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16 things about eyebrow that you did not know about

Eyebrow play an essential role in the beauty of the face, and especially our eyes. A beautiful brow can show the state of the eyes entirely differently. Come to terms with the truth; Having wide and well-shaped eyebrows is not an easy task. Of course, some people are lucky enough to have full, complete, and happy eyebrows on their own. However, these eyebrows also need constant care and attention. (Do You Know About The Severe Side Effects Of Microblading?)

1.They protect our eyes:

Throughout human history, most parts of the human body have lost hair, except eyebrows and eyelashes. Eyelashes and eyebrows protect our eyes from dust and prevent raindrops from entering the eyes.

2. Eyebrows play an important role in face recognition:

Researchers have found that it is almost impossible to recognize a face without eyebrows. Experiments in this area showed that 46% of people could not identify celebrities without their eyebrows.

3. Eyebrows are significant for non-verbal communication:

In many cases, instead of making verbal communication, we will all use non-verbal communication with our audience through the eye, eyebrow, and mouth movements, indicating that eyebrows play an essential role in expressing anger, happiness, and surprise. Have.

4. The average number of eyebrow hairs per person is about 250 hairs in each eyebrow:

Length, thickness, and direction of eyebrow growth vary from person to person; however, experiments show that each person has an average of 250 hairs in each eyebrow.

5. New eyebrow hair regrowth:

Each eyebrow hair has a lifespan of about four months. In other words, once every four months, your brow hair will fall out, and new hair will grow.

6. The shape of the eyebrows may indicate a person’s personality:

Some researchers believe that people with straight eyebrows are real people, and people with curved eyebrows have a people-centered personality.

7. Eyebrows will turn white like scalp:

The eyebrows will also turn white with age, but the process of whitening the eyebrows is slower than the process of whitening the hair.

8. Eyebrow hair grows more in summer:

Researchers have concluded that eyebrow hair grows faster in summer than in winter.

9. Using eyebrow tidying products:

Eyebrow gel is a new product that has just been launched on the market, and you can use it to give your eyebrows a more beautiful shape and condition.

10. Eyebrows play a significant role in a person’s beauty:

Having well-shaped and tidy eyebrows has a significant role in increasing people’s beauty and attractiveness, which is why hairdressers today pay special attention to eyebrow makeup methods.

11. The effect of stress on eyebrow growth:

Stress slows down the growth of eyebrows and even stops them from growing. So to prevent this from happening, try to control your stress.

12. Eyebrow model

Full and well-shaped eyebrows are one of the essential criteria in the beauty of images. Most women complain of having low, asymmetrical, and irregular eyebrows. Of course, not all eyebrows have been irregular and asymmetrical from day one.

13. Life of eyebrows

Like all hairs on other parts of the body, eyebrow hair has a certain lifespan. If, for any reason, you lose a little of your eyebrows in a short period, avoid filling it with all kinds of pencils. Give your hair a chance to rest and grow back. It is better to use an eyebrow shadow to fill in the gaps.

14. Plucking eyebrows from the root

Maybe you have been a fashion follower and have used fashion models for a certain period and are no longer famous for your eyebrows. For example, eyebrows with a short tail or perfectly thin eyebrows! Prolonged use of wax and bandage to thin the eyebrows leads to permanent eyebrow hair loss. The best way to shape and regulate eyebrows is to use razors and scissors.

15. The effect of hormones on the eyebrows

Changes in hormone balance are associated with aging. Decreased levels of certain hormones, such as estrogen in the body, may cause thinning or loss of eyebrow hair.

16. Hair poisoning

Sometimes your eyebrows may be damaged due to excessive use of inappropriate cosmetics. Some cosmetics contain heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, and. Hair contact with these substances causes poisoning and eventually leads to hair loss. These heavy metals’ effect on the hair is that indirect poisoning may also cause hair loss or hair loss.


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