Month: August 2023

  • TourismSi-o-se-pol : an architectural jewel + video

    Si-o-se-pol : an architectural jewel + video

    The city of Isfahan, known historically as “Half the World” due to its unparalleled beauty, is home to some of the most captivating and historically significant monuments in Iran. Of these, the Si-o-se-pol, or the Bridge of Thirty-Three Arches, stands…

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  • TourismChehel Sotoon Palace + video

    Chehel Sotoon Palace + video

    Nestled amidst the ancient city of Isfahan, in Iran, the Chehel Sotoon Palace stands as a magnificent testament to Persian architectural prowess and the artistic endeavors of the Safavid era. Translated as the “Palace of Forty Columns,” this monument is…

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  • TourismWhat is so special about Iran?

    What is so special about Iran?

    Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, Iran, known as Persia until the 20th century, is a nation with a profound history, rich culture, and distinctive characteristics. From its majestic landscapes to its immense contributions to art, literature, and…

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  • TourismDescribe Isfahan city

    Describe Isfahan city

    Situated in the heart of Iran, approximately 340 kilometers south of the capital, Tehran, lies the historical city of Isfahan – often referred to as the ‘Half of the World’. With a rich tapestry of history that dates back over…

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  • TourismAli Qapu

    Ali Qapu Palace Isfahan + video

    The Ali Qapu Palace is an imperial palace in Isfahan, Iran. It is located on the western side of the Naqsh-e Jahan Square, opposite to the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. The palace was built by the Safavid king, Shah Abbas I,…

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  • Tourismnaqsh-e jahan square facts

    naqsh-e jahan square facts

    Naqsh-e Jahan Square, known as “Image of the World Square” when translated, is a spectacular testament to Persia’s architectural prowess and its rich historical tapestry. Located in Isfahan, Iran, this square is not only a prominent tourist attraction but also…

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  • TourismNaqsh Jahan Square

    naqsh-e jahan square architecture + video

    Naqsh-e Jahan Square, known as “Image of the World Square” in English, stands as an embodiment of the pinnacle of Safavid architectural and urban design. Located in the heart of the city of Isfahan, Iran, this square, also referred to…

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  • TourismNaqsh Jahan Square

    What is so special about Naqsh-e Jahan Square?

    As one journeys through the annals of history, few sites leave as indelible a mark on the human psyche as the grand squares and plazas that have served as the epicenters of cultural, political, and social activity. Among these squares,…

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  • NutritionSide effects of celery juice on empty stomach + video

    Side effects of celery juice on empty stomach + video

    Celery juice has gained immense popularity in recent years, with many health enthusiasts and celebrities touting its potential benefits. From claims of detoxifying the body to reducing inflammation and supporting weight loss, celery juice has been hailed as a cure-all…

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  • NutritionWhat does celery do for the female body + video

    What does celery do for the female body + video

    Celery, a green, crunchy, and often underestimated vegetable, is a part of the Apiaceae family, alongside carrots and parsley. Its watery texture and crisp nature make it a common addition to salads, soups, and snacks. Beyond its culinary uses, celery…

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