about breathing exercises and the options available.  Your doctor can refer you to a breathing clinic.  At the Respiratory Clinic, therapists will help you improve your lung function by providing a particular program.

 7‌-  Knocking on the chest

To perform the chest impact technique, you should lie down with your head down.  The therapist rolls his hand into a cup and gently taps the wall of your chest to expel the discharge from your lungs.

The chest trauma technique helps to remove excess fluid from the lungs.  To do this technique, you need to lie down with your head down.  The therapist rolls his hand into a cup and gently taps the wall of your chest to move the discharge out of your lungs.

This technique is usually done in conjunction with the postural evacuation technique.  Situational evacuation involves being in various positions to use gravity to pump fluid out of the lungs.  In this technique, you can face the side, abdomen, or back.  Many people with cystic fibrosis or pneumonia use these two techniques.

8- Change your diet

Your diet can affect the health of your lungs in several ways.  To clear your lungs, try to include the following vitamins and nutrients in your diet.

 Vitamin D

Eating foods rich in vitamin D improves lung health.  A 2017 study of patients with asthma found that taking enough vitamin D reduced the number of asthma attacks that required corticosteroid treatment.  The best vitamin D dietary sources usually include animal products such as salmon, sardines, and eggs.  Breakfast cereals and other products that do not naturally contain vitamin D may also be fortified with this vitamin. (Vitamin A; Benefits, Symptoms Of Deficiency, And Sources Of This Vitamin)

 Anti-inflammatory foods and drinks

Some foods and beverages contain anti-inflammatory antioxidants.  Reducing airway inflammation can help you breathe more easily.  Antioxidants are also helpful in this regard.  You can try green tea to clear your lungs.  A study in South Korea found that consuming green tea twice a day reduced the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in people 40 and older.  Among the anti-inflammatory foods are the following items;

To help your lungs function better, you can choose a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats.  Carbohydrate fuel produces more carbon dioxide and consumes more oxygen than fat fuel.

9- Do more aerobic exercise to clear your lungs

Following an exercise routine that includes aerobics can help increase lung capacity.  Aerobic activities include the following:

  • walking
  • Run
  • Outdoor or indoor cycling
  • Swimming
  • Dancing or dance-related activities, such as Zumba
  • boxing
  • Recreations such as tennis

If you have chronic lung disease, you should consult your doctor before starting any exercise program to find a suitable and safe exercise routine.


Research has not confirmed the use of some products, such as pills claimed to clear the lungs.  It is best to avoid lung damage by avoiding smoking, avoiding pollution, and other lung irritants.  Some lung cleansers may make lung diseases worse.  So be sure to consult your doctor before trying any of these products.

Start clearing your lungs with preventative measures and healthy choices.  Quitting smoking, exercising regularly, and eating nutritious and anti-inflammatory foods all contribute to the health of your lungs.  It would help if you talked to your doctor about other steps to improve your lung health to make sure you are not at risk.

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