12 foods that cause heart problems

New research is complicating old issues in the relationship between nutrition and heart health. In the last few years alone, research has shown that cholesterol, salt, and fat in the diet, which is considered enemies of heart health, are no more harmful than previously thought, and even saturated fat may not have much effect on heart problems. Numerous recent studies have shown no link between saturated fat in the diet and previous illnesses. This statement was made by Jeff Walk, a researcher, and professor of nutrition at Ohio State University. (Familiarity With Symptoms And Causes, Heart Attack And Stroke)

Although saturated fatty acids in the blood are associated with an increase in heart disease, Jeff Welk believes that eating saturated fats as part of a diet does not cause these fatty acids to enter the bloodstream completely and in large amounts. This is in line with other recent findings by scientists about fat and cholesterol in the diet. If a food contains some of these substances, it does not mean that eating it causes weight gain and body fat; however, what you eat is essential for heart health. Kate Patton, a nutritionist at the Cleveland Cardiovascular Institute, says food can rejuvenate and energize the body or cause toxicity and damage to the body.

1- Processed meat

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), eating processed meats such as bacon, sausages, and hot dogs increases colon cancer. Processed meats are meats that change their taste by salting, smoking, adding preservatives, or frying. Nitrate in processed meat is converted in the body to the harmful compound N-nitroso and eventually to nitrosamine, a toxin. Dr. Jennifer Hyatt, a cardiologist and assistant professor of medical sciences at Columbia University in New York, says she does not want to go near fast food. According to him, these products are rich in fatty acids.

Nitrosamine is found in processed meats, contaminated water, salty foods, and cigarette smoke.

We also know that sausages and processed meats are linked to heart failure and cancer. What exactly is in processed meats? Processed meats are salted meats with preservatives or smoked that make them last longer. These foods are prepared very quickly and easily, But the chemicals and sodium used in them are harmful to the heart; Especially if consumed in large quantities. Hot dogs are also in the category of foods that should never be eaten raw. Nitrosamine is found not only in processed meats but also in contaminated water, salty foods, and cigarette smoke.

Some vegetables are high in nitrate, which is very good for the body and health; note that not all nitrates are suitable for the body. These foods are high in saturated fats, which can impair heart function and, in some cases, lead to cancer. Smoking foods such as smoked fish or smoked meat causes these foods to absorb large amounts of tar, the toxin in cigarettes. Tar is known as a carcinogen.

2- Corn leaf

Many people think that corn leaf is a healthy food; it is high in calories and high in sugar. It is better to choose a corn leaf with very little sugar or made from whole grains; Because it provides some of the fiber you need. Sugars added to corn flakes or many other foods can increase triglycerides and unhealthy cholesterol. If you want to use corn flakes, make low-sugar varieties.

Corn leaf does not have a natural state and is transformed into an industrial process. After processing, the grains are poured into special molds and take a leaf’s shape; Thus, they become entirely artificial. Additives such as fast-absorbing sugars are added to some corn leaves to make them taste better. Salt, sugar, and fiber are other additives. Sometimes vitamins and minerals such as iron are included in the corn leaf recipe, But these elements are also mostly commercial, and advertising and their amount are minimal.

3- Salt

According to almost all people in the community, salt consumption increases blood pressure and causes many heart diseases. Whether or not eating salt in moderation is beneficial or harmful is one of the studies that has not yet been conclusive. Based on seven studies of 1,000 people in 2012, it was found that reducing the consumption of this unhealthy food, even in people with high blood pressure, has a direct and significant effect on reducing the risk of heart attack and disease. It may not be advisable to recommend salt in meals, But we all know that a little use is necessary even during cooking.

4- Red Meat

For years, scientists have warned about the dangers of consuming too much red meat, saying that eating it is directly related to saturated fats; But new research shows that this is not the only reason; This is because some researchers have found that intestinal bacteria convert carnitine into substances that can cause the walls of arteries to thicken and harden, leading to cardiovascular disease. Our body cells need carnitine to convert body fat into energy. It is said that the human body does not need foreign carnitine and can make it.

Researchers know that red meat is high in fat and cholesterol, But this rate cannot justify heart disease in red meat consumers. Scientists have blamed cancer for eating red meat for various reasons, one of which is carcinogens, heterocyclic amines, which are formed by grilling or frying this unhealthy food. Of course, this combination also occurs when cooking chicken and fish at high temperatures; Therefore, it cannot be the main factor. According to doctors, red meat consumption should be reduced to only once a month, and only the lean type should be used once.

5- Sweets

Who can resist the delicious taste of confectionery cream that is beaten on cakes? As you know, it is very tempting; But it is better to limit the cream to small pieces before eating and consuming it. Although full of preservatives and ingredients that you can’t even pronounce, pastry cream can be a sugar nightmare for your heart. Each typical packet of pastry cream is about 20 grams in both tablespoons. In the first stage, we rarely eat just two tablespoons; even if we consumed this amount, the amount of sugar received was still higher than usual. We must stop consuming it; Because sugar consumption is associated with increased waist circumference and heart health. Pastry cream is one of those foods that you will never know the exact amount of calories.

6- White bread

You must have heard that white flour is not good; But you do not know how harmful it is to health, especially the heart. Grain modification destroys their natural nutrients, and the mills no longer wait for the flour to turn white over time; Instead, they bleach it with a chemical called chlorine gas. Chlorine gas is a dangerous stimulant that is harmful to breathe, and inhaling too much can be deadly. White flour is found in many processed foods. Processed white flour has a high glycemic index, which rapidly raises blood sugar and insulin levels. This causes the cancer cells to spread; Because it feeds directly to the cells.

The flour is bleached with a chemical called chlorine gas

Cancerous tumors feed mainly on blood sugar. By avoiding processed grains such as white flour, you can protect yourself from cancer or prevent cancerous tumors’ growth. Acrylamide is a carcinogen formed when burning or roasting too much or cooking sugars and carbohydrates such as cereals, potatoes, bread, and… with high heat. Even low levels of acrylamide can be dangerous. Bread is one of the carbohydrates that overheating can burn parts of it, making it dangerous and carcinogenic.

7- chips

Eating potato chips or a bowl of popcorn is certainly enjoyable; However, Dr. Hyatt says these snacks may contain small amounts of fatty acids, sodium, and carbohydrates. A study published in the British Medical Journal showed that 2.99% of people worldwide consume more than 2,000 mg of sodium daily. Although potatoes have many properties and are an effective treatment for most diseases, many people use them in unhealthy forms, such as French fries or potato chips. The use of high-trans fats in the preparation of chips and puffs leads to weight gain and blood fats, and eventually, cardiovascular disease.

Also, the use of oils repeatedly used for frying and often giving the product the smell of burnt oil and the dull color is one of the most dangerous cases that lead to poisoning and carcinogenicity of the product chips. Excessive heating of the product in reddening free peroxide radicals makes it an unhealthy food. The damage from these substances is similar to cigarette smoke chemicals, leading to lung, breast, and bladder cancer. During the frying of potatoes, its sugary substance combines with albumin to produce a toxin called acrylamide. This compound is only found in potato chips.

There are usually green spots related to the toxic substance solanine in potato chips, and its consumption causes gastrointestinal and neurological diseases. Most health care providers recommend not consuming more than 1,500 mg of sodium daily. For people who consume more than 2,000 milligrams of sodium a day, one in 10 people will die from heart disease. Do you have to stop eating popcorn the next time you want to watch your favorite movie? If you can not remove the chips and popcorn, try to choose tandoori and corn chips with low salt and butter.

8 – Pizza

The body needs enough nutrients, such as micronutrients and protein; Because when eating pizza and similar foods, the body receives a large amount of fat and carbohydrates. Pizza contains saturated fat, and consuming this type of food can cause cardiovascular disease, fatty liver, and overweight. Approximately one hour after eating this unhealthy food, the blood sugar level returns to its previous state. With the decrease of the blood sugar level, the ghrelin hormone’s activity increases; For this reason, you will feel hungry again.

Eating pizza upsets children’s hormonal balance and reduces their learning.

Eating pizza for weekly dinner is something most of us plan to do. Unfortunately, our only income from fast food as pizza is processed carbohydrates with salt and cheese. Dr. Hyatt says you don’t have to miss your favorite weekend dinner; try a healthier pizza with lots of mushrooms, peppers, and lots of sauce. Another option could be to cook homemade pizza. Dr. Hyatt recommends using whole wheat in batter and olive oil and goat cheese.

Yeast in pizza dough can increase stomach acid and reflux in people, and people should be careful in eating pizza; Especially those who have digestive problems. Pizza is the most popular children’s food globally; While the largest source of calories is saturated fats and salt. Research shows that foods high in fatty cheese, salt, and meat are just as harmful to people as cigarettes. Consumption of pizza and increasing fat, blood pressure, and overweight upsets the balance of hormones in children and reduces their learning. Usually, children who eat ready-made and fast foods are very violent and uncontrollable.

9 – Sweet and energetic drinks

Many people claim that energy drinks are a healthy way to boost energy. The problem is that several of their constituents, such as guarana and taurine, have been identified as natural energy boosters. Combine these substances with caffeine to see how they increase your heart rate. “Nicole Weinberg, a cardiologist, and director of the Women’s Heart Institute at Sanjones Santamonica Health Center says:”

There is a lot of caffeine in energy drinks that can cause cardiac arrhythmias. This condition, which is associated with a lack of sleep and is due to people’s tendency to consume energy drinks, creates an inappropriate combination.

Research on diet drinks shows that these drinks do not cause weight loss and lead to weight gain. Diet drinks are carbonated beverages that have been sweetened with other artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, such as aspartame, saccharin, cyclamate, sucralose, and sweetener. Nerve cells in the hypothalamus usually cannot match the calories consumed with the energy burned through exercise. Evidence shows that sugary drinks do not reduce hunger like solid foods; Thus, more of these drinks are consumed. Since most people use their hunger and satiety signals as a guide to eating, they will need a system that can work properly. To help with this, you can eat whole foods and exercise, and avoid unhealthy foods such as soft drinks.

10 – Fried Chicken

One of the disadvantages of fried chicken is the use of too much oil for cooking; Therefore, consuming these foods without considering other disadvantages causes obesity; But the more critical problem is that due to the high heat given to the oil and food immersed in it, harmful compounds are formed that are easily absorbed by the body after entering the digestive tract. Acrylamide adversely affects the cells and genetic structure of people who eat a lot of fried or fried foods; It can even cause gene mutations in DNA, cancer, weaken the immune and nervous systems, cause a variety of infections, changes in behavior, impaired consciousness, weakness, lethargy and so on. This substance can affect fertility and cause changes in sexual behavior and infertility, and even abortion. It is also known to cause aging and shorten human life.

Most people, especially Americans, love fried foods; From chicken to candy. These foods may be delicious; But according to Dr. Weinberg, they have no nutritional value; Even if they are one of the types of vegetables. Dr. Weinberg says these nutrients are harmful to the heart and body and cause oxidants to enter the body. Oxidants are exactly the antioxidants. Fried foods contain hot oils that change the texture of vitamins and antioxidants, in which case you are not only getting extra fat and calories; Instead, you are consuming oxidants that damage cells.

11- Cheese sauce

According to Dr. Victoria Sheen, a cardiologist; Because they contain preservatives. Any food that has a long shelf life can potentially shorten human life. In addition to the chemicals used in the preservatives, the cheese sauce in both tablespoons has 91 calories and 7 grams of saturated fat. When pouring two tablespoons of cheese on nachos or sandwiches, it is better to think about these numbers.

12-  Instant noodles

A few years ago, in a study published in the United States, experts surveyed more than 20,000 South Koreans between 2008 and 2010. They found that people who ate plenty of meat, soft drinks, fried foods, and fast foods, including instant noodles, were more likely to develop abdominal obesity and bad cholesterol. According to this study, consuming instant noodles more than twice a week increases the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, one of the causes of heart problems, especially in women.

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